Tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship problems

Tokyo Ghoul: [SPOILERS] Just Got Married & Are Now Expecting

tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship problems

Apr 4, Touka Kirishima: The series' heroine and Kaneki's senpai in compulsory cannibalism. He's got some serious anger issues. friend, so it's unknown if this growth in their relationship will become relevant in Tokyo Ghoul:re. Does anyone else feel like Touka and Kaneki's relationship is really fuckin Also add in the fact that Touka is quite sensitive to Kaneki's issues. Tokyo Ghoul: Every time Touka eats Yoriko's cooking, solely because she between Kaneki and Hinami, from the very start of their relationship with him . Tsukiyama are not exactly friends, and holds serious trust issues with him in Part 1.

Tokyo Ghoul is the story of Ken Kaneki, a bibliophile college student who finds himself lucky enough to score a date with a hot girl. Unfortunately, that girl turns out to be a flesh-eating monster, and the date ends with her harvesting him for his meat. As a wimpy teen trapped in an alley with a deadly predator, Kaneki is categorically screwed, only managing to survive when a freak construction accident knocks out both of them.

Kaneki and Touka get married - Tokyo Ghoul .re season 2

The girl dies, and a mysterious doctor ends up transplanting her organs into Kaneki to save his life. Recovery proceeds as normal for a while, until Kaneki realizes that regular food has begun to disgust him, and he's strangely tantalized by the scent of human flesh instead. The first season is pretty standard for the genre, as Kaneki goes through a tortured process of adjusting to his new identity.

Fortunately for him, he's not alone in this situation — it turns out that Ghouls have their own complicated societal structure hidden right beneath the surface of Tokyo life, and Kaneki's lucky enough to stumble into one of their nicest factions right away.

tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship problems

Its members teach Kaneki about his body's new functions, as well as the skills required to survive in society as part of a hunted minority. This part of the story can be divided into a few arcs, but the most important one concerns Kaneki's first encounter with the CCG, a government agency tasked with managing i.

tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship problems

While participating in a storm of vengeance-driven violence against the organization, Kaneki strikes up an odd acquaintance with one of their members, a man named Amon. While the two are nominally enemies, an act of mercy from Kaneki makes Amon question whether Ghouls are really just monsters after all.

Since Amon only becomes more prominent in the series with time, Kaneki's kindness looks to have longstanding consequences. However, things go from bad to worse when Kaneki gets captured and tortured by an especially nasty Ghoul named Jason.

tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship problems

Kaneki had already been struggling to reconcile his morality with his new cannibalistic existence, but he goes a bit bonkers after this hellish experience, flipping to instinctive brutality as his way of navigating the world. At this point there's a deviation between the anime and the manga — in the anime, Kaneki takes Jason's place at the Terrorist Ghoul organization Aogiri Tree, while in the manga he forms his own vigilante task force.

Either way, his motivation is the same: All in all, this change doesn't end up making much difference, because the story's outcome is the same. Kaneki is routinely manipulated by more experienced players, and Anteiku is destroyed in a showdown with the CCG that's gradually arranged by Aogiri Tree as part of a bid for power. In the middle of this battle, Kaneki has another mental breakdown, as he realizes that cutting himself off from his new family to protect them by murdering all of their enemies was not the best way to handle things.

In a moment of repentance for causing Anteiku's downfall and the death of his best and only human friend Hide, Kaneki allows himself to be struck down by the CCG's champion investigator, Arima. The season ends there, on a note of ambiguity regarding our hero's fate. Fortunately, it turns out that he's just fine! Well, depending on how you define "fine".

The poster for Tokyo Ghoul: We'll also have to see how much this new season retcons things fromsince it made a few choices that were incompatible with TG: While the story is simple enough to summarize, Tokyo Ghoul has a bazillion characters doing anything at any given moment, and enough of them are going to be relevant in this new season that you'll definitely need a glossary.

Here's the rogue's gallery, sorted by each character's factional allegiance: Headquartered at a coffee shop, they're eventually destroyed in a raid at the end of the second season. The series' heroine and Kaneki's senpai in compulsory cannibalism. She has a rough and tough exterior but can be surprisingly nice once you get to know her. Extremely protective of the people she cares about. A kind and gentle girl who becomes the first person to befriend Kaneki in his new life.

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Urie, Saiko, and Tooru disregard Shirazu's dying will to Mercy Kill his sister Haru in favor of becoming Special Classes to fund her medical bills in his place.

