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This includes Zoom Zoom Superman, Si Popeye at iba pa, Jack en Poy, Kasal, . was born Joseph Amoto-Formaran on July 25, in Olongapo City, Zambales. Base in Olongapo City where he met Joey's mother) is of Jamaican descent. .. Himself / Team B Contestant Lip Sync Battle Philippines Himself / Contestant . Sep 23, Elected Government Officials of General Trias for the term of ; Mayor . Are there any basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, baseball . (Sunday); stage 2 starts in Balanga, Bataan to Iba, Zambales for a for the national team will be the main objective of the LBC Ronda Pilipinas. Jun 19, Nolasco said the legal team would inform the development .. finalized a January order by a DOL .. the Unclos meeting, said the South comprised of Maria Clara dance, vocal which build ships in Cebu and Zambales provinces, volleyball team parade during the Opening Ceremony of the.

Avenue C-5will soon be a second home to some varieties of freshwater fish that are endangered by the deterioration of the environment and climate change. The two, with shared ideas of some members of the Ortigas family, brainstormed and eventually came up with the novel—and noble—idea.

Don Rafael Ortigas, who had a vast collection of Filipiniana books, thought of incorporating cultural landmarks into the facility with the book, La Casa de Dios as his basis. He also adopted the lighthouse idea 32 I Mabuhay Magazine I April from the Sentinel of the Sea book, which is part of his personal Filipiniana book collections. The entire second floor of the two 2-storey Las Farolas hubs features biotopes and aquariums housing freshwater exotic fishes. It also showcases replicas of prominent features of centuries-old churches in the Philippines, and centuries-old, Spanish-built period lighthouses, selected tribal and cultural artifacts, and a diorama of houses of indigenous peoples.

On the ground floor, booths will cater to specific market segments, offer additional treats, and sell aquatic-related merchandising products. The grand inaugural rites on April 24 will kick off at 5: It will be open to the public on April Las Farolas is open from 9 a.

Extending their reach to a multitude of countries, the brand now opens more boutiques Asia. Paraty, Marcie, and Alice. Coast Paciic carries distinct style and art you can relax on. Photos by K Villa. This is what he calls the soundtrack of his life. He ventured into the gear in because he wanted his music to sound better. A few years later, he put up the Hi-Fi Show, a two-day event that brought together audio enthusiasts, dealers, and builders. This will determine whether to go tube or solid state, vintage or modern.

Or heavy on bass? The more dynamic the music e. Some audiophiles prefer the clean, hiss-less sound of CDs, which the audio system above is based on, while others still prefer the warmth and interactivity of a turntable top right.

Audiophiles will tinker and tweak no end to make their music sound perfect. But does audio nirvana even exist? The best sound is what sounds good to you. According to Nielsen Soundscan, 4. San Francisco was actually built on 43 hills. Want to impress your friends? From walking your dog to kite fighting yes, fightingthe acres of grass welcome everyone to do their own thing. Angel Island is reachable by ferry and overlooks most of the race course. Alcatraz Island offers degree views of the race course.

Crissy Field is close to the race course, has good action views and a long beachfront for hanging out. Rent a house or apartment with a racecourse view through americascuprentalhomes.

Take a ferry cruise - bay cruises will operate just outside the race course. Admission to some areas is free, but plushy seating carries a price tag.

Continuing east, stop briefly at Hyde Street Pier www. Most visitors head straight to the regal-looking Balclutha, a three-masted, squarerigged schooner built in The steel wires used in Golden Gate Bridge, when spread out, span long enough to circle the earth three and a half times!

Due to damages caused by the Loma Prieta earthquake, the Ferry Building was only reopened lastbut this time, priding itself with a new gourmet marketplace. Photo by Shawn Parker. Dungeness crabs are native to the Pacific Coast. Most walks are 1—1. Ravage your edible treasures at an outside table overlooking the Bay. Cross the street to Justin Herman Plaza. Created in by internationally acclaimed artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, the twostory-tall bow and arrow is a frequent backdrop for photos of kissing couples.

Photo by Pia B. Grab a caffeine fix at Java House www. The season is in full swing with home games every week, so you can see the champs play or take a behind-the-scenes ballpark tour. And get this, they feature custom tours like Chocoholic Pilgrimage itunes.

