Talent relationship management bmw

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talent relationship management bmw

Talent- Relationship-Management creates an active relationship between an throws its BMW keys on the table instead of one's Skoda keys, just as it makes. Human Resources · Human Resources · Risk Management · Risk Management · Sustainability and Environment · Sustainability and Environment · Design. BMW Financial Services has turned to its staff to come up with those game- changing ideas. our own people, but it's also there to act as a talent development tool for participating teams.” Julie Holland, HR manager at BMW Group UK Financial Services, who is coordinating the . Employee Relations.

talent relationship management bmw

We therefore attach importance to intensive training and regular dialogue with our managers. We place a strong emphasis on the following aspects: We never lose sight of the bigger picture — that all our staff must be free to develop their talents for new ideas to flourish and enable long-term success.

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This can only succeed in a working environment that is free of prejudices, with equal respect for all employees, regardless of their gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion, disability, age and sexual orientation. The BMW Group signed the Diversity Charter back in and committed itself to create a working environment free of prejudices. We are constantly working to create a corporate culture of tolerance, mutual respect and equal opportunities.

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We rigorously oppose all forms of discrimination. Implementation and further information. Diversity requirements are implemented on an individual basis in each country. Each market defines specific targets and areas of activity, reflecting the local situation and legal framework.

talent relationship management bmw

The relevant chapters are available for download here. We aim to recruit well-educated, highly-qualified women and promote and retain them within the company — partially in response to demographic trends and future shortage of skilled workers.

But appropriate representation of women in the workforce and especially at management levels also makes an important contribution to the following goals: Men and women often have different, complementary approaches to topics and tasks and bring a wide range of different strengths to the company.

This strengthens the innovation and performance capabilities of the BMW Group over the long term. Age, experience and generational management. BMW has successfully combined tradition and innovation for many years. In a constantly changing work environment facing demographic change, the success of the company will depend on securing and utilising know-how by achieving a good age mix.

Close cooperation between generations will be a decisive factor, as well as challenging and developing each employee to exploit their potential. Within just a few years, the average age of the BMW Group workforce will already be older than it is today. Positive and proactive handling of the topic of age is therefore extremely important to us.

Older employees provide a wealth of experience, as well as strong judgement and a sense of responsibility. Younger staff, on the other hand, bring innovative ideas and new ways of working into the company. Coming shortly after meetings with several agency leads bemoaning talent issues, this comes up in our conversation.

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How agencies are finding their footing for their business models is another. At Publicis, under his reign as CEO and chairman, the agency was streamlined, together with the management board. Firstly, in his outlook on hiring. Continuing on the issue of talent shortage, he says: If you are always looking for the same kind of talent — like a square peg in a square hole, looking to recreate the marketer from the 80s and 90s then yes, you would have that.


Then the company needs to find the right people it needs to have a seat at the table of that discussion, he adds. The same goes for his approach with agency partners. One other trend in recent years is the blurring of agency roles — for example, PR or media buying agencies looking to be more like ad agencies and vice versa.

talent relationship management bmw

To Althaus, this is good progress. A convergence of ideas, just the way industries are going, is a good thing. What holds true for individuals also holds true for industries. We really need a journey partner, someone that comes proactively to us.

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Which is why we need more than just agency labels. We will speak to someone who understands the business needs of a client and takes the client forward.