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download singles flirt up your life pc help

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life (PC CD): PC & Video Games. The player controls both characters, making breakfast, going to work, relaxing and. Singles: Flirt Up Your Life is a personality simulation game that revolves your girlfriend walks in on you while you're clicking on a computer character and. Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Gameplay Movie 3. May 27, am Singles announced for PC. Oct 10, am.

Flirt Up Your Life from the list. Flirt Up Your Life from the ensuing pop-up menu. Flirt Up Your Life, you may do any of the following things: Flirt Up Your Life, my mouse cursor disappears and my computer locks-up.

Chances are your installed audio card drivers are not compatible with DirectX. The only solution is to get a DirectX 8. When I start Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, I receive the following error message: Flirt Up Your Life. The Installer keeps stopping when a certain percentage is complete.

There are two likely causes: Please remove unwanted programs to free up additional space for the game, and then reinstall Singles: If this is so, you'll need to run the scandisk program and make sure to use the Thorough option see previous. After scandisk has finished running and has informed you that your drive is free of errors, try to re-install. Flirt Up Your Life is crashing to the desktop with no error messages.

This problem can be caused by several different things. Here's a list of the most common culprits associated with these crashes: Make sure the game has been installed properly. Make sure DirectX 8. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card and that they are DirectX 8.

download singles flirt up your life pc help

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound card and that they are DirectX 8. Make sure Virtual Memory is enabled on your system. Clean out old temp. TMP files from the C: Make sure you do not have any 3rd party Windows disk caching utilities running resident prior to playing Singles: Make sure you do not have Norton's Crash Protector running resident prior to playing Singles: Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game.

download singles flirt up your life pc help

Try exiting the game, rebooting your machine, and re-entering the game. If your system crashes to the desktop while playing Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, you should probably reboot your computer before starting a new play session. Yes, they typically speak a language suspiciously unintelligible, like Simlish in The Sims, but every once in awhile, submenus will pop up with "translated" text, signifying important interactions between the two characters.

Note, this "interaction" only occurs in the Tutorial and Standard Game mode, not in any of the Free Game modes.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Review

Once you've gotten the hang of the game and Sims players are going to get the hang pretty quickly! Once you're doing playing around in the Tutorial, go back to the Main Menu, choose to start a new game then select from your options on the right: Standard Game is the primary mode of gameplay for Singles, the "story" mode so to speak.

You start where the two characters have just moved in together, the female character you've selected now renting a room from the male character. You are able to flick back and forth between the characters via a button located in the upper right hand of the screen, just beneath the "living" portrait of the active character.

The living portrait is great, a close-up headshot of the character that animates in different ways, depending upon the character's current activity. The flat you start off with is very basic, utilizing second hand furnishings.

download singles flirt up your life pc help

One of your objectives is to build the flat up, making it a place the characters are content living in as indicated by the Surroundings level; more on that below. The flat is located atop of a building, with plenty of room to add on to, once you've made some money! The primary objective, though, is to make your two characters fall for one another, and that is going to take a bit of working! However, there is another objective as well! If you complete the Standard Game you unlock a new option - the Beach House!

You'll be able to visit the Beach House on the weekends, but it also needs some work, so once more, you'll hafta keep an eye on your pennies!

Singles Flirt Up Your Life [trainer +5] - cheats

In the Free Games, you start with just the basics. The Loft has four walls and windows and that's about it, you're given a ton of cash to build from there, while the Villa is located in a beautiful grassy area that gives you plenty of building space. The building space is a dream for those Sims players; there is a LOT of room. Unfortunately, it's all level. That is to say, don't even think about mentally deciding you want to build a multilevel flat, as it's simply not even an option.

However, given the amount of room you have available to build outwards, that's not really a problem except for aesthetically. I haven't taken a peek at the Beach House yet, but from some of the stuff I have seen, I expect it'll be incredible! Gameplay Like all living simulation games, the gameplay is pretty basic and once you get the hang of it, you'll probably find yourself giving the same set of commands over and over and over again, repeated ad nauseum.

However, in Standard Game mode, they've broken things up a bit by introducing "Talk. While most of the time the characters are speaking Babble or whatever they decided to dub the nonsensical language used by the charactersin the dialogues you'll actually see and understand what they're saying.

This is often the precursor to unlocking new social interactions between the two characters and is a good sign you're on the right path. There are five relationship areas, ranked from zero through nine: Friendship, Romance, Sensuality, Fun, and Trouble. Each is really self-explanatory, so I won't describe what is what, and you'll figure it out pretty quickly once you get into the game. Depending on your computer, there are going to be quite a few slightly annoying pauses you'll grow to hate the sight of your cursor looking like a bunch of Zs as you shift between menus, when it shifts from one time to another morning, day, evening, and nightor when the clock appears and it's time for your characters to go to work.

