The secret circle faye and diana relationship

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the secret circle faye and diana relationship

The relationship between Faye Chamberlain and Melissa Glaser. Melissa was best friends with Diana Meade until she and Adam ended up together. She has been through Faye's problem with her relationship with Jake Armstrong and nearly ended up in the asylum. The first thing you should know about couples on The Secret Circle is What I love about the relationship is that it's the most relatable one on the show. a seemingly unlikely member of the circle — Faye (Phoebe Tonkin)!. Secret Circle is not having that, however. Cassie apologizes, Cassie realizes she was a moron and Diana cuts her throat out basically.

She would often tell other people like Nick to be nice to Melissa. Faye and Nick Nick was the boyfriend of her best friend Melissa and the younger brother of her boyfriend Jake.

the secret circle faye and diana relationship

The two were close and would hang out together. She would tell Nick to be nice to Melissa. She became saddened due to Nick's death and would use his elixir to remember him by.

the secret circle faye and diana relationship

She told Melissa that Nick loved her during his wake. Cassie and Faye Faye's relationship with Cassie is mutual inspite that she used to tease or bother her whenever she could. However, she often used to get jealous of Cassie's relationship with Jake as well as her individual magic.

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She deeply cares for the Circle, and therefore for every member, even Cassie. But Faye often thinks that Cassie gets to many chances and feels as though the circle accepts Cassie when she she makes a mistake but "burns her at the stake".

The Secret Circle (Faye/Diana) "All my life I've felt this way.."

At times Faye worries about Cassie if she gets into a dangerous situation. Faye would sometimes be bother by the relationship of Diana and Adam though still accepted their relationship.

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She can consider Diana a friend and would hang out together. She is also jealous that Diana is the second with individual power just like Cassie. Diana is Faye's cousin in the book. Faye stills trys to find a way to get her powers back with Melissa's help using a page from Cassie's book of shadows. They visited a guy named Lee Labeque who practices vodoo.

Faye was able to use magic on her own but used the circle magic not Cassie's. She realised that it was hurting Melissa and the others. Melissa and the others were mad at Faye for her reckless move. Melissa began to think that Faye scares her for her obsession with power.

Faye and Melissa hang out at her house for a anti Valentines day slumber party with Diana and Cassie. Melissa took some devil spirit and gave some to Diana. Faye began to talk to Diana about her relationship with Melissa and they both went to check on her.

Faye and Melissa

Melissa had an overdose of the devil's spirit and they both helped her out and Melissa took Diana's hand instead of Faye's. Diana was going to leave until Faye insisted that she stay for Melissa.

They both hang out at the Java Brew where Cassie works, Faye would ask for a refill and Melissa tells her to get over Jake's thing for Cassie. Faye and Diana began to worry for Melissa when she was out with Callum.

Faye ask Lee for his help in finding Callum's party where Melissa is at. Melissa got away from Callum and told Faye about the totem she got from Lee.