You me at six 2012 tour meet and greet

You Me At Six tickets and tour dates

Buy You Me At Six Tickets and Dates from See Tickets and sign-up for latest tour alerts. Home - VIP Nation premium concert ticket packages providing preferred seating, VIP treatment, and access to your favorite Morgan Wallen - If I Know Me Tour. "Wanted!! A Cheryl Cole meet-and-greet ticket wanted ASAP!! For either 16th or 17th October at Newcastle concert. Please text me.

you me at six 2012 tour meet and greet

Part of the buzz is the effort made, the earning of stripes. Paying is the cheat's way. I'm prejudiced by having spent my childhood in the pre-meet-and-greet age, when scoring a photo opportunity with your heartthrob the Bay City Rollers, in my case entailed cunning and determination.

My coven of Roller-chasing friends once sneaked into a venue six hours early and hid in a storeroom until the band arrived, whereupon we were swiftly discovered and escorted out.

you me at six 2012 tour meet and greet

But still — we'd got within touching distance. It was an achievement.

Why money is all you need to meet and greet Cheryl Cole and co | Music | The Guardian

But it's not just meet-and-greets that make things too easy. Music itself is too easy to find.

you me at six 2012 tour meet and greet

Everything is there on the internet if you want it, which has wiped out the great geek tradition of spending weekends at record fairs and boot sales, trying to track down something you'd been captivated by on the radio.

The internet has done all the heavy lifting for you.

Why money is all you need to meet and greet Cheryl Cole and co

Gigs also require much less commitment; in fact, you almost don't need to go. If your favourite band play your favourite song live for the first time in 10 years, it doesn't matter that you weren't there, because it will have been captured on mobile phones and uploaded as soon as the show ends.

you me at six 2012 tour meet and greet

So there are no bragging rights for having been right there as it happened. Having said that, not being at the venue does mean not being elbowed by the sweaty dude trying to start a moshpit, so there are compensations.

you me at six 2012 tour meet and greet

In Augustthe band performed on the main stage at the Leeds and Reading festivals. You Me at Six has also made a reschedule of both the dates and an exchange fund of the tickets bought earlier. As a result, You Me at Six will not be touring with them. Upcoming tour dates for the UK in September will be released on 15 June, and the band have announced that they will be touring Australia with We the Kings in late August—early September.

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On 10 Julythe band announced headlining US tour dates for October to promote the release of their third studio album. On 1 Septembera second snippet of the track from the record "Bite My Tongue" featuring Oli Sykes was leaked on the internet as well.

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It was removed 30 minutes later due to infringement and copyrighted issues. The band's next UK tours started in March The first two tour dates, which were supposed to be played in Belfast and Dublin were postponed due to Josh Franceschi contracting tonsillitis and being unable to perform. The dates were rescheduled to take place in early April.