Examples of weaknesses in a relationship

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examples of weaknesses in a relationship

For example, on a date, you can talk about weaknesses in a cute way. of this becomes exhausting and makes a guy resent the burden of the relationship. Weakness After providing an example, say something along the lines of: these meetings really lay the groundwork for a good and trusting relationship. Sample Answer: In my project management responsibilities, when dealing Instead of saying: I want to perfect my ability to build relationships.

examples of weaknesses in a relationship

On the other hand, a perfectionist chief executive officer might micromanage his top managers and paralyze the organization. Knowing the requirements of the job and the organizational culture can help you decide whether a potential employer will view your perceived weakness as a potential strength.

Cite a corrected weakness. After losing a job during a corporate reorganization, he decided to combine work with pleasure by signing up for a language-immersion program in Chile.

Six weeks later, he felt he had learned enough Spanish to be more effective in his next job. During one interview, he asked the interviewer if she would like to conduct the interview in Spanish so he could demonstrate his proficiency directly.

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In another scenario, a marketing executive who had lacked expertise in customer-relationship management related how she had used her unemployment to take seminars and courses in the field and was eager to apply her new knowledge in her next job.

Cite a lesson learned.

examples of weaknesses in a relationship

Similar to the corrected-weakness strategy, the lesson-learned approach acknowledges real missteps and mistakes within the context of a lesson learned. If you can demonstrate what you learned from your mistake, potential employers will be reassured of two things: After that, she was demoted to a sales-clerk position. Cite a learning objective. After reviewing the job description, you may discover that part of the job requires more skill and experience than you now have.

For example, a candidate for an employee-benefits specialist position knew that she had experience in five of the six technical areas that the employer required. Before she interviewed, she researched certification programs that were available through professional groups. When she cited this weakness, she could then address what she needed to do to learn it and in what time frame.

Cite an unrelated skill deficit. Your less-than-perfect writing skills may not be a deal-killer if the job requires mostly telephone communication. You might say, for example, that you work best with managers who trust and give you a lot of feedback. Or you might say that you tend to perform best in a fast-paced environment with clear deadlines.

I find I can get more done this way, am focused on what is most important to my manager, and also have a better relationship with my co-workers and subordinates. Flipping a Strength into Weakness and then Recovering!

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Consider how or why you developed a particular strength or achieved an accomplishment? Tell that narrative in two parts, as usual about how you converted a weakness into something positive. See the sample strengths for some options to consider.

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Microsoft Office Expertise Previous Weakness: Problem Solving and Microsoft Office Expertise [Note that this is a "hard skill" weakness that is easy to overcome with training, effort, and time. For example, if one of your strengths is expert usage of Microsoft Office and that is relevant to this jobyou could confess a weakness like this confession and recovery: Confession "In my last job, we used the same medical transcription software for many years.

It ran on the old technology we used, so my software skills became out of date. So, over a 6-month period, I took hours of training in the relevant Microsoft Office products -- Excel, Word, and Outlook -- practicing on my own time. As a result, I became proficient enough to help when we finally made the transition to the new software.

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In helping my colleagues learn the new software, I realized that I must continue to pay attention to what is happening with technology in this field and keep my skills up-to-date, even if my employer isn't staying current. Obsession with Technology Strength Presented: Confession "I have had a hard time disconnecting from technology. I always have my smart phone with me and, of course, I have both a Mac and a PC at home. So, I was constantly checking in with my work email, visiting the company website, checking competitor's apps, and industry news.

I didn't use technology, except my GPS, while driving, but I did spend too much time outside of working hours and even on weekends looking at some sort of smart phone or computer screen related to work.

Detaching from technology is restful, good for my eyes I'm toldand keeps me better-connected with the real world. I'm even reading a book, printed on paper, currently. So, I think I'm a more balanced person, now. But, I do still always have my smart phone with me, even when I'm sleeping. And some organizations want and expect this kind of "obsession" by employees. So, if you want to work for one of those employers, you might want to find a different, more irrelevant weakness. So, save one of your related -- but not critical -- strengths to use for your greatest weakness if necessary, and be ready to describe it as above: The "Irrelevant" Weakness Perhaps you would prefer to use the harmless weakness strategy.

examples of weaknesses in a relationship

This can signal that you think the question is absurd or that you don't take it seriously, so be careful when you use this. These weaknesses can be very personal -- like a hobby or a favorite type of book, music, movie, or video -- or less personal like a love of travel or a specific model of car. If possible, find an irrelevant weakness that shows you are a good choice for the job.

Addiction to Knitting and Crocheting Strength: Creativity This could be a good "weakness" for someone interviewing for a job that requires creativity, or it might be completely irrelevant to the job.

As usual, we have a 1 confession and a slight 2 recovery: Confession "I love to knit and crochet, and I have spent too much time and effort doing that in the past. I also found I spent too much money on special yarns, needles, and other tools. I even traveled to Ireland to spend a few days on a sheep farm, learning about how the best wool yarn is made and also learning how to create those amazing Irish fisherman's sweaters.

examples of weaknesses in a relationship