Yerkes and dodson 1908 inverted u theory relationship

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yerkes and dodson 1908 inverted u theory relationship

Yerkes and Dodson () This theory accounts for some of the criticisms of the drive theory and this inverted 'U' relationship exists in a number of different. Document: Yerkes, R. M. & Dodson, J. D. (). The relation of the inverted-U curve, performance drops dramatically and. abruptly rather. There's a subtle relationship between pressure and performance. The Inverted- U model (also known as the Yerkes-Dodson Law), was created by The shape of the Inverted-U curve shown in figure 1 is for illustration only – in reality, the.

In their experiment, they discovered that rats could be motivated to complete a maze with slight electrical shocks. But, when the shocks were of the higher degree, their performance level decreased and they just ran about seeking for an escape.

It was clear from the experiment that arousal levels helped to focus attention and motivation on the task at hand, but only until an optimum point.

Yerkes-Dodson law — Arousal

Examples Example 1 One of the finest examples of this law is the anxiety you face during exam. Example 2 Another final example of this law can be taken by looking at the athletic performance of an athlete.

yerkes and dodson 1908 inverted u theory relationship

A football player hitting a penalty at the last minute of the game can be a nerve wrecking moment for the player. At that instance, if his arousal level is at an ideal level, he will stay composed and scored a goal. Based on our daily activities, some tasks are much simpler to us while others require bit more work. We could be half asleep and still wash up well.

yerkes and dodson 1908 inverted u theory relationship

On the other hand, if we were to appear for a test or write a paper on some topic, it would require higher level of attention. Meaning, our optimal level of arousal for complex task, such as writing a paper is higher than the simpler task such as taking shower. At a track meet, it is almost impossible for sprinters to get too aroused for a race.

yerkes and dodson 1908 inverted u theory relationship

The task is direct and uncomplicated: Run as fast as you can for a short distance. On the other hand, a basketball player making a game-deciding free throw faces a more sensitive and complex task. Excessive arousal is almost certain to hurt his or her performance.

Yerkes – Dodson Law

Excessive arousal or lack of it would definitely hurt his performance. With low stress among the pilots, they would feel that things are under-control, thus it resulted in the pilots not following procedures to check their bearings. In the end, this low arousal level of pilots creates low stress thus causing navigation error which resulted in an air accident. With optimum arousal level, it will create optimum amount of stress for a pilot to achieve its best performance in a particular simple or complex task.


Furthermore, communication with the ATC is unclear and distorted. The pilot has a high arousal level from: All these arousal factors results in a high level of stress.

Instead of being over-aroused, the pilot managed to handle the stress and find the way towards Reading Airport to land the aircraft. If the pilot was over-aroused, deteriorating in performance will occur, but in this incident, the pilot handled very well in the situation and he even joked with the ATC saying that he had a goose hanging from his starboard wing.

HIGH arousal level over-aroused High arousal level or over-aroused are often associated with fear, panic, under-confidence, lower concentration, over-reacting, physically tense-up, exhausted and difficult in making decisions [Thom 8 ]. As arousal level increased higher above its optimum level, high performance will start deteriorating and thus pilots make errors which can cause fatal accidents.

Supporting Evidence in Aviation An example of pilots associated with high arousal level or over-aroused will be the air accident of Galaxy Airlines, flight at Reno, Nevada, 21st January The crew of this particular Lockheed Electra flew into the ground while apparently focusing all their attention upon a vibration which they erroneously believed signalled mortal danger and imminent catastrophe [NTSB 6 ].

The crew were over-aroused by the vibration that they tend to narrow down their attention missing out critical information like the altitude readings in this case. The effects of high stress created by the high arousal level, was over their optimum level, thus the captain fail to control the aircraft, while the co-pilot fails to monitor flight path and airspeed resulting in this fatal accident.

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Supporting evidence A study carried out by Broadhurst [ 1 ] to confirm the Yerkes-Dodson Law on rats showed an acceptable significance. It was found that the optimum learning for the easiest discrimination task occured with the motivation induced by 4 seconds air depriviation. A confirmation of the Yerkes-Dodson law and its relationship to emotionality in the rat. Acta Psychologicia, 15, Definition of Yerks Dodson Law.