The doctor and sarah jane relationship

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the doctor and sarah jane relationship

Sarah Jane Smith (Third, Fourth and Tenth Doctor) Sarah Jane was a how condescending he was to her, and her relationship with him was quite prickly. Hiya ive have just viewd all the sarah jane smith episodes and have just not sure The Doctor could have a relationship with any of his. From Wiki, Sarah Jane first appears in the episode The time Warrior (): she hides in the TARDIS after she met the Doctor in a top secret.

Don't ever actually call her old though. Even the Doctor doesn't dare to call her old — either that, or he doesn't see her as old given that Ten describes has as looking "good". Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: She has a penchant for screaming And for getting captured.

However, the second she believes her Doctor to be in more trouble than he can handle, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that will keep her from getting to his side and with quite a frequency rescuing him. This does not mean, however, that she cannot kick all of the arse if she must or if the aliens become too dangerous to keep alive - "kicking all of the arse" includes threatening the Blathereen with a gun and "crashing a bus into the side of the building.

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Just about the only kind of combat we see her in is Snark-to-Snark Combat. She's equal to her mentor, the Doctor, in this respect.

the doctor and sarah jane relationship

Depending on the Writer: She varies from a Straw Feminist to a Plucky Girl to The Load to Adorkable like the author is saying feminists are sooo cute with their silly little ideas!

That she continually came across as intelligent, able to take care of herself, and able to stand up to the Doctor, points a lot to Lis Sladen's skill. Sometimes there would even be a more feminist-friendly script editor contrasting with a more antifeminist writer - see "Robot", where fun is poked at Sarah's hypocrisy in making an Actually, That's My Assistant blunder between a man and a woman, but a later scene shows her getting justifiably angry with a nerdy male political crank who thinks that in an ideal world Sarah would dress to his tastes.

the doctor and sarah jane relationship

One of the best examples in the series. Has more Expanded Universe appearances than anyone can list sensibly though here's a good attempt.

The Legacy of Sarah Jane Smith

She notably appeared in the direct-to-video release Downtime together with Victoria and the Brigadier, and had her own Big Finish spinoff for a while.

A snarky, eager reporter who can't stay out of trouble while having epic Ship Tease?

Never Said Goodbye

Yup, she's the Doctor's Lois Lane. Though it doesn't come up much because like most companions to the Doctor she doesn't usually even touch a weapon, in " Pyramids of Mars " it is established that she is a crack shot with a rifle. The only companion other than Donna Noble the Doctor has called his best friend. Going for the Big Scoop: She typically runs into danger in order to get the story, especially early on. Decades after leaving the Doctor, she's still fantastic.

She got top marks in every class. Sarah thought she was such a good student because she kept reading books like An Unexpurgated History of the Universe. Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

the doctor and sarah jane relationship

Sarah at age On 13 JulySarah was on a school outing with Andrea, who slipped off a pier to her death. The Trickster later altered this event to create a timeline in which Sarah died rather than Andrea. Many years later, this doomed the planet Earth. In the normal timeline, the event changed Sarah, impressing on her the importance of life. She never forgot Andrea.

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She also met one of her future companions, Maria Jacksondue to Krislok 's blunder and was given a vague warning about Andrea's death before being taken hostage again. Memories of this may have been why Sarah later gave Maria the Verron puzzle box. Sarah fenced for her school team.

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Housewarming She had two childhood friends called Billy and Julie. Managra InSarah visited the Sistine Chapel on a tour. Managra When Sarah was a little older than eighteen, she was studying at university. One day she was sitting at a large lecture hall listening to her favourite professor Edward Sheppard.

Sarah Jane Smith (Third, Fourth and Tenth Doctor)

Professor Sheppard talked about his favourite subject: He asked the young Sarah what she would do if she found out something that was a threat to national security.

Throughout her childhood, an old clown puppet taunted her, and this fear of clowns never left her until she encountered the Pied Piper in her adult life. When she was nineteen-years-old, she began door-stepping, and while working for Metropolitan magazine, she investigated the disappearances of several scientists at a UNIT-controlled facility.

This was where she met Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and a certain unpaid scientific advisor of great renown who she also suspected of kidnapping the scientists. Convinced that the Doctor was an ally, she joined him on his travels.

the doctor and sarah jane relationship

Using the independence and self-sufficiency expressed by Ms. Sladen, Sarah Jane accompanied the Doctor around the universe, saving planets and solving problems. Then came the time when the Third Doctor regenerated, which Sarah Jane saw happen.

As the Doctor recovered from his regeneration, Sarah Jane returned to her work as a freelance journalist, and eventually resumed her travels with him.

the doctor and sarah jane relationship

Sarah Jane had a knack for always needing to know information about particular cases. She hates not knowing. The Third Doctor had a more protective relationship with her, whereas the Fourth Doctor was more comfortable with her investigating on her own.

This was a development for their relationship, as she became more of an equal than just a companion.