This explains their newfound dedication to their work over the Time Skip and Urie's new and selfless motive of getting promotions. Let's get out of here. Up until now, Kaneki's smiles have mostly tended to verge on the Uncanny Valley side, but when he sees Hinami in her cell, he displays a genuine, heartfelt smile with tears forming in his eyes.

Even after everything that's happened, it's touching to know that he still hasn't forgotten about her.

Is Touka abusive towards Kaneki?

Doubles as a Tear Jerkerbut the first hints of Kaneki's resolve as a Death Seeker starting to crumble is when he comes face to face with Touka again, who smiles and tells Kaneki to meet up with her again after this is all over.

The reunion of the Kirishima siblings and Touka recognizing that Ayato has grown tall, while telling him it's okay to rely on others for a change. Hide appearing to Kaneki in a hallucination, encouraging him to go on living no matter what.

As Arima lays dying, he confesses to Kaneki about his involvement with V. But more importantly, we're shown his final thoughts; he hated living only to take lives for V, and truly cares for Kaneki, commenting that his experience with Ken was the only meaningful thing he's ever had and was glad that he had finally given something rather than take.

His last words were Ken's name during their time together, Haise.

tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship problems

As Ken sits over Arima's body, Arima's squad arrives and knows full well what had happened to him. One of his final commands was to order his squad to help Ken escape from Cochlea.

Not only that but when Kaneki asks for a moment with Arima he eulogizes about Arima's painful past and finishes by acknowledging Arima as a mentor and more importantly as a father figure when Kaneki never had one before. He then finishes by saying how truly happy he was at Arima's side.

It's revealed that Kaneki managed to hold the line against Arima long enough for the two to escape. Kaneki's look of relief, and the reunion of the suriving Anteiku members, retroactively gives some belated brevity to one of the darkest arcs in the series.

When Amon bites into Mutsuki Urie nearly goes into a blind rage and attacks them. The second time it happens, Urie unleashes his full power and charges at Amon.

All Urie could think of during that time was Mutsuki's warm smile and wanting to return home with him. Compared to their relationship at the start of the series, this development shows how much Urie cares for the people around him now.

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Takizawa recalls some more scenes from his time as an imprisoned test subject in Kanou's laboratory. He remembers hearing Amon from an adjacent cell speaking to him of his resolve to not give up, advising Takizawa to do the same. Takizawa notes to himself that Amon's talent always blinded him and that he lacks his eloquence to hold on to an ideal of justice.

He concludes that the old Seido Takizawa died in that cell and that he won't take back his crimes. Believing that if he can't walk the straight path anymore he'll live for the sake of others instead, Takizawa achieves his complete Kakuja and defeats the rampaging Amon. Amon is coming home.

tokyo ghoul touka and kaneki relationship problems

Akira and Touka's meeting, since it shows two former enemies coming to an understanding, and how their parents influenced the both of them. The fact that Ghoul children can be as friendly and innocent as human children shows the two kinds are Not So Different.

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When Hinami hugs Akira, the former CCG investigator breaks down in tears while wondering who she can hate anymore. Akira expresses her feelings of loneliness and emptiness to Amon and laments that she can't seem to let these emotions go, prompting him to promise to remain by her side through it all and kissing her. Both Urie and Saiko confirm to themselves that Furuta didn't actually kill Kaneki.

Saiko cries tears and relief and Urie ends up having a painful smile obviously conflicted on how he should feel about his former mentor. Touka and Kaneki have a slightly awkward heart to heart, with her noting that Kaneki as Haise used to come to the coffeeshop often and looked at her the way Kaneki had once looked at Rize before he was a ghouland pretty much point blank confessing that the feeling is mutual.

Shuu is one of my favorite characters, and many people ship who dislike Touka for being abusive ship him with Kaneki. Shuu has tried to kill Kaneki, has physically harmed Kaneki, and has had a fascination with Kaneki that bordered on sexual harassment.

Kaneki even calls him perverse for his behavior.

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There is a definite sexual connotation to this scene, that is reminiscent of sexual harassment. I believe the scene is also meant to evoke these kinds of feelings based on the suggestiveness of the dialogue and the way the second image above is drawn in general.

Based on the definition above, as well as many of the definition that fans of this series use when discussing Touka, they certainly would. I will say that she has her reasons for doing so. Based on the dictionary definition her early and the more recent punch actions meet the criteria for abuse, as well. If you want to claim Touka is abusive, then please do the same for some of the more popular male characters in this series.