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michael puntland pleased to meet you

The paper trail left by Saracen's military contract in Puntland is as a meeting with Saracen SA kingpin Lafras Luitingh In Washington DC on Luitingh in the company of Michael Shanklin, former CIA officer Recommended for you EFF pleased #JohannRupert has been exposed as 'arrogant white. Resources Limited (“Range”) is pleased to advise that it has decided to proceed with the following (approximately $,) will be used for the Puntland Project. You must complete the relevant sections (attach sheets if there is not enough space). 1 +Class of approval, the date of the meeting. On grounds of competition discrimination and favouritism by the Puntland . The meeting ended and they were pleased with my presentation and they told me that of Range Resource at their Collins Street offices Present were, Michael Povey, I advised the Minister that even if you have to give out concessions it must be.

Exploring how one can put international conventions and principles of customary law into practice, Ms. However, despite its administrative label, pre-removal detention as interpreted by the EC contains punitive elements. The consequence of this mismatch is that states use detention for punitive purposes but they continue enjoying broader discretion, which characterises administrative proceedings.

This study, which was commissioned by the UN Secretary-General, aims to assess the extent to which children are placed in detention worldwide, to document good practices, and to provide recommendations for law, policy, and practice to safeguard the rights of children concerned and to significantly reduce the number of children deprived of liberty worldwide. The GDP has been active in providing the Global Study team with models for developing online data development tools and advising on issues specifically related to the immigration detention of children.

Joint Submission to the Universal Periodic Review: Submission to the Universal Periodic Review: Algeria March, It is widely known that migrants in Algeria are exposed to discrimination, arrest, detention, and waves of expulsions such as those in September and October Particular questions were raised regarding the nature of immigration detention — such as who manages detention facilities, the conditions in which detainees are kept, the length for which detainees are held, and the safeguards to which detainees have access.

Read the submission French here. The Global South and the World: Academics, Activists and Policy-Makers. More information about the event is available here. Some fifty participants, mainly from francophone Africa, attended the course, entitled: Immigration Detention of Children: Coming to a Close? More information about the conference is available here.

Immigration Detention in the European Union: International Network for Research, Advocacy and Policy on Immigration Detention September, The Global Detention Project has teamed up with researchers from McGill University and scholars from across the globe to form this new international network focusing on immigration detention.

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The Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council announced in mid that it had awarded the network a grant. The chapters—on integrated farming systems and rice-shrimp rotational farming—address factors critical to the livelihoods of millions of rural people across the ASEAN nations. Read More John Yates Joins DAI to Lead Public Financial Management Practice DAI has brought on John Yates to lead a team of practitioners who deliver technical assistance around macroeconomic policy, domestic resource mobilization, budget planning and execution, tax and customs administration, central banking, trade and investment policy, and the business enabling environment.

The contracts—to sell more thantons of white maize, soybeans, and other grains—are projected to provide food for 1. Central to the programme is the Myanmar Business Environment Index Myanmar BEIan initiative that will identify constraints to business, recommend improvements to the regulatory environment, and raise awareness of opportunities to reform the business environment.

Funded by the U. Michael Warner, the U.

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The Land Tenure and Property Rights team shared key lessons learned on the use of public-private partnerships in land administration in Cabo Verde, the challenges of large-scale rural land certification and administration in Ethiopia, and the impact of infrastructure investments on land and livelihoods in Ghana.

The partnership is projected to create up to 45, labor jobs in East Africa as well as jobs in the United States in trade, advertising, logistics, distribution, and retail. Read More New Journal Article Details How Mekong Communities Implement Climate Adaptation A newly released article in the peer-reviewed journal Climatic Changes details how rural communities in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam are building resilience with activities that merge climate science with the knowledge and expertise of local farmers.

michael puntland pleased to meet you

Agency for International Development. Read More Following Private Sector Advocacy, Kenya Repeals Law That Deterred Foreign Investment A Kenya law that required percent Kenyan ownership of businesses registered by foreign firms was recently repealed after successful advocacy by the business community with direct support from an economic growth program led by DAI.

The foundation gives grants to assist programs in Afghanistan that help women and children affected by the war. Agency for International Development program that facilitates pandemic preparedness across three regions and 16 countries.

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Kenya beefs up security over al Shabaab terror threats 22 Jan- Source: Daily Nation Words Police are on high alert following information that the al Shabaab terror group is preparing to strike targets in Nairobi and Coast.

Key government installations and popular public places are under vigilance to thwart any possible attack.

michael puntland pleased to meet you

In a letter to all Principal Secretaries, Secretary to Cabinet Francis Kimemia said that information reaching them had necessitated the move to urgently deploy and increase security in all State buildings and installations. Other government sources told the Nation said a joint team of officers drawn from the NIS, Anti-Terrorism Police Unit and Immigration officials at border points have intensified their operations.

Detectives are also trailing some suspects who are residents of Kayole, Komarock and Eastleigh suburbs of Nairobi. Three held on al Shabaab link suspicion 22 Jan- Source: Daily Nation Words Police in Marsabit have arrested three youths they claim are al Shabaab recruits who have returned from Somalia. They are said to have been residing in Eastleigh after returning back to the country last week.

January 23, | Daily Monitoring Report. | AMISOM Daily Media Monitoring

He said upon arriving in Marsabit town, the three chiefs took them to Marsabit Police Station for interrogation. While being questioned, one of them confessed that they had gone to Somalia for training by the al Shabaab. Everyone knows that they have been crossing the border into Somalia for some time now confronting al Shabaab forces or any hostile forces for that matter. But by joining AMISOM, this I think is going to revive the Ethiopian intervention more broadly in Somalia that they engaged in from the very beginning of through January ofparticularly their engagement in Mogadishu.

And that did not end well. The latest move is the registration of critical documents such as birth certificates and national identity cards. As Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, I look forward to every opportunity to discuss various issues related to countering crime and promoting the prosperity, safety and security of our communities.

We also considered our shared concern over the threat posed by terrorism.

michael puntland pleased to meet you

We came to Canada to integrate, but it seems officials at the TDSB would like us to segregate ourselves into ghettoes.