Quotes on guru shishya relationship

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quotes on guru shishya relationship

34 quotes from The Guru and The Disciple: 'With a pure heart, the one who sincerely wants to know only the Soul and does not want any worldly comforts; t. The mentor-mentee relationship is ideally like that of the guru and disciple: motivated by the desire of the guru to impart knowledge to the disciple. An Ode to All Gurus! 10 quotes that define the virtue of Guru-Shishya relationship ! - On Guru Purnima today, let us set the clock back to the old.

You have placed your life in it, but you trust the bus consciously.

quotes on guru shishya relationship

The same trust, if it arises consciously, would do miracles to you. Your trust is unconscious.

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I am only asking you to bring a little consciousness to your trust. Life is trust, otherwise nobody can exist here. It resembles the shifting tactics of a guru who varies his approach to his pupil in order to dissolve his resistances and prepare him for wider states of consciousness. Both Faustus and the tantric aspirant stimulate and indulge their senses under the guidance of their teachers who encourage them to have sexual encounters with women in their dreams.

To watch the guru struggle with hardship is a privilege, whether it be leading his people to freedom over a mountain, or fighting a disease in his own body. More than that, sometimes a link of spirit can form between the guru and his most beloved and devoted disciples, and the struggle passes through that link to their own lives. Though they may suffer from it, this is still a privilege, because they will share not only his suffering but the purification that comes from the guru defeating his enemy within, and this pushes them all the sooner toward moksha, and thus is a great gift, one of the greatest upadesa.

The guru struggles not just for himself but for his disciples as well, and they aid him and give him sadhuseva by holding to their own sadhana, and sending up prayers for his elevation, which will mean their own as well. This is the guru kripa of Tantra. You remember the transfiguration of Jesus, a very important moment of his being, being filled with the fullness of that incarnation of the Word … Because the guru ascends, he becomes one in the Christ Presence of the chela.

The chela, then, has the entire momentum of his guru, plus his own momentum. The words, and even the concepts, are only an excuse to get you to be near them, to fall into step with their vibe, which will transform you.

How many are you going to ask the universe to provide? Where is your gratitude and surrender? Where is your love? When do you switch, and why? How do you know that the ego is not running? My guru does not condescend…instead he challenges me constantly. And I get clearer as a result. If I have a problem with standing up for myself, he will try to demean me. If I have a problem with anger, he will try to provoke me.

Whatever the problem, he will apply the antidote until I choose to change. And I am free of it forever.

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To him you are a nuisance and a hindrance to be done away with. He actually aims at your elimination as a factor in consciousness. I know that may be hard to digest, because we have so many connotations about romantic relationship mainly sexualbut they both have the same traits, including the selection of the partner — the lover in one case and the guru in the other.

How do you select your lover? You have this uncontrollable instinct, this enormous excitement, this attraction, these pulses of the heart. The same is in the case of selecting a guru. I am here to shatter all illusions. I will sabotage you from your very roots! Unless you are totally destroyed as a mind, there is no hope for you. For the former knows the world as a dream and has no concern with it; but an Acharya knows it as a dream and yet has to remain in it and work.

After one makes that Dharma connection of guru and disciple, then if you give up it is the heaviest negative karma, the greatest obstacle to your spiritual growth. It brings heavy obstacles and one has to experience, especially at the time of death, eons of suffering in the lower realms and hell realms.

quotes on guru shishya relationship

Svoboda, Analyzing Karma A good teacher is like a candle — it consumes itself to light the way for others. I am not forbidden to have my own thoughts about the other person, to realize his shortcomings, but only to the extent that it offers to me an occasion for forgiveness and unconditional love.

