Tristana and teemo relationship quiz

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tristana and teemo relationship quiz

League Of Legends Quizzes & Trivia. Test your skill of B. Miss fortune. C. Tristana. D. Veigar. 6. Anivia och vanye har minst HP. A. True. B. Teemo. D. Talon. Anivias ultimates cooldown? A. 1 sec. B. None. C. 6 sec. D. . Are You The Type Of Person Who Cheats In A Relationship? Which Female. I just reread Tristana's lore and noticed Teemo's quote at the bottom. Considering that Teemo shamelessly added "all day long" to his quote. Based on the lore, Diana and Leona hate each other. Tristana is friends with both Rumble and Teemo, and both have a bit of a thing for her.

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  • 5. Diana and Leona
  • 4. Rumble and Tristana

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tristana and teemo relationship quiz