Mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship advice

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mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship advice

#CATS Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer Cats Musical, Film Books, All About Cats, Musicals. Visit. Discover ideas about Cats Musical. Jo Gibb as Rumpleteazer and Drew Varley as Mungojerrie Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser, we're a notorious couple of cats. .. "Need excellent tips and hints concerning home decor?. Maybe his mother was in an abusive relationship, that's how he was born, and this is why .. Rumpleteazer: might be Mungojerrie's twin, sister, or mate. She has a close relationship with Gus. Named after T. S. Mungojerrie - Half of a pair of notorious cat-burglars, with Rumpleteazer. Munkustrap . Audition Tips.

Or do you have some other hot dat I don't know about. Jerrie frowned for a moment, she didn't take the hint at all… He tried to shake away the thought. He pushed her back.

mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship advice

I'll beat you back to the junkyard! Teazer sat back for a minute… something seemed strange… could he? She sprinted after him. Plato, Pouncival, and Tumblebrutus all sat mesmerized below with wide eyes, completely ignoring the female kittens who had given up by now and where playing tag in the background.

Bomba ate it up and played off of their attention. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer arrived back at the junkyard and parted, Jerrie told Teazer he had some business to take care of and she wasn't going to argue with that. After their short conversation she had been left confused, and needed the advice of a… more experienced queen. After racing to her secret den and stashing away her new pearls the Calico Queen raced over to the TSE 1 to seek out help.

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Without a second thought she leaped up onto the hood next to Bombalurina who jumped startled by Teazer. The male kits below began to laugh, "Oh shove off you pervs! They shrugged and went to join the other kits for tag. Bombalurina smoothed the fur on her paws, not making any attempt at eye contact. She and Teazer weren't exactly friends.

mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship advice

Although everyone knew she had most of the Tom's wrapped around her finger. Bombalurina's face loosened into a smirk. The male kittens gave one last look before she disappeared around a corner. Rumpleteazer took a deep breath and fell back onto the car shaking her head. Your review has been posted.

mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship advice

Alonzo is Bustopher Jones' nephew, hence the similar colorings but because he's a scrappy alley cat, Bustopher doesn't want to acknowledge him as family. To add on to this, in the film, when Alonzo saved Demeter from Macavity, his motive might have been his mother. Maybe his mother was in an abusive relationship, that's how he was born, and this is why Bustopher shuns him.

Alonzo is a Scorpio. In some productions they dance the Mating Dance together.


In the film version, Asparagus is a separate character from Gus the Theatre Cat. Most fans consider them separate, Asparagus in the ensemble is much livelier and younger than Gus the Theatre Cat.

Asparagus the basic ensemble character is named "Peter" in the Broadway Revival. Asparagus is a Libra. Might be Asparagus' father or grandfather Jellylorum: Possibly a Burmese cat breed, or a scruffy short-haired alleycat. They are seen dancing together in some productions.

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Bombalurina Theories Bombalurina is a bright Torbie and white - her ginger colour exaggerated onstage, but she has patches of black stripes over a bright ginger, and a white bib. Bombalurina and Demeter are sisters, who both were involved in Macavity's gang. Macavity was in an abusive relationship with Demeter, leading to conflicting emotions for Bombalurina.

Grizabella is Bombalurina and Demeter's mother, and abandoned them to continue her glamorous lifestyle.


She inherited her looks and confidence from her mother, and she understands her but resents her abandoning them. Bombalurina is possibly a Somali cat breed.

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Bombalurina is a Cancer. There is much debate about the relationship between these two. There is speculation that they might be sisters, mother and daughter, mates, or close friends.

mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship advice