But this is one place that Singles stands head and shoulders over the original Sims game! Like in the Sims, your characters will have to go to work to make money, which you can in turn use to spruce up the place.

As they go to work, they earn experience. Every five points of experience gained, you go up a level and earn a skill point. This skill point can then be used to increase one of eight different skills: Putting points in these skills comes in right handy, as increasing them gives you various benefits in game.

For example, increasing your Career means you earn more money, while increasing Slacking means you have to work shorter hours! Finding the right balance of skills can be quite enjoyable as you figure out just what your priorities are: But the truly brilliant thing about the job system can be summed up in one word: That's right, unlike the Sims, where once you go to work the character works 7 days a week, your characters in Singles will only work from Monday through Friday.

So even if you don't really get to work on the relationship during the week, you can spend the entire weekend doing so. For those of you, like me, who played the Sims more to satisfy the frustrated architect and interior designer lurking inside of you, Singles does offer you the opportunity to do so, although perhaps not quite to the extent that Sims does. Interior design-wise, you have 25 Living Room objects, 29 Kitchen objects, 25 Electrical equipment objects, 18 Study objects, 11 Bedroom objects, 13 Bathroom objects, 52 Decor objects, along with 12 Build options wall, remove wall, balustrade, 5 doors and 4 windows41 wallpapers and 3 exterior wallpapers, 30 Flooring designs, and 24 Garden objects.

Quite a bit, really, although without the downloadable and expandable nature of the Sims, in the end, I think many people will end up getting bored pretty quickly of the same old things over and over again.

I haven't seen any information about downloadable and expanding these options just like I haven't seen anything for the characters in the game, so that's a weakness it has against the Sims.


Each character is beautifully animated, both in miniature and in the living portrait head shot window. The dynamic shadows are beautiful, as are the lighting effects from everything, including lamps, candlelight, and even the shifting lighting of dawn, day, evening and nighttime. The zoom in and out functions let you get up close and personal with the game. To give you an example on just how detailed the environment is, when the characters are playing a game accessible from the bookshelfyou can zoom in to the table and see the packaging on the box of the game matches the packaging of the Singles game itself.

Everything about the characters is animated, reflecting in both the full figure and in the living portrait window in the upper right hand corner.

download singles flirt up your life pc help

The animation is smooth, the movements interesting to watch, and when the characters get close to another, the living portrait window will show you a close-up view of just what they are doing. The zoom in and out ability is relatively smooth, with being able to zoom in 4 times you can see the grain in the wood or zoom out 4 times from the standard bird's eye view of everything.

Unfortunately, if you flick between the characters during a zoom in or out, it automatically reverts to the standard view and jerks the camera over, so expect to do a lot of zooming and moving the mouse away from the characters!

Graphically, Singles is superior to the original Sims game in just about every respect. However, with Sims 2 lurking on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how it stacks up then. Sound You don't play living simulation games for the sound or music. Or if you do, I advise reevaluating your game play choices.

This is definitely not to say that Singles doesn't deliver. From the catchy though oft repeated theme song to the background music of the game, to even the music of the Building menu, the melodies are not all that annoying. However, what I found quite nice is that since there is a Windows mode meaning you can have the game going on in the background while you're mucking about in other Windowsyou can turn the music volume down in your Options menu and simply have your own music going in one of the various media players.

The character speech is smooth, and though it's an unitelligible babel much like Simlish for the Simsyou'll find yourself picking up a few words here and there. Heck, I've found myself saying 'kuna masa' quite often over the last few weeks. You'll know what I mean once you play the game Final Thoughts There are many, many things I haven't even touched upon in this review, but in the end it all boils down to this: I really enjoyed playing Singles.

Yeah, it was enough like the Sims to be familiar, but there are enough differences and quirks to make it a separate game entirely. And in the end, all I cared about was playing a bit longer to earn a bit better relationship score between my two characters before I went to bed; one hour turned into four hours, and I was still playing.

That to me is a sign of an engaging game. With its release poised between the last expansion for the Sims and the introduction of Sims 2 still a few months away, it has the opportunity of securing a following for itself. And if they do a Singles 2 and give it a lot more personalization process such as downloadables, or the ability to create your own character skins, objects, etc.

Myself, I'm hoping they do so. I liked Singles, but I think I might love Singles 2. Track your gaming progress!