Veterans stadium auto swap meet long beach

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veterans stadium auto swap meet long beach

Aug 6, Come visit Mattson's Custom Radiator on row S, at the Long Beach Veterans Stadium Swap Meet. Held mostly once a month, sometimes twice. Car Meet Dates Long Beach Car Meet Dates 5am-2pm Jan 14 March 4 13 June 10 July Long Beach Veteran's Stadium Lew Davis Long Beach. Dec 16; Jan 20; Feb 17; March *** March 31 ***; April 21; May 19; June July 21; Aug 18; Sep 15; *** Sep 29 ***. Oct *** Special Sale ***.

Compare us to Bakersfield also 2 clubs which has the advantage of having all makes of old cars due to being a Horseless Carriage Club event. We had 11 rows, over sellers occupying spaces! In our current layout, there were only about 30 spaces vacant.

veterans stadium auto swap meet long beach

We are growing too. Last year we sold 50 more spaces than inand this year we sold 40 more than last year!

veterans stadium auto swap meet long beach

Sure we are not as big as we were in the 's when 30 year olds and their families were fixing up 40 and 50 year old cars, parts were just lying around in the desert and still on dealer shelves, and garages and basements nationwide were stuffed with all kinds of treasures, and cars were still being sold by their original owners. The average age of club members and swap meet sellers and shoppers is increasing with the age of our cars!

veterans stadium auto swap meet long beach

Those 30 somethings of the 's are now 80 somethings! Every year I have vendors tell me that "this will be my last year," or "I'm too old," or "I have nothing left to sell. Then someone says "it's not like it used to be.

We do not need or want to be a Ford only meet, and we advertise as a Vintage and Classic swap meet, but it is a very steep up-hill battle to get participation. Our hobby, that's ALL OF US, not "somebody" else, needs to make a great effort to attract young people and families and make cars and good parts available and affordable. Remember, these cars are now years old, parts are no longer just lying around, and all of the "good parts" were bought 50 years ago and stashed in someone's hoard never to be seen or used again.

I'll get off the soap box now. Feel free to PM me if you or your club would like to participate next year. Jeff, A HUGE Thank YOU for all the hard, relentless and time consuming work that you have done for several years to make sure this swap meet is the success that it has been though out the many years. It also takes a lot of work from other members as well.

Long Beach Hi Performance Swap Meet

The Swap meet has endured many challenges over the years but continues to offer a great place for both sellers and buyers to find the parts they sometimes desperately need. I recently received an email from a friend and club member in Australia that is interested in a car that he saw in one of the swap meet pictures that was posted!

I'm sure there are other interesting stories about a deal or steal that someone scored as well. Looking forward to next year.

O.C.T.O Vw Bus Show & Swap Meet Pt 2 (Long Beach Veterans Stadium)

Thank you Jeff H! I am glad to hear it is growing. I guess some just want it to flourish! But the world is what it is. We want it to change? We need to work to change it. It has been a long time since I went to your swap meet. I wasn't a member of that club, but a few of my close friends were, so I occasionally went to their club meetings. I remember being in the meeting as they recapped the meet and announced with great pride that they had for the first time had fifty spaces sold!

In those days, thirty to forty vendor swap meets were common. It WAS great that way, because all the vendor's had good old stuff, unlike today. But today, people whine about swap meets having less than a few hundred vendors!?

The first swap meet I went to had fourteen vendors I counted them!

veterans stadium auto swap meet long beach

It was a local AACA regional group's annual meet, and had been advertised in a major local newspaper. Congratulations on a successful meet! By Kirk Peterson on Monday, July 30, - Maybe I can go next year. It is a great excuse to visit friends and relatives. How many more years will they be able to come out and sell? Without new young interest in these cars and our hobby, swap meets and car clubs are dwindling. Perhaps if a few of the guys that have attended every swap meet for the last fifty years only to buy, and never to sell, would cull some of the duplicate and triplicate parts from their stashes, and become a vendor once in a while, the swap meets wouldn't be so lousy and there would be something worth buying!

I think our swap meet was a great success. We had more vendors and more spaces sold than we have had for several years. I saw a lot of money change hands, and a lot of parts being carried out. We were concerned that in having to move our location this year that we might lose some vendors and buyers. People just get used to going to the same place every year and when the location changes you lose some for a few years.

We may have lost some buyers, but we gained a lot of vendors. Next year will be even better. It was great to be back at Veterans Stadium, in Long Beach where we belong, and most almost all people were very pleased with the meet. It is a HELL of a lot of work and expense to put one of these events on. Anyone who thinks they can do it better is welcome to join our club and volunteer to do it themselves. I will even pay their dues! By Don Kirtley on Sunday, July 23, - It is real easy to sit back and criticize.

You have to have a lot of hard working members to help pull it off.

Model T Ford Forum: HOLD THE DATE - LONG BEACH, CA SWAP MEET - July 22,

Your club does a hell of a good job. I thought it was a good showing.

veterans stadium auto swap meet long beach

A lot of vendors and foot traffic. Hope to be around for it next year. Thanks Jeff and all of the Long Beach T Club members for putting in the long hours to make this meet happen. You folks are Aces in my book!

I had a good time. I sold some things for a friend. I had fun buying some neat things for a buck. I got to see some old friends and make some really nice new friends. I got to drive from Paso Robles to Bellflower on a Friday afternoon and sit in LA traffic on the 5 parking lot, which allowed quiet time for reflection on the meaning of life.

I got to stay with friends and see their neat car collection.

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I was able to run an errand for a friend that lives in Oregon on the way home. I just don't see how it gets any better than this! By Kim Dobbins on Monday, July 24, - Thanks Jeff and all the club members for putting on the meet. It's always fun to see old friends and I always find a few good parts.

Don't mine Larry he just gets cranky! Got there before the gates opened and the clouds burned off and it got hot. Not a large meet and certainly not too much brass on display but nice nonetheless. There were a few more cars for sale on the periphery as we were leaving but I got no pics of those.

And they weren't T's anyway. Thanks Jerry for sharing all the pictures. Looks like a great meet. Do you know the sale price of the black 15' Runabout with the wire wheels?

Also curious as the the history and the maker of the OHV set up on the black touring.