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Aug 22, Stand By Me 30th Anniversary with Chris, Gordie, Teddy and Vern Ultimately, the group represent the myriad issues that teens struggle with. Ship Manifesto Pairing: Chris/Gordie Fandom: Stand By Me Author: Chris has a lot of problems, though, most of which center around his family. .. So much of their relationship is spent being sensitive of each other's feelings, which is nice. Throughout the journey, Gordie Lachance, Chris Chambers, Vern Tession and Teddy All four boys have dealt with issues; strengthen their relationship and.

The quintet are incredibly compelling and because their conversations feel so natural, as the movie progresses they share more and more with each other. As we are privy to confessions about peer pressure to revelations about child abuse, each of the characters is fleshed out into rich full portraits. Ultimately, the group represent the myriad issues that teens struggle with on any given day.

What is so fantastic about coming-of-age film is how adroitly it captures the experience. And who could forget the dance scene!

In 'Stand By Me' – What Is The Journey Really About?

BMX Bandits When it comes to quintessential teen friendships, the Australian adventure crime-drama BMX Bandits taught us all that friends and bikes go hand-in-hand.

As writer Luke Buckmaster notes: Of course the film also stars a year-old Nicole Kidman, inspiring The Guardian to write "there's a girl called Nicole Kidman who's rather good".

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And, of course, you may remember the famous waterslide scene in which our heroes ditch their pursuers in style, complete with hilarious 80s synthy whooshing sounds. Captain Planet and the Planeteers — Who could forget about