World about india and pakistan relationship

world about india and pakistan relationship

News about India-Pakistan relations. Commentary and archival information about India-Pakistan relations from The New York Times. Three powers – China, India, and Pakistan – hold the keys to the future of south . the region and stabilise ties with India while it pursues its global ambitions. A glimmer of hope dims in India-Pakistan relations his vote at a polling station during the general election in Islamabad, Pakistan in July. But as world leaders gather this week at UNGA to pursue diplomacy, hopes have.

world about india and pakistan relationship

For more information, please see the full notice. The India-Pakistan War of The war between India and Pakistan was the second conflict between the two countries over the status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

world about india and pakistan relationship

The clash did not resolve this dispute, but it did engage the United States and the Soviet Union in ways that would have important implications for subsequent superpower involvement in the region.

A patrol walks in the Haji Pir pass sector of Kashmir region. When the British colony of India gained its independence init was partitioned into two separate entities: Pakistan was composed of two noncontiguous regions, East Pakistan and West Pakistan, separated by Indian territory. The state of Jammu and Kashmir, which had a predominantly Muslim population but a Hindu leader, shared borders with both India and West Pakistan.

A glimmer of hope dims in India-Pakistan relations - The National

The argument over which nation would incorporate the state led to the first India-Pakistan War in —48 and ended with UN mediation. Conflict resumed again in earlywhen Pakistani and Indian forces clashed over disputed territory along the border between the two nations.

Hostilities intensified that August when the Pakistani Army attempted to take Kashmir by force.

world about india and pakistan relationship

The attempt to seize the state was unsuccessful, and the second India-Pakistan War reached a stalemate. This time, the international politics of the Cold War affected the nature of the conflict. The United States had a history of ambivalent relations with India.

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Will it begin to engage from a more normative and conflict-resolution perspective, or will it continue to approach the region from its unilateral, self-seeking, commercial and strategic positions? By reaching out to the Taliban, Beijing has demonstrated that it is not averse to sponsoring conflict-resolution processes, though this may be mostly aimed at safeguarding its own commercial interests in mineral-rich Afghanistan.

If so, how will India and other stakeholders in the region respond? Another BJP government is in power today, led by the more resolute Narendra Modi, and it has stated more than once that New Delhi will deal with Pakistani aggression with far greater resolve.

India-Pakistan relations hit new low amid harassment claims

No comprehensive agreement seems to be forthcoming, despite 18 rounds of border talks with China, and there have been occasional Chinese military incursions into Indian-controlled territory, increasing political tensions between the two capitals. Finally, Islamic State IS poses a potential threat to India because it has the ability to gain an ideological foothold in the country and provide a rallying call for disaffected, though disparate, elements.

The jury is still out on whether Pakistan and Afghanistan would be a fertile breeding ground for the group, given the anti-IS stand taken by the Afghan Taliban and by the Pakistani government. In recent years, however, it appears as if New Delhi has made peace with this, preferring to ignore the Sino-Pak partnership and strengthen its own strategic ties with the United States and various Western states, while improving its economic relationship with China.

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The third aspect of contemporary Sino-Pak ties that bothers India is the strengthened three-way partnership between Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China. For example, in Novemberrepresentatives of the Taliban from its Doha-based office met in Beijing for talks.

In February this year, China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan initiated a new trilateral strategic dialogue in Kabul.

world about india and pakistan relationship

New Delhi is used to adopting a strategy of limited engagement when it comes to dealing with China — whether it is resolving border tensions or finalising an agreement on the disputed border. While on the one hand India seeks to engage China on the trade front, on the other hand it fights shy of engaging China on larger regional security issues.

With Pakistan, New Delhi also shows a tendency to indefinitely postpone the resolution of the troublesome issue of Kashmir.

world about india and pakistan relationship