Magcon meet and greet pose ideas graduation

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magcon meet and greet pose ideas graduation

Read Hayes *meet and greet* from the story MagCon imagines (request closed) by angele_grier07 (Me) with reads. camerondallas, aaroncarpenter. Jack Gillinsky, Jack Johnson, O2l, Magcon Boys, Shawn Mendes, Meet And Greet Poses, Omaha Squad, Disney Ideas, Life Goals. Cheyenne Baldonado. It follows Parvana (voiced by Saara Chaudry) as she poses as a boy in order to support her “Animation is a very unique medium which allows complex ideas to be Tiff Women Directors: Meet Nora Twomey — “The Breadwinner” . I have qualified in many areas since school but never got my graduation certificate .

Quickly regaining his senses, he wrapped his head in a towel and resumed leading his detachment, winning a decoration. After weeks of marching, the Guards attacked the village of Saint Privat near Metz. Climbing a gentle slope, they came under heavy fire from the superior French rifles.

After four hours the Prussian artillery came up to blast the French lines while the infantry, filled with the "holy lust of battle", [6] swept through the French lines. His regiment suffered casualties, and he became regimental adjutant. The Guards were spectators at the Battle of Sedan and for the following months sat in the siege lines surrounding Paris.

He was his regiment's elected representative at the Palace of Versailles when the German Empire was proclaimed on 18 January ; he was an impressive figure: General Staff[ edit ] In he passed in the highly competitive entrance examination for admission to the Kriegsakademie in Berlin [8] After three years study his grades were high enough for appointment to the General Staff.

magcon meet and greet pose ideas graduation

He was promoted to captain in and assigned to the staff of the Second Army Corps. He married the intelligent and accomplished Gertrud von Sperling — by whom he had two daughters, Irmengard Pauline and Annemaria and one son, Oskar Next he commanded an infantry company, in which his men were ethnic Poles. Hindenburg as a major general of the General Staff in He was transferred in to the General Staff and was promoted to major.

His section was led by Count Alfred von Schlieffena noted student of encirclement battles like Cannaewhose famous Schlieffen Plan proposed to pocket the French Army. For five years Hindenburg also taught tactics at the Krieg-akademie.

At the maneuvers of he met the future kaiser ; they met again at the next year's war game in which Hindenburg commanded the " Russian army ". He learned the topography of the lakes and sand barrens of East Prussia during the annual Great General Staff's ride in The following year he moved to the War Ministry, to write the field service regulations on field-engineering and on the use of heavy artillery in field engagements—both were used during the First World War.

He became a lieutenant-colonel in and two year later was promoted to colonel commanding an infantry regiment. He became chief of staff of the Eight Army Corps in Field commands and retirement[ edit ] He was given command of a division in as a major-general equivalent to a British and US brigadier general in ; in he was promoted to lieutenant general major-general.

Five years later he was made commander of the Fourth Army Corps based in Magdeburg as a General of the Infantry lieutenant-general. The German equivalent to four-star rank was Colonel-General. The annual maneuvers taught him how to maneuver a large force; in he defeated a corps commanded by the kaiser. Hoffman informed them of his plans to shift part of the 8th Army south [14] to attack the exposed left flank of the advancing Russian Second Army.

In Hindenburg's words, the line of soldiers that was defending Germany's border against the advancing Second Army were "thin, but not weak", because the men were defending their homes.

magcon meet and greet pose ideas graduation

Ultimately, Russian losses amounted to the capture of 92, Russians and another 78, killed or wounded [20] while German casualties numbered only 14, According to British Field Marshal Edmund Ironside it was the "greatest defeat suffered by any of the combatants during the war". Hindenburg's tactics spurned head-on attacks all along the front in favor of schwerpunkts, sharp, localized hammer blows.

In the first six weeks of the war the Russians had lost more thanmen. Ludendorff[ edit ] Hindenburg saw his job clearly: Despite their strikingly dissimilar temperaments, Ludendorff was a perfect fit; as Hindenburg wrote to the Kaiser a few months later: To counter this threat, the supreme commander and Prussian War Minister Erich von Falkenhaynwho had superseded Moltke, formed a new Ninth Armywhich joined Hindenburg's command. Although his 16 divisions faced 60 Russian, he advanced into Poland to occupy the west bank of the Vistula.

When the Russians attempted to cross the Vistulathe Germans held firm, but the Russians were able to cross in the Austro-Hungarian sector.

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Hindenburg faced adversity with "God be with us, I can do no more! Once the Russians repaired the railways they would be in position to push into Silesiaso Hindenburg re-positioned to strike their flank by moving Ninth Army by rail north to Thorn and reinforcing it with two corps from Eighth Army.

Postcard of the wooden statue of Hindenburg erected in Berlin for the first anniversary of Tannenberg Public Image[ edit ] The most celebrated tribute to Hindenburg during the war was a 12m tall wooden likeness erected in Berlin.

What admirers paid to drive in nails — ultimately 30 tons of them —went to war widows. Smaller versions were erected throughout Germany. He reportedly had a good sense of humor and often made jokes at his own expense. According to the Kaiser, "Hindenburg never said more than half of what he really thought".

After a painting was completed Hindenburg would periodically check on how many printed reproductions had been sold.

Paul von Hindenburg - Wikipedia

Vogel was with him throughout the war and did his last portrait in Protecting his warrior image, Hindenburg wrote in his memoir that "the artists were a distraction [with which] we would have preferred to dispense". She has to find him, to tell him she is sorry. Her family cannot survive without a male relative to earn a living for them, so Parvana cuts her hair and dresses as a boy.

But she cannot forget her father and risks her life to see him again. What drew you to this story? I had seldom experienced a character as solid, as wonderfully flawed and real as Parvana. In many ways, she was different to me, but in other ways I understood her on a very deep level. I knew she could move mountains. I knew she could lead me to explore her story through animation. Animation is a very unique medium which allows complex ideas to be explored through multiple conscious layers, yet it can appear simple.

The thoughts of basing an animated feature around this character, this environment, this complex set of circumstances, felt like something I had to take on. What do you want people to think about when they are leaving the theater? I think if I had taken that approach, I would have failed miserably. I think how each member of the audience experiences a film or a story can depend on what they bring to it. As we worked through the story process, I thought of every character in this film as my child, my husband, my brother, myself.

The film says different things to different people, we layered the story in a way so that children would be aware of different aspects than what adults would be aware of. I think that approach has been successful and adults are often upset about what they think children will feel rather than what the children actually experience watching a film.

Paul von Hindenburg

During the making of the film, we did test screenings after which the children generally came out chatting while the adults were red-eyed and silent. What was the biggest challenge in making the film?

I had three big challenges: I had to do a lot of research and a lot of back and forth, trying to understand a culture, a history, and a people who were not my own. At the end of the day, I concentrated on the things every culture has in common; we all worry about our children, we all find rituals in our day that give us a sense of normality, we all do what we can to get through life in one piece. That makes the story universal. I also wanted to make sure that the characters and the drama of this film felt epic, that the beauty of the animation would make the film hard to turn away from.

I wanted the character to feel more real than if they were live-action. Thirdly, I found out I had breast cancer in the last year of four years of film development and production. I went through chemo, surgery, and radiation while working on the film.