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It demands that we be lifelong learners and that we commit to constant growth in spiritual maturity. You know that you did not locate awakening; awakening located you. It is one of the gifts of their followers to complicate them again. The guru always transmits the inner mysteries to his chelas. Not everything we need to know is in the Bible. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

Do not have blind faith, but also no blind criticism. The master kept him solely because of this diligence and the services he rendered, for he found the disciple rather stupid. He had crossed the river as if he crossed a street. Tapobana called his disciple and questioned him. Did you actually walk over the water? At every step I repeated Your Holy Name, and that is what upheld me. If in my name miracles take place, I must possess powers I did not suspect, and I must be more holy than I was aware of.

The teacher may be able to find what is the age of any book, but words are only the external forms in which things come. Those who deal too much in words and let the mind run always in the force of words lose the spirit. So the teacher must be able to know the spirit of the scriptures.

The network of words is like a huge forest in which the human mind loses itself and finds no way out. The various methods of joining words, the various methods of speaking a beautiful language, the various methods of explaining the dicta of the scriptures, are only for the enjoyment of the learned.

They do not attain perfection; they are simply desirous to show their learning, so that the world may praise them and see that they are learned men. You will find that no one of the great teachers of the world went into these various explanations of texts; on their part there is no attempt at "text-torturing", no saying, "This word means this, and this is the philological connection between this and that word. Yet they taught, while others, who have nothing to teach, will take up a word and write a three-volume book on its origin and use.

As my Master used to say, what would you think of men who went into a mango orchard and busied themselves in counting the leaves and examining the colour of the leaves, the size of the twigs, the number of branches, and so forth, while only one of them had the sense to begin to eat the mangoes? So leave this counting of leaves and twigs and this note-taking to others.

That work has its own value in its proper place, but not here in the spiritual realm. Men never become spiritual through such work; you have never once seen a strong spiritual man among these "leaf-counters". Religion is the highest aim of man, the highest glory, but it does not require "leaf-counting". If you want to be a Christian, it is not necessary to know whether Christ was born in Jerusalem or Bethlehem or just the exact date on which he pronounced the Sermon on the Mount; you only require to feel the Sermon on the Mount.

It is not necessary to read two thousand words on when it was delivered. All that is for the enjoyment of the learned. Let them have it; say amen to that. Let us eat the mangoes.

The second condition necessary in the teacher is that he must be sinless. The question was once asked me in England by a friend, "Why should we look to the personality of a teacher?

We have only to judge of what he says, and take that up.

quotes on guru shishya relationship

If a man wants to teach me something of dynamics or chemistry or any other physical science, he may be of any character; he can still teach dynamics or any other science. For the knowledge that the physical sciences require is simply intellectual and depends on intellectual strength; a man can have in such a case a gigantic intellectual power without the least development of his soul.

But in the spiritual sciences it is impossible from first to last that there can be any spiritual light in that soul which is impure.

Inspirational Quotes on the Guru-Disciple Relationship

What can such a soul teach? Spiritual truth is purity. In that one sentence is the gist of all religions. If you have learnt that, all that has been said in the past and all that it is possible to say in the future, you have known; you need not look into anything else, for you have all that is necessary in that one sentence; it could save the world, were all the other scriptures lost.

A vision of God, a glimpse of the beyond never comes until the soul is pure. Therefore in the teacher of spirituality, purity is the one thing indispensable; we must see first what he is, and then what he says. Not so with intellectual teachers; there we care more for what he says than what he is. With the teacher of religion we must first and foremost see what he is, and then alone comes the value of the words, because he is the transmitter.

What will he transmit, if he has not flat spiritual power in him? To give a simile: If a heater is hot, it can convey heat vibrations, but if not, it is impossible to do so. Even so is the case with the mental vibrations of the religious teacher which he conveys to the mind of the taught. It is a question of transference, and not of stimulating only our intellectual faculties.

Some power, real and tangible, goes out from the teacher and begins to grow in the mind of the taught. Therefore the necessary condition is that the teacher must be true. The third condition is motive. We should see that he does not teach with any ulterior motive, for name, or fame, or anything else, but simply for love, pure love for you.

When spiritual forces are transmitted from the teacher to the taught, they can only be conveyed through the medium of love; there is no other medium that can convey them.