John 117 and cortana relationship advice

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john 117 and cortana relationship advice

I could be dead wrong, but their relationship was a product of that connection. . six month timeline barring the years Master Chief spent in cryo? .. The relationship between John and Cortana is purely a close friendship. Cortana felt confused about her relationship with the older woman. . "Hmm, seems a little mundane for the Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan," she said made her feel guilt, maybe she felt the need to give him advice. Relationship with John; Rampancy; Abilities . Autumn's service corridors with Cortana's guidance, and the two escaped the ship in a lifeboat.

Halsey watched John delicately hand Cortana the mug-he was gentle to her. Both she and Cortana knew what he was capable of, yet he was so relaxed in this small home.

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She looked at the picture on the wall of John and his medals in the shelf. Halsey sat down in the chair John had moved. A flash of hurt crossed the Doctor's face. Cortana imagined that she was lonely. She turned on the machine and set a screen on her lap, taking a wand like apparatus in her hand, "why don't you go lay on the bed, this will be easier," she requested politely.

Cortana did as she asked and propped herself up on a pillow. John moved without thinking to sit next to her, the bed creaked under his weight. Halsey started pressing on various points on her abdomen. Cortana shivered at how cold her hands were. John looked at the screen and could see color images of what he assumed was where the baby was. She turned the wand a little more and John could make out a tiny blob that had tiny fingers, tiny toes and even a tiny little eyelid.

Cortana looked at the image and started to weep. He had never seen her cry this much, Cortana was not what he'd consider a weepy person and he'd seen her collapse into tears multiple times today-she was clearly emotionally exhausted. The more John thought of it, the more he enjoyed the idea. A part of him and a part of Cortana, he couldn't help but think it was going to be a pretty interesting kid. It was a weird concept that he'd never dwelled on, the idea of two people creating an individual.

Since he and Cortana didn't really have parents, it was never a situation he could've imagined, he didn't really know what parents even did except in the vaguest sense. Halsey numbed a small point on Cortana's abdomen, she winced at the sensation. Halsey took an extremely thin needle and, using the imaging device, took a sample of amniotic fluid.

john 117 and cortana relationship advice

She took the sample and put it in a sterile container. Halsey stood up, "I'll run a panel comparing these, I brought everything I should need. Do you have anywhere I can work? John quietly got up and showed her outside to their outbuilding. He opened the doors and turned on the lights. She examined the stainless steel work tables. He felt strange about her implication. She couldn't help but feel a little angry hearing him speak in such a way.

He was more than this. She continued her work, focusing on the task at hand. The child is completely unique, very fascinating, but predictable, she has rather extraordinary parents. It was a girl. He was going to have a daughter.

He turned to go inside, Catherine spoke. She resented me and left me because I didn't take care of her," she looked down, "and my other children are either dead or grown with their own lives.

John felt oddly about her viewing him as one of her own. In some sense he was but it was somehow still strange.

He had never had a mother, but if he had imagined a mother Halsey somehow didn't fit. He didn't know what a mother should be, but there was something inherently contradicting about her being a mother let alone to him. It was coming together for John, he realized she was speaking of Keyes.

He had heard murmurs, and now that he knew he could remember the resemblance between Miranda and her mother. John didn't feel a need to speak, he wasn't quite sure why Halsey had spoken in the first place-perhaps the idea of children made her feel guilt, maybe she felt the need to give him advice. He didn't understand why she was acting the way she was.

I'm not needed anymore, so I am living this life. I am very happy. I am about to be a husband and father. I couldn't ask for more," he spoke carefully. She knew he was right in what he was saying. The UNSC didn't need him anymore. But what about her work, the time spent creating her Spartans, making them who and what they are? What do humans crafted for destruction do in times of peace?

She certainly hadn't expected him to settle down and start a family. She wanted to see his reaction. In some masochistic sense, she was curious if he resented her in the slightest. He had never thought of his own parents. He knew that Cortana sometimes thought of it, though it was purely in passing. He felt like it was so long ago, a life he hadn't led. He shook his head slightly.

It doesn't matter who my biological parents were. I have a sister who visits me and I have saved the galaxy multiple times over. I am nothing but grateful," he said resolutely. It is what he had always thought, he had never had a chance to think anything else.

He had been chosen to save humanity, the highest calling and honor that could have been bestowed upon him. Having a child shouldn't be able to change that. She could remember him as a little boy, remember telling him that his mother was gone and he was needed. He had mistaken her for a mother, it couldn't have been farther from the truth. She felt guilt in mentally claiming him as a son but couldn't help herself. She felt a surge of pride, of validation. She had chosen him and she had chosen well.

He was hers in almost every sense. And now he was going to have a child, a child of the likes the world had never seen before. His thankfulness served as validation to her. She had been right all along.

When he spoke it shook her from her thoughts. Halsey gathered her testing materials and followed him inside. Cortana was fidgeting in her chair anxiously.

I can tell you that no other humans possess these characteristics. I think it would be best if I stayed here through the duration of your pregnancy to observe. You were right to call me, such a unique scenario would draw the interest of the entire medical community," Halsey mused. She smiled a little bit at John, this was all so new but was definitely getting more and more exciting, even though it was still equal parts terrifying.

Cortana frowned, suddenly thinking about Kelly's baby. What were the implications of two Spartans having a child? She cleared her throat awkwardly. Your daughter, however, will be nothing short of an anomaly, a naturally born Spartan. Perhaps this is what the Librarian intended," she mused. The possibilities were endless. Cortana looked at Catherine. She felt uncomfortable about the look on her face, as if she was about to discover some sort of prize.

John seemed unphased but he didn't know her as well as she did. Maybe they had made the wrong choice in calling her here. She didn't know, all she had thought about was the safety of her child. Though having a child seemed terrifying, she knew that she was already attached to the little speck inside of her. I can check into a hotel tomorrow," she continued. We don't mind, besides, it's only going to be what, seven more months? Maybe it would be good for her to see John living the life they lived.

She tried to shake the uncomfortable feeling she had with a joke. The endearing or annoying facet of Master Chief's anonymity, depending on your own opinion, is brought about because we never catch a glimpse of his face.

This has changed, albeit gradually, as the years have passed. John's face as a young recruit for the Spartan Program has appeared in cartoons and graphic novels, and Halo 4's legendary ending even teased us with a peek at Master Chief's eyes. Combat Evolved came out for PC with a Custom Edition, intrigued players figured out a way to pan the camera toward Master Chief's head as he removed his helmet in the ending cut scene.

What they saw either entertained or infuriated them. As Master Chief took his helmet off, players were treated with the sight of another helmet underneath his helmet. Is it just us, or is that almost more preferable than actually seeing a face? He still manages to book it when he needs to, but how fast can he run in that armor? Turns out, Master Chief can run at 60 miles per hour when wearing the suit. When you're playing the games, especially the earlier ones without a sprint toggle, it can feel as if Master Chief is slowly ambling his way across the battlefield.

But this year-old man can run. This doesn't even take into account how fast a singular motion can become. With Cortana plugged into his neural interface, one of her functions is to speed up connections between his motor cortex and his actual muscles. Adding that to the fact the Mjolnir is meant to move at the speed of thought makes Master Chief one lean, mean, speeding machine. Last we had seen of him, he had been in a room steadily filling with Flood.

How did he not get overrun and infected? Due to special circumstances, Sergeant Avery Johnson became immune to Flood infection. When the Chief and Halsey found out about this, she presented the Chief with a difficult choice. He could either inform the Office of Naval Intelligence ONI about everything, which would mean Johnson would die from dissection following the necessary pursuit of a cure for the Flood infection, or he could give ONI a shortened report that omitted Johnson's involvement.

We always think that Master Chief will choose the greater good at the expense of all else because that's what his whole life has been about. However, his loyalty to Johnson exceeds his desire to preserve the human race. Flash clones, as their name implies, develop rapidly, but with numerous issues arising from their rushed growth.

Their metabolism degenerate and they die within a couple of months. All the children of the Spartan II Program, while unaware of the flash clones, knew that they had been taken from their parents.

This can't have been easy to process.

john 117 and cortana relationship advice

And if they processed it well, is that a testament to the child's resilience or resignation? Forgoing the fact that you can stay in cryosleep more or less indefinitely, in the Halo universe, you are supposed to enter the cryo-pods with no clothes on because if you do, intra-cellular ice crystals form between tissues causing a "freezer burn. Every time he emerges from a cryo-pod in full armor, he is in excruciating pain from the blisters that have formed during his time in there.

Due to training and that tough demeanor we love, Master Chief can ignore that burning sensation and do his job like a professional.

However, especially considering his most recent stint in a cryo-pod lasted four years, he has got to be covered in the remains of blisters old and new. This brings us to our next item on the list. That doesn't take into account the numerous scars he may have received while training or fighting the Covenant forces. These scars would stand out in stark contrast to the pale skin Master Chief is sure to have.

After spending years in his Mjolnir armor, his skin received no direct contact with the sun. His skin should be the color of pasty white glue. Bet the fanfictions don't mention that Master Chief is an albino when he's getting it on. More Like Chance via: Halsey and Jacob Keyes visited John's home to inspect him, this was when Dr. Halsey performed one last test to see if John truly qualified to be a part of her Spartan Program.

What was this test? Was it an advanced question-and-answer session, posing John the most logically challenging problems so that he could prove his mental prowess in solving them? No, it was a coin toss. Halsey flipped a coin and asked him to guess what side it would land on each time. That's how Halsey picked her favorite Spartan of the batch.