Transits new relationship advice

Relationship Timing in Astrology: First Meeting Chart

transits new relationship advice

A "lucky" transit may bring a marriage partner into your life. For that reason, this is a fortuitous time for finding new relationship opportunities, such as a . If You Struggle Orgasming, This Advice May Help You Finally Get Off. Saturn-Venus transits can be some of life's most difficult times, especially in terms of love and romance. Saturn Words of wisdom or advice (7) If you or your partner have been unhappy in the relationship, it may very well end at this time. New friends made at this time are likely to bring more sorrow or. What transits do you believe can show the start of a new relationship in somebody's chart? Any personal examples or general advice would be.

You'll find that superficial relationships will be boring and unsatisfying because you're not interested in "weather talk"; instead, you want to know what's in a person's psyche and heart.

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You may explore such deep questions such as, "What is your purpose in life? The status quo is no longer acceptable, which means that whatever needs to be fixed in your relationship can't just be repaired. It will now require a something brand new to be in its place. In its more glorious manifestation, you'll share an intense soul mate, love relationship with the other person.

However, Pluto's energies may also bring a crisis into your partnership that will require a major change in the nature of how it operates. That crisis may come in many colors, shapes and sizes. It may center on such matters as the loss of one of the partner's job, retirement, financial difficulties, sexual incompatibility, menopause, infidelity, alcohol or drug addiction, an affair that threatens the break-up of your marriage, or even the death of a loved one.

Some times, the source of the discord in the partnership is based on deep psychological issues such as incompatible values or destructive behavior that has damaged the relationship. As a result, long-hidden tensions or chronic problems that have plagued your relationship will surface to be dealt with and resolved if your relationship is to continue.

This may a time when you will go through the "breakdown" phase of this Pluto transit. You are beyond crisis; you're now engaged in a process of survival which will result in the death of your current relationship as it is or the re-birth of a new relationship between you.

Pluto's energies provide you with the prospect of transforming your partnership to something far better than it was before.

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The choice is up to you. First things first, I looked at the phase of the Moon. The couple met at the time of a New Moon, when the Moon was separating from the Sun with an orb of about 9 degrees.

This is actually a good time to begin anything that you want to last, or to play out over time. The New Moon was in Pisceswhich is a warm water sign, conducive to emotional alliances, romance, and a spiritual sense of connection. The first applying aspect of the Moon is, in this case, a strengthening sextile to Mars, within 1 degree orb. This symbolized the initial quick start the couple had immediate, powerful, and passionate feelings for each other, and they expressed these without reticence.

Both told each other how surprised they were with regards to their feelings for each other being immediate and powerful. This was a very favorable start. Although this may be overlooked, I find it extremely illuminating.

A unique and strong friendship was hoped for, and this was certainly the case. Both individuals involved were meeting with the hopes to find a friendship that was not a binding one not destined for marriage but one that would bring excitement to their lives. The Moon was also separating from a sextile to Saturn, and indeed the individuals were looking for a relationship that was enduring at the same time.

Neither was interested in a completely casual fling. Both hoped for a relationship that would last.

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I looked to the Ascendant. At 18 degrees of Libra 18it is neither too late nor too early in degree. The Ascendant is favorable to the desired outcome. I looked to the Sun offer clues to the general nature of the new relationship.

transits new relationship advice

The Sun forms a tight applying aspect conjunction to Uranus in the fifth house. This perfectly describes the relationship these individuals both hoped to begin, and did create. Because of their life circumstances, responsibilities to career and children and so forth, both individuals wanted a non-traditional friendship. They had no expectations of eventually living together or hooking up with their eye on marriage.

They expected to see each other occasionally, when their schedules permitted.

transits new relationship advice

If these were not the expectations, the Sun conjunct Uranus might be considered a difficult aspect, and might symbolize a relationship that was erratic or undependable. When we strive for power in our relationships, we may tell ourselves that we are looking for ways to get closer to our mates, but in fact we are actually alienating ourselves from them.

However, a positive expression of Pluto as a significator of relationships is the ability to attain intimacy and intensity without the need for subversive tactics. When we see personal planets, especially the Moon and Venus, involved in one or more quincunxes or inconjuncts as they are sometimes calledwe know the native has some problems with confidence.

These people can easily become doormats, and allow themselves to be used or taken advantage of.

transits new relationship advice

Read our article on this aspect, the quincunxfor more information on how to deal with these rather tricky aspects. When the ruler of the seventh house is involved in a quincunx, one can expect that this tendency to undervalue oneself, and perhaps be taken advantage of as a result, may be a theme in one-to-one partnerships. Look to the condition of Venus in the natal chart, and to the Venus sign for some clues about relationship needs.

Sun-Venus people can identify strongly with their relationships. They are usually quite romantic and charming, and they are generally very open to love. Moon-Venus people are often very hospitable people who may be easily taken advantage of.

Venus-Saturn people often associate love with responsibility. They are usually quite committed to their partners and they take their relationships seriously, but they may feel very lonely at heart.

They do not always feel completely at ease expressing their affections. This aspect is expressed in a variety of ways. One man with a Venus-Saturn conjunction in Aries has been married for almost 20 years, and plans to stay married. Sometimes there is an attraction to people who are unattainable. Venus-Uranus people can be quite willful in their partnerships. They may resent their partners controlling them in any manner. They are often attracted to unusual or non-traditional relationships, and can be sexually curious and experimental.

Venus-Neptune people have a real romantic view of relationships. They may be seeking an ideal partnership and invest much hope into relationships as a means to rise above the mundane affairs of their lives.

They can be prone to disillusionment in partnership because of a tendency to gloss over problems, even glaring ones, in relationships.

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When Venus is in hard aspect to Neptune, the natives can swing from trusting too much to suspicion. It can be challenging to see the partner clearly, as he or she takes on inhuman proportions. Venus-Pluto people desire total commitment and intimacy with their partners.

They may attempt to control or possess their partners, or they attract partners who are controlling. They can be quite dramatic about their affections. When relationship significators are connected with the twelfth house, there may be a tendency to either keep relationships rather sheltered and private, or to be attracted to secret affairs or relationships.

There is often a deep, inner need to look for support from a lover, and some pleasure taken from keeping it private. This can happen when the ruler of the seventh or fifth house is posited in the twelfth house, or the ruler is strongly aspecting a planet in the twelfth house or the ruler of the twelfth house. The ruler of the twelfth house posited in the seventh house is a little different.

This can be challenging for many, especially if unaware of this tendency, and the result can be rather compulsive and tumultuous relationships. With Venus retrograde, relationships are taken very seriously, and even more so if Venus is a relationship significator if it rules the seventh house, for example, or is found in the seventh house.

It is hard for the native to be objective when it comes to relationships and social affairs, and there is great sensitivity to ups and downs of partnership. Casual relationships are not considered very valuable to the Venus retrograde native, and relationships are rarely entered into lightly. The seventh house represents the mirror, or relative identity. It is through the seventh house that we try to strike a balance, through cooperation or competition. The ruler of the seventh house and its position by house can sometimes show where the native meets their partner, but this only happens in some cases.

For example, the ruler of the seventh in the sixth house sometimes indicates that the native meets a significant other at work; in the ninth house, at school or another institution of learning, in a foreign land, or marriage to a foreigner, and so forth. However, the house position of the ruler of the seventh house more often reveals important information about the nature of the partnership, the nature of the partner, and about relationship needs.

So, a person with the ruler of the seventh house in the sixth may attract a partnership that is decidedly unequal, as this is the nature of the sixth house. Check the aspects this ruler makes. These are personality dynamics that are most apparent in partnerships. People with planets in the seventh house are attracted to partnerships, in part, to fulfill the needs associated with that planet.

This is why a heavily-posited seventh house often suggests a person who is especially attracted to one-on-one relationships or partnerships. The Sun in the seventh house suggests a person who negotiates and compromises.

transits new relationship advice

The ego comes into play in relationships, and there can be a tendency to focus a little too heavily on keeping scores and trying to balance things out. With the Moon in the seventh house, the native experiences a powerful neediness in relationships. The emotional connection to the partnership is strong.