Mally mall ex gf relationship

Mally Mall Wiki: His Volatile Dating Affair And Alleged Girlfriends - In One Stop

mally mall ex gf relationship

Mally Mall, whose real name is Jamal Rashid, is an American with Brazillian- Egyptian ethnicity. It's no surprise given his involvement with his dramatic girlfriend, been in the limelight because of their on and off relationship status. Like shattering and vandalism was not enough, the ex-couple took the. Nick Mudarris, an American socialite and Hollywood star is best known as Mally Mall's ex-girlfriend, whom he dated twice. The pair called off their relationship in. Masika, your relationship with Mally Mall is so confusing. You were picking out a condo for him but then he has this serious girlfriend? Can you.

Mally Mall — Biography Mally Mall is a famous rapper who has established himself as one of the leading stars in the music industry.

mally mall ex gf relationship

Born and raised in the Bay Area another name for Northern CaliforniaMally has a multiracial ethnical background. The rapper is American by nationality and Brazilian-Egyptian by ethnicity.

As for information on his educational background and family members, they are currently unavailable at the moment.

Mally Mall Biography, Dating, Relationship With Nikki Mudarris

However, it is believed that he was raised by his parents or loved ones. He went on to establish his labels, MallyMall Music and Future Music, and successfully raised an innovative and formidable production team as well.

Image Source His career in production has also seen him broaden his mixture of sounds while collaborating with many renowned artists, producers, and songwriters.

A man of many talents, Mally Mall plans to take over the film industry fully some day. He has done exploits in the industry and is well respected by managers, radio personalities, top media executives, and a host of notable stars and artists worldwide.

Mally Mall Wiki: His Volatile Dating Affair And Alleged Girlfriends - In One Stop

Jamal Rashid has been in several on-and-off relationships in the past few years. His first known relationship was with popular American porn star Mia Isabella.

mally mall ex gf relationship

Shortly after their separation, Mally began dating American actress Carmen Electra but they called off their relationship after a short period of time. His last known relationship was Nikki Mudarris, a renowned television personality. It is not the first thing on my list.

mally mall ex gf relationship

What about Nikki — like why were you guys beefing with each other when it was clearly Mally was feeding you both different stories? I had no idea.

mally mall ex gf relationship

Everything out of her mouth is my name, her and her mother. Commenting and sending you messages there?

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Yeah, she was like harassing me, making fake pages, whatever it was. My thing is go directly to the source, which was Mally. At that point, I was almost done with the conversation. Whatever cool down, you look hot.

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We did an interview with her recently and she said Mally was also hitting her up on Instagram around the same time he was trying to get your attention — did you know that?

She told me that too, which I found funny because Moniece said he was creeping in her DMs. Like the list of girls that he was creeping in their DMs is infamous.

Like what picture was he sending in the DMs?

mally mall ex gf relationship

Like what could be that impressive? So this is very important: It looks like a group science project.