Relationship activities for couples

Cute and Fun Communication Games for All You Couples Out There

relationship activities for couples

I you're looking for bonding activities for couples, you're in the right place. This is how we bond with people in the beginning of a relationship. Want to feel more connected to your partner? Here are six connection exercises for couples to build more intimacy and trust in your relationship. Most of the counselors also suggest of communication activities for couples, that can save a lot in a relationship or marriage.

Now each gets a turn to talk, while the partner is talking, the other should listen carefully. You will need to pick topics that are leading to issues troubling you.

relationship activities for couples

For example work, or house work or even taking care of groceries, the lawn and garden, pets, etc. Choose wisely as your turn comes for the talk.

This can be done as a discussion while adding your own opinion as answer to the repeated sentence. For example, if you choose a topic like mowing or watering the lawn. He starts with, "Do you think I avoid watering and mowing the lawn? Whereas, I genuinely get no time on weekends, with a lot of work pending. This gives time for the person to speak up and also encourages the partner to actively listen.

And guys, let this be a healthy discussion and not a cold war of words. For Your Eyes Only Now this may be the most loved for the women out there. This is more of a romantic game, with effectively enhancing communication in the partners. The couple must sit facing each other, hold hands and look in the eyes of each other. Hold the moment for a minute or two.

relationship activities for couples

Now, discuss the silliest of things or the most casual things with your partner. Start one by one, exchange thoughts and issues like, the best part about being with each other, the last movie or game that you watched together.

It can be simple like how was the day in office, etc. After few minutes and one or two rounds of discussion. The couple may sit together and express how they felt during the whole activity. Even if there was discomfort, talk it out and communicate it across.

This will help you understand and encourage a healthy comfort when discussing issues. Coffee Shooters This may be easiest and the most simple games of all, however it is fun and effective. All you need to do is sit across on a couch or a comfy chair. Each one of you will get a chance to shoot questions to your partner. The partner has to answer all the questions.

Cute and Fun Communication Games for All You Couples Out There

This is more like knowing each other and just refreshing the times of your early relationship phase, where you were just trying to know each other.

Steam up some coffee while you continue with the round of questions and answers. The questions can be related to anything, but if they refer to your lives and relationships, the game will be more interesting and effective. This will help you open up your mind to your partner. It will also help you listen to each others views and refresh some good memories, that will strengthen your current relationship.

These were few examples for communication games for couples. You can add more to the list as you get familiar with the purpose of these games. If you have been ignorant about communicating with your partner, this is the right time and right move to start.

Most of us will be hesitant and feel awkward doing silly things like games. But life's riches treasures are, in the small giggles and warm hugs that accompany the moments of happiness. So get started today, for a happy and long living relationship with understanding and communication. Unplug from technology One of the best couples therapy exercises you can do is to unplug from technology and have a talking session.

Smartphones and devices are a great way to connect to the world, but they have a surprisingly bad effect on your personal relationships. After all, how can you give your spouse your undivided attention when you are checking your phone every ten minutes?

relationship activities for couples

For this exercise, eliminate distractions such as television, video games, and smartphones for 10 minutes a day. Use these 10 minutes to talk to one another. Go back and forth telling each other the things you love and appreciate about them. Do not interrupt one another. This feel-good exercise creates positive thinking and boosts self-esteem.

This fun step involves the two of you trying something new that requires you to rely on one another. You can make this as fun or as challenging as you like. Some ideas for team building exercises include learning an instrument together, hiking, learning a new language, making online videos together, and zip lining, kayaking, or going to the gym.

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Happy couples are kinder to one another. One study revealed that happy people are more likely to be kind to others, have higher motivational drives and sense of gratitude.

Couples who try new things together build trust and cooperation skills and boost happiness. Couples will have an hour of honesty where they speak frankly, but kindly, about the state of their marriage.

Partners will then be allowed to talk about improvements they would like to see in the marriage or speak of things that are bothering them. The listening partner agrees not to get overly offended or overreact.

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This arrangement allows both partners the opportunity to listen and to be heard. The calm atmosphere of this marriage check-in should encourage partners to speak freely to one another with a view to solving a problem, not attacking one another. Consistent date night No matter the age or duration of the romantic relationship, all couples will benefit from a regularly scheduled date night.

These evenings allow you to plan fun activities together, which fosters positive emotions. Date night is also a great opportunity to reconnect emotionally and sexually in a fresh environment. The closer a couple is, the better their communication and the physical relationship will be. Whatever you do on date night, make sure you are focusing on each other and having a great time.