Relationship goals tumblr dirty pet

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relationship goals tumblr dirty pet

"Mix up the dirty talk with your boo thang by whispering bits of the communist manifesto in their ear." When they totally nailed pet names. . #communist memes #relationship memes #someone stop me #dates #cute #couples When they realized relationships aren't always just sunshine and rainbows. notesLoading 2, notes. 4evamc. Dirty talk in marital bed . @jenabean75 @silvie @mcinspires @magnificent-winged-beast. Cr: gayled_it/youtube. Discover best Cute Relationship Goals images and ideas on Bing. Updated Goals Tumblr Couple; Couple Goals Funny Cute Tumblr Relationship Goals.

So, when you're on your way to meet a cat for the first time, you better step your game up and be as cool as you can, because the cats are watching.

relationship goals tumblr dirty pet

Can you imagine coming home from your bestie's party and your sister whips out a kitten from behind their back? Especially a kitten as cute as Peanut? I'd keep that cat a secret from my parents as long as I could and give that kitty the best upbringing possible within the square footage of my bedroom. And once that kitten becomes a young teen and is ready to explore the depths and crevices of the home, that's when I would tell my parents that I became a mother a few months ago.

A mother to a son who was born with a full body of hair, four legs, four paws, and a tail. I'd also try baking them a cake to welcome them to the world of being a grandparent. You know, to sweeten the deal a little bit. You know right away if a dog likes you or not, but cats Which leads you to think "does that cat even like me? This particular Tumblr user even describes a cat named Meredith's strong use of the side eye. That's definitely a move cats don't shy away from. They have their eye on you even when you can't see them.

But no matter where they're hiding or how many times they roll their eyes at you, we'll always wonder if that cat likes us and what we can do to win them over. Just give us a chance, Meredith! We can Google 'cats doing weird things' any time of the day and always find something new. The best part about meeting a cat for the first time is watching them in their own habitat.

You want to play it cool, but also let them know that you're the nicest person they're ever going to meet, and that you would love them until the end of eternity. But like I said, play it cool. When you give cats their space, you get to watch their real personality shine through. The faces they make, the places they find to lay down, or the positions they get themselves into while bathing - it all makes us question if they know how weird they are.

But only cats can be so weird that they're cute.

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Does that make sense? At this point, acting cool is totally thrown out the window. We're going to let our emotions fly free and tend to these cats to make sure they're okay. Heck, we'd even buy them a hot dog if no one was watching. But one thing we don't know is if these cats actually have owners. There are plenty of cats that are both indoor and outdoor cats.

They roam outside to explore their inner tiger and then head back home when they're ready for some hugs and a cat-nap. But if they're not wearing a collar, that's an answer we'll never know! Which drives us insane and leads us to collecting street cats in our purse so we can love them forever.

Which makes us cat-folk lose it with laughter.

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All you have to do is recognize their body language and make the next decision from there. But this Tumblr post is all too familiar. The guy is explaining how terrified he is of cats and compares their outbursts to the same as a bobcat's. Post the jam that has everyone in the office grooving, or maybe a song that mentions your line of work.

Did you shoot a cool sizzle reel? Post it on Tumblr!

relationship goals tumblr dirty pet

To make a post, just click the icon of the media type you'd like to post. From there, it's pretty simple — upload the picture or video or audio and fill out all of the fields. Be sure to tag the post with relevant terms, since searching through tags is a great way for people to discover your content.

You can publish the post now or schedule it for later. The latter is a great option for time-strapped entrepreneurs — you can set aside some time each week to hammer out a few posts and then space them out over time to keep your page active, while you're out doing other things, like running your business.

Click the box to send the post to Twitter, to allow for easy distribution. Much like Pinterest, you should go beyond just trying to push your product on Tumblr — try to embody a lifestyle. Sure, you can post product pictures, but don't be so pushy; instead, be human. If you have a clothing company that just got samples in, show how excited you are and make your Tumblr audience feel special by giving them a first look — try posting something like, "Just got first samples of our new product line!

You can also post about your brand's history i.

Who designed the logo? Who's the person answering customer service calls? Now more than ever, people want to know from whom they're buying products, so Tumblr is a great way to let them see how great your company is.

This helps build loyalty — and your bottom line.

Relationship Goals

You're all set up, and you've rattled off a few posts. Are you worried it'll be tough to maintain your business' Tumblr? Use the mobile app see above for easy blogging. You can even text your update from an SMS phone or update your Tumblr via email — just email your custom Tumblr email address hint: If you're an Instagram user, you can also set up the photo-sharing app to send your stylized images to Tumblr, which can add some flair to your blog and help you kill two birds with one stone, by updating two platforms in one simple move.

As you get in the flow of things, you should start seeing an influx of followers and activity. When you log on to your dashboard, you'll see the river of content you've created, along with notes about who liked or reblogged a post and who started following your Tumblr. Give them a follow back, and then you'll start seeing their posts when you log in — comment, like and reblog to engage with the audience and build relationships. Where to Look For Inspiration A new undertaking can be daunting, so we've gathered up some great small business Tumblrs and explained a bit about what makes these blogs special.

Hopefully they'll inspire you to blog even more. Alternative Apparel's theme is decidedly Pinterest-y — the clothing brand focuses highly on visuals, highlighting celebrities and everyday Joes enjoying life in the brand's cozy apparel.

relationship goals tumblr dirty pet

Clicking on a picture pulls up a caption and product details. Dish-sharing app Foodspotting has Spotted, which highlights dishes for various holidays and occasions, like Chinese New Year. If you're hungry, it's probably dangerous to look at the blog, and even if you're not hungry, you'll still want to eat these dishes. Thus, the Tumblr serves as a way to remind you that it's fun to take pictures of your food, which is precisely what the Foodspotting app lets you do.

relationship goals tumblr dirty pet

As you now know, you can push your Instagram photos straight to Tumblr, so it's not surprising that Instagram uses Tumblr to help spread its gospel. Like Foodspotting's Spotted blog, the Instagram Tumblr motivates people to use the app. Its Weekend Hashtag Project encourages users to take pictures that exemplify a pre-determined hashtag, like SoloParking. Favorites are then shared on the Tumblr, with kudos for the photogs who took each shot. Then there's " How I Shoot ," a series in which Instagrammers share tips for taking excellent pictures.

There are also tips and best practices throughout the Tumblr in case you're looking to step up your Instagram game.

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The Soho eatery posts drool-worthy food porn, like king crab rolls and the sushi bar special. Then, there are plenty of sultry ambient shots of the restaurant to entice chic eaters into the venue, along with pics of the chef with New York celebs, like Carmelo Anthony.

The blog, Zagg Pepper, takes a clean approach — there's a simple layout, a white background and a commitment to post "musings, inspirations and fun stuff.

relationship goals tumblr dirty pet

The Ace Hotel blog boasts pictures of the properties, Ace-branded apparel and pictures of local art exhibits, in addition to promoting local shops and bands. Of course, as a site that covers social media, Mashable makes good use of the platforms that are out there, including Tumblr.

You'll find pictures of our office dogs and founder Pete Cashmore on a scooter. But there's also some more substantive information, like updates from our Social Good Summit and Mashable Connect.

Here, we've covered the nuts and bolts of Tumblr. Below, you'll find some tips to get your business even more exposure, and check out Mashable's guide for building your brand on Tumblr. Does your business have a Tumblr? If not, are you inspired to start one now?