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meet parents e4 castro

Challenges Facing Parents in Academia. Kate L. Weeks; From the Baker Heart and Lindsey ML, de Castro Brás LE. The physics of an academic career. Kyle is upset when his parents won't let him go to the "Raging Pussies" concert with all the other boys, and angrily wishes We also briefly meet Fidel Castro. Attachment E4 - Discipline Policy. Immediately after the presentation, parents were welcomed to stay for a meet and greet session with board members.

A man of faith and family, Brian is perfect for dealing with those in grief. Compassionate and patient, he makes connections easily with our families. Brian has a keen interest in antique cars and purchased a Ford F-1 pickup that he is currently restoring in his free time. Hopefully, we will see him driving his beauty in next year's holiday parade.

Arthur Dery Staff Highly spirited quick-witted, Arthur Dery provides the staff with comic relief, but more importantly, he serves up a huge helping of compassion, understanding, and helpfulness that our families need. Arthur and his wife of 33 years, Roberta Kohanskiare the parents of a daughter, Carole Ann.

They are lifelong residents of Dracut and devout parishioners of St.

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Francis Church in Dracut. Never one to sit idly, Arthur can be found running his side lawn-care business, combing through memorabilia stores for anything firefighter- or Christmas-related, or assisting with calling hours or funeral services here at Cataudella Funeral Home.

meet parents e4 castro

Lucky for us, Arthur has been a true constant here since and perhaps will be providing his services even more, once he retires from the fire department in January Bob Broadhurst Staff Bob Broadhurst joined the Cataudella staff in January after he retired from the Lawrence Fire Department with 30 years under his belt, 20 as a lieutenant, and ten as a firefighter. An avid fly fisherman, he worked part-time at a fly fish shop where Joe Cataudella was a patron, and thus began a long friendship.

An army veteran, he was stationed in France until and left as an E4. He is a valuable asset when working funeral services that involve military honors, as his attention to detail and proper protocol is second to none. An attentive father to four successful sons, a doting grandfather to eight girls and three boys, and an all-around great guy, Bob is a wonderful part of the Cataudella Funeral Home family. Gus Swift Staff If you were to describe a true gentleman, one who treats others with respect, who thinks before he speaks and then does so with kind words, one who always puts the needs of others before his own, then you would be describing Gus Swift.

In the most traditional way, he epitomizes these unwavering qualities without a hint of self-indulgence. We are blessed to have such a man with a calming and professional nature assisting our families during their trying times.

Shortly thereafter, he joined the Marines and served as a reservist from to and rose to the rank of Sergeant.

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Staying close to his roots, he met, married, and had a family with Jackie Berube, a Sacred Heart girl from South Lawrence. Rollins Grammar School and began a friendship that lasted throughout their high school years and beyond. Joe knew Gus would be a perfect fit here with his professional demeanor and incredible wit. Gus' strong ties to the Merrimack Valley continue as a member of the Lawrence Elks since When he is not assisting with funeral services, he can be found on the links with friends polishing up his stellar golf game or tending to his garden, especially those beautiful orchids.

He spent forty-five years working in retail before retiring. As with many retirees, Paul grabbed the opportunity to become a part-time staff member at Cataudella Funeral Home in It was a natural fit for him as he is quite adept at dealing with the public and treating everyone with the respect they deserve. Paul and his wife, Marie, live in Methuen and spend much of their time with their family and four grandchildren. Traveling is always on the list of their favorite things to do. Primarily here on Saturdays, his time is committed to the construction business during the week, specifically Torromeo Industries.

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Whether it is spending summer vacations in Maine with family, hunting locally or in the Midwest, or hitting the links, John always finds time for enjoyment. His two dogs, a Minpin and a Chiweenie, offer more fun than even the name of their breeds!

A lifelong resident of Methuen, John graduated from Methuen High School in and went on to pursue the construction field. Always quick with a broad smile and warm handshake, he stands ready to assist our families in any way necessary.

Friendly and attentive with a calm disposition and terrific personality, Jack is one of our most relied upon staff members.

Jack grew up in the Centerville section of Lowell and attended local schools: He continued to work for that family as a store manager even after he graduated from college. He ran this family-owned business for thirty years.

Jack is a dedicated family man and has been married to his lovely wife, Gerry, for forty-eight years. Together they have four children and thirteen grandchildren, and have made their home in Dracut for the past forty-one years. An avid golfer, Jack is hard to beat on the links. He splits his time between being on the green with friends and being on the lake with his ever-growing family.

It is a pleasure to have him as part of our Cataudella family. Lori McLaughlin Staff If you ever want to hear what angels sound like, then be present when Lori sings. Her voice is one of pure beauty and comfort that compels those listening to relinquish any troubles and instead embrace a serene wash of emotion.

We are fortunate to not only enjoy the flawless cadence of her voice, but to have her assistance during funerals and calling hours. Lori Charette-McLaughlin is proud to be part of the Cataudella staff since She serves the community and beyond as a professional vocalist and cantor for many Catholic, Christian, and nondenominational funeral services with hopes of bringing comfort to all those in need through her music. She has been married to her husband, Billy, for 32 years; they make their home in New Hampshire and are the proud parents of two wonderful sons, both married, and grandparents to two beautiful girls.

Lori takes much pride in her Italian heritage as part of the Savastano family. In her years working at Cataudella Funeral Home, she has encountered many families with ties to hers in the Lawrence area, which helps to create special bonds when assisting on funerals. Lori is grateful for the opportunity to serve the families who choose Cataudella Funeral Home, helping them through such difficult days and praying for the souls of all our beloved deceased.

His first ten years were primarily in Lynn dealing with families and adolescents. He also recruited and matched families interested in adoption. The next 22 years were spent in Lowell as a social worker supervisor, where he oversaw a team of social workers and facilitated the recruiting, training, and managing of over active foster homes in the Greater Lowell area.

Upon retirement, Mike took on the role of a funeral assistant and has done so now for plus years. He joined the Cataudella team inwhich is lucky for us as he is personable, professional, and has a great sense of humor to lighten everyone's mood. An avid skier, Mike hits the slopes with lots of friends and family in the winter months in New England, western US, Canada, and Europe. In the summer, you can find him relaxing on the beach. He is very musically-inclined, so he is often attending concerts where he can appreciate his favorite bands firsthand.

Guy joined the Cataudella Funeral Home team in and takes an active role in showing respect and comfort to our families in grief. A loving husband of 44 years, he married his high school sweetheart, Denise, and together they started a family. They moved to Dracut with their son Eric and daughter Amy. They now have three adorable young grandsons who keep them young and very busy. We are very lucky to have Guy devote his time to assist on funerals and calling hours, as his life is full of commitments.

meet parents e4 castro

He currently works full time at North Andover High School and, prior to that, was a general manager at a service station. Francis of Assisi Parish in Dracut and a life member of V. Post in Methuen.

meet parents e4 castro

He initiated the Lawrence Vietnam Memorial Scholarship inwhich is now in its 26th year. Ever the modest man, you will never hear him bragging about his wonderful accomplishments.

When Guy has a moment to relax, he and his wife jump on a cruise to the Caribbean to enjoy the water activities snorkeling is a favorite and of course, the food. They are up to 20 and already have the next one planned. If they are not on a cruise, they can be found in the mountains or on a beach.

Ray Bachand Staff Retirement offers plenty of benefits, but many people enjoy being more social and helping out whenever they can; such is the case with Ray Bachand. In October ofhe began working at Cataudella Funeral Home, even though he was officially retired after twenty-three years of working at the Fireside Restaurant.

Prior to that, he worked for Pepsi, Corporation for many years in delivery services and quality control. Thankfully for us, Ray is compassionate, professional, a hard worker, and helpful so he is a perfect fit for assisting the families we serve at Cataudella Funeral Home.

meet parents e4 castro

Raymond grew up in Lawrence and has lived in Windham, NH since He shared his home with his wife of thirty-five years, Kate, until she passed away in They raised two daughters, and now he has four grandsons and one granddaughter. In his leisure time, he enjoys running outdoors, going to the gym, and being with his family and friends. A Certified Public Accountant, Paul has worked as a tax and accounting professional in both public accounting and industry capacities, most recently as a CFO for a manufacturing company in the defense industry.

Specifically, CUD users were hypothesized to be relatively elevated on alcohol and drug use, antisocial behavior, disinhibited personality traits, adolescent sexual behavior, and peer deviancy Jessor ; Fergusson et al. Non-CUD users were expected to be elevated on clinical measures strongly associated with cannabis use in general e. We also predicted that adolescent problems would differentiate non-users, non-CUD users, and CUD users from one another.

Finally, we predicted that self-reported use and CUD symptoms would be validated via high concordance with co-twin reports. Twin pairs born between the years of — and — were identified via Minnesota public birth records.

Assessments for the mean ages of Doctoral students in clinical psychology with extensive interview experience following completion of a descriptive psychopathology course reviewed the written notes and audiotapes as necessary for determining symptom thresholds.

Final symptoms assignments were determined by agreement between two or more of the doctoral students in order to establish the consensus diagnosis.

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Weekly cannabis use The number of lifetime uses and the frequency of cannabis use were used to identify individuals sustaining a weekly pattern of cannabis use for at least a one-year period.

Weekly users were defined by 40 minimum lifetime uses of cannabis and a report of at least one episode of cannabis use each week over the previous 12 months at any of the assessments i. CUD diagnoses were based on assessments at ages 17, 21, and The age 17 assessment queried lifetime CUD i.

Consequently, three groups were compared in focal analyses. Specifically, weekly users who met criteria for CUD i. Psychosocial functioning Cannabis use groups were compared across multiple domains including alcohol and drug use, symptoms of psychiatric and substance use disorders, personality, and indices of social function. Adolescent functioning was assessed at age Reports of symptoms and heaviest substance use covered lifetime at the age 17 assessments.

Young adulthood outcomes were assessed at age 21 and age 25 and covered the period since the last assessment 3 to 4 years. Therefore, for the young adulthood outcomes, the period of heaviest use was used for measures of substance use and the greatest number of symptoms endorsed for disorders from ages 18 to Alcohol and Other Drug Use Self-reported alcohol use included past year average quantity of alcohol drinks per occasion and the maximum number of alcoholic drinks consumed in 24 hours.

Counts for the illicit drug types tried except cannabis and the drug type with the highest number of abuse and dependence symptoms DSM-III-R and -IV criteria were assessed for alcohol, nicotine, amphetamines, cocaine, hallucinogen, inhalant, opioid, PCP, and sedatives. A symptom was considered present if reported by either the parent or twin.

Twins and parents in the older cohort reported on lifetime symptoms at their baseline assessment at age Twins and parents in the younger cohort reported on symptoms of the childhood disruptive disorders at ages 11 and Adult antisocial behavior AAB; the adult criteria for antisocial personality disorder was assessed using an interview developed by MTFS staff.

Because the prevalence of adult disorders was relatively low at age 17, internalizing and externalizing composites i. The internalizing composite was included major depressive disorder, social phobia, simple phobia, and a item teacher rating of internalizing distress Hicks et al. The externalizing composite included adult antisocial behavior, alcohol, nicotine, and illicit drug use disorders, and a item teacher rating of externalizing behaviors Hicks et al.

Due to low incidence of anxiety disorders, all anxiety symptoms present across disorders were summed to calculate a single composite at age The MPQ includes 3 higher-order factors: Positive Emotionality subjective well-being and enjoyment of social engagementNegative Emotionality susceptibility to stress, alienation, and proneness toward interpersonal aggressionand Behavioral Constraint cautiousness, planfulness, endorsement of traditional social values, avoidance of thrills and danger.

Social Functioning At age 17, social functioning was assessed using composite measures validated in prior reports Hicks et al. Overall environmental risk was quantified by calculating a mean z-score composite score of parent-child relationship problems, antisocial peer affiliation, prosocial peer affiliation reversedstressful life-events, and academic problems.

Sexual behavior was assessed using age of sexual intercourse initiation and a composite of dating frequency, break-up with a romantic partner, sexual intercourse experience, worrying about accidental pregnancy, and parenthood assessed as part of the LEI.

Psychosocial functioning among regular cannabis users with and without cannabis use disorder

At age 25, social functioning was assessed by the longest periods of full-time and part-time employment, years of education, income, number of children, and legal problems as assessed as part of the Social Adjustment Interview and LEI. Lastly, antisocial and prosocial characteristics of peers were assessed using a item self-report questionnaire. CUD users in a multilevel model that nested individuals within families to account for correlated twin observations.