Kenton dolce flirt tenute

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kenton dolce flirt tenute

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Department of Animal Services and to implant each offspring with an animal identification device identifying the owner and breeder of the animal and in the event ownership is transferred, the identity of the breeder must remain listed along with the new owner. In the City of Los Angeles all dogs and cats must be sterilized unless the animal qualifies for an exemption or the owner purchases a breeding permit.

kenton dolce flirt tenute

In January, an ordinance allowed dogs and cats that are registered with a breed registry and show animals that have competed within the previous two years to be exempt, along with dogs pursuing agility, herding, working and other titles. This newly proposed ordinance would remove exemptions for dogs that have earned or are being trained for and are in the process of earning a title in agility, carting, herding, hunting, working or other title even though there is no evidence that these exemptions are currently being exploited.

This is a totally unreasonable standard. If a wily puppy gets loose at just a few months of age and not again until several years later, due to no fault of the owner — a child, guest or delivery person accidentally leaves a gate open, for instance — should a permanent fix be the result?

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Should this ordinance as written come to fruition the reward for being a responsible breeder and applying for a permit is opening yourself and your home up to a warrantless search by the LA Department of Animal Services. Dog breeders would no longer be treated as equals under the law, as even those suspected of committing major felonies have rights and warrants must be obtained before their homes can be searched.

In addition, as no standards for breeders are established with this proposed legislation, breeders have no idea what they would be judged on should the Department of Animal Services come calling.

kenton dolce flirt tenute

Microchipping can be an invaluable tool to assist in animal recovery, but as the American Kennel Club points out, this proposal indicates a lack of understanding about how microchips and registries operate. However, if the chip is purchased from a veterinarian, shelter or public group then no such record will exist.

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The breeder has no control over the information and therefore it is not reasonable to require that their contact information remain associated with a specific microchip. That is left up to the individual nations. However FCI International champion status take a little longer. Here politics seems to play a part and countries seem to want their national breeds to have international championship status as quickly as they can.

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This could explain why there are indeed as many as over breeds recognised by the FCI. In the past this headlong rush to recognise everything in sight has been something of a problem for the FCI, with some breeds progressing through to International status far too quickly.

The result in the past was that some breeds, with hardly any representatives in a country, appeared suddenly on the show scene, having gained FCI Champion status.

kenton dolce flirt tenute

In some cases FCI International Champion status has become available even before any examples of the breed had arrived in that country at all.

This has not been popular with some kennel clubs and some breeds since competition can be very small and judges are likely to be inexperienced in the breed. This can allow the breed to go off in entirely the wrong direction in a country.

It has to be said that the current Chairman of the FCI Breed Standards Committee is very well aware of this and the FCI seems to be taking a much more cautious approach to breed recognition these days.

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My view is that caution should be the order of the day and that slow is, for a policy of this kind, infinitely preferable to fast. In the UK when progress through the system was much faster that it is today, a number of the breeds imported were considerably damaged by being exploited commercially as a result of being given KC recognition far too quickly.

Numerical strength, a reasonably diverse gene pool, a good health record, good temperaments, a reliable breed club, a reasonably wide spread of ownership and a knowledgeable base of qualified judges should all be factors to be taken into consideration before recognition is granted. Above all the future welfare of the breed in the country recognising it should be paramount in deciding whether recognition is justified or not.

Other considerations such the commercial welfare of the kennel club involved or the ambition of its board members to add breeds to their judging experience, must surely all be factors of much lesser importance. Douglas Johnson Thank you Judge Mr.