Swingaround tour packages are also available. Its functions are similar to that of a smartphone: The clear panel is located on the right side of the eye and features multiple sensors, such as voice, exposure, and location.

The Glass also has earphones and the ability to play music, switch between tracks, and answer calls. Looking at the sky for instance would display the weather forecast.

Are we ready for such an advanced piece of technology? Critics, however, said that the Project Glass could distort our view of the world as well as social interaction. People are already glued to their smartphones. What more when smartphones will be glued to our eyes?

The devices are currently under testing and have been seen on some Google employees. Casual visitors in search of a rewarding experience need a strategic approach, a carefully calculated game plan. A lean toward unexpected cultural finds and out-ofthe-box adventure provide just that. Go With the FloW First a reality check: Leave for a destination between 10 and 11 a.

In any event, avoid the Freeway. That plunged the world economy into hole by urging foreign manufacturpandemonium. Underdeveloped coun- ers like Japan and Western Europe to tries exporting mostly agricultural and put up production plants in the US to mineral products, and dependent on the compensate for the lost American jobs.

US compaand that marked the beginning of the nies could no longer afford to pay US workers with the same amount of wage serious problem of US trade deficit. The sharp decline in the value of oth- they pay to their workers abroad.

This also opened a new marrpkapunan gmail. Records disclose that Poe was a foundling who was left at a Roman Catholic Church in Iloilo sometime aroundand that she was eventually adopted by FPJ and his wife, cinema and television actress Susan Roces.

Moreover, Philippine jurisprudence mandates that the adoption of a child by a Filipino citizen does not confer Philippine citizenship on the adopted child. As pointed out above, the Constitution explicitly mandates that a natural-born citizen is one who, among others, does not need to perform any act to perfect his or her acquisition of Philippine citizenship.

Undoubtedly, the Constitution and the jurisprudence in force indicate that Poe is not a natural-born citizen of the Philippines. As they awake, Peter and the disciples see Jesus face shining and his clothes dazzle in great light and Elijah and Moses present with Jesus. If you wish, I will make three tents here, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.

The Gospels tell us that the three disciples kept the secret among themselves, but it was only after resurrection that they fully grasped the meaning of the event. In the Transfiguration, Jesus displays his full glory and splendor, a foreshadowing and a preview of the glory of his resurrection. The momentary vision is shown to the disciples to prepare and strengthen them to the upcoming trials to their faith, which the suffering and crucifixion of their Master will bring them.

The disciples, being all too human, will have their faith severely tested when they see their Master, who made miracles and wonders during his ministry, being tortured and nailed on the cross. Any human will lose his faith upon seeing that the Messiah and the redeemer is after all weak and can be subjugated.

The story of the Transfiguration reminds us that being a disciple of Christ is no walk in the park. It is littered with trials and temptations, tests that often will cast doubt on our faith and belief in God. It is the sort of test that will delude us into believing that we can live and exist even without God. In these times when societies are being bombarded and swamped with unchristian and anti-life values, how many amongst us readily embrace or at least acquiesce to immoral values only because it is fashionable and most con- From Yet, as I said, being a disciple is to triumph over these tests, unshaken in the faith, always cognizant that while God may be invisible at the moment his magnificence in the end will never dim and forever shine and dazzle.

Sometimes, the struggles of daily life can be exhausting. Every moment we are given a choice between good or evil; we are tested with difficult situations. This constant struggle causes us to suffer emotionally, physically and spiritually. Often, we raise our hands in despair and just give in to the desires of the allures of sin. But the experience on Mt. Tabor provides the three disciples, as it is for us, a guarantee and a foretaste of the joys and the glory that will be ours for eternity, if, with great humility, we persevere in our struggles against the world, the flesh and the devil.

We badly need this experience again. First, the poverty, inequity, and injustice that continues to characterize our society. Second, the abysmal state of human rights in the country today, a result of a misguided strategy in the war against drugs. Today, Cardinal Chito Tagle will lead a pro-life march in Manila to protest the continued killings in the country and more importantly to speak out for an ethic of life. Pope Francis shares a profound insight on the Transfiguration: It invites us to encounter Jesus, to be at the service of our brothers.

This Lent, my hope is that, as individuals and as a country, we will also be transfigured. Transfiguration is a gift given to each individual, to families and to communities. It is a gift that a country is also given, as we have countless times. This weekend, for example, we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the People Power revolution.

I always wear yellow during the annual celebration of this moment of transfiguration for our country, to remember that conversion can come to a whole country. I am conscious however that the revolution, while a glorious moment, did not bring us a perfect country where our contradictions would be finally resolved.

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In fact, the greatest irony is that the administration of Noynoy Aquino, the son of our first post-Marcos President Cory Aquino, has ushered us into what looks a new period of authoritarianism.

The consolidation of power in the presidency in the Arroyo and Aquino years and the failure to institute political reforms are to me the doors that have led us to where we are now. Today, we need that experience of national transfiguration again. General Lope Dagoy, lambasted Ranada for allegedly disrespecting his man who he said, was just following orders. He also said that Ranada should be thankful that she was not hurt by the PSG.

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Eventually, the president himself in a speech said that Rappler may be funded by the Central Intelligence Agency. So many things went wrong here. One, the SEC decision as already said earlier, is not executory as of yet. Thus, it cannot be used to bar a legitimate and accredited journalist like Pia Ranada from doing her work and covering events in Malacanang. Two, PSG Commander Dagoy was wrong in implying that his PSG men may actually harm unarmed and non-threatening civilians who are just doing what they are supposed to do.

Indeed, the PSG guy was merely following orders. It is the same with Ranada who was just doing her job. She only had a mobile phone camera and recorder, but she was not armed. She was just asking questions, persistently, yes, but never disrespectfully. It is after all what she does as a journalist. What was most worrisome about what Dagoy said was that it betrayed a dangerous mindset that should never be possessed by the armed component of government—that they can hurt people at the slightest provocation and Ranada was not provoking the guard.

If this mindset dominates our peace and order officials, then we must all be very scared. Three, Roque was very wrong in his homeowner analogy. It is owned by the people who have allowed Duterte, for having been elected to office, to temporarily work and stay in its premises to be able to perform well as a public servant. As one, Duterte is accountable to the people. To ensure that he is doing his job, members of the media should report to the people the goings on in their property and how their interests and welfare are being addressed by the designated public servants.

Ranada is not a guest in the Palace. She is an accredited journalist so it is also her workplace. Five, and most important, this issue is not just about Ranada and Rappler. This is about the continuing attempts that violate the constitutionally-protected freedom of the press. This administration cannot stand and wants to silence critics. This is an affront not only to Ranada and Rappler but to all media outfits and journaists.

If they can do this to Rappler, they can do it to others. The powers-that-be want total control and that includes the media. The fourth estate cannot be complacent. Times like this, the country needs journalists to report the facts and stand up against abuses committed by those in position. The press should remain free from influence, threats, and coercion. A free press is indispensable in a functioning democracy. The country needs a free press. Her husband, who is an American citizen, also promised to reacquire Philippine citizenship prior to election day.

So far, there is no available information about the status of their citizenship. Poe also made unsuccessful attempts to track down a biological relative, which is a tacit admission that her status as a foundling is admitted.

The SET eventually ruled in favor of Poe, albeit on the basis of political considerations and not on constitutional reasons. On the other hand, the Comelec ruled against Poe. Inevitably, the citizenship issue reached the Supreme Court, which eventually allowed Poe to continue holding office as a senator, and to run for president.

In fine, the ruling suggested that there is a more than ninety percent probability that Poe is a natural-born citizen, and that her physical features are those of a Filipina. Those grounds were assailed by many non-partisan experts in Constitutional Law as devoid of any justification under the Constitution.

Thanks to Grace Poe and her oppor- tunistic desire to be president, Philippine jurisprudence on natural-born citizenship has been mangled beyond recognition. Just recently, Poe announced she favors the amendment of the provisions of the Constitution which impose restrictions on foreign investments in specific industries. She argued that the restrictions are no longer relevant.

In other words, Poe wants to allow foreigners to dominate Philippine industries which are attended with a very high degree of public interest. Apparently, Senator Grace Poe believes that nationalism must have an expiration date. No wonder her critics doubt her citizenship. From A4 bethangsioco gmail. Campos and Sara Susanne D. Starting this year, a total of 5, seats per month will be added for Chinese tourists, with special chartered flights for the Chinese New Year celebration.