Union management relationship goals tumblr

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union management relationship goals tumblr

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Strong corporate culture can help to overcome potential employee issues relating to national and ethnic cultural differences. All employees should share vision and values of organisation despite where they are from. Professional culture — Refers to the code of ethics and values shared by members of a given professional group, such as accountants, doctors, engineers, lawyers. Westerners, aus, nth EU, nth US In Relationship orientated cultures, managers value affiliations with people, building rapport, getting to know other party in business interactions e.

China, Japan, Latin American countries. Australia is more deal orientated: While China and Japan more deal orientated.

union management relationship goals tumblr

Have to be sensitive and willing to put in the effort to build relationship. Western shorter, Japan extended plans decades. A rigid orientation to time, individual focused on schedules, punctuality and time as a resource. A flexible, non-linear orientation to time, individual takes a long-term perspective and is capable of attending to multiple tasks simultaneously.


Ties between people are loose, each person focus on his or her own self-interest. Ties between individuals more important that individualism.

Introduction to trade unions

Describes how a society deals with the inequalities in power that exist between people. There are substantial gaps between the powerful and weak. Middle east, Malaysia, Philippines. Institute welfare systems to ensure equality.

Extent to which people can tolerate risk and uncertainty in their lives. Value competitiveness, assertiveness, ambition and accumulation of wealth. Should be viewed as general guide, useful for a deeper understanding in cross-national interactions with business partners, customers and value-chain members. In low power distance society people are on a more on a level playing field.

Australia has low power distance. If there is huge divide with management or worker. About being willing to put yourself out there.

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Feminine culture — scandanavian like Sweden because have high welfare and concern with other people. Stereotypes often erroneous and lead to unjustified conclusions about others.

Cross cultural proficiency helps managers connect to counterparts. Many recognition agreements are reached voluntarily, sometimes with the help of the Labour Relations Agency.

ultimate relationship goals

If agreement can't be reached and the organisation employs more than 20 people, a union may apply for statutory recognition. To do so, it must first request recognition from the employer in writing. If this is unsuccessful, the union can apply to the Industrial Court for a decision. In considering the union's application, the Court must assess many factors including the level of union membership and the presence of any other unions. Often, the Court will organise a ballot among the affected workforce to decide whether recognition should be awarded.

union management relationship goals tumblr

Throughout the process, the emphasis is on reaching voluntary agreement. Collective bargaining If a union is formally recognised by an employer, it can negotiate with the employer over terms and conditions.

union management relationship goals tumblr

This is known as 'collective bargaining'. For collective bargaining to work, unions and employers need to agree on how the arrangement is to operate.

union management relationship goals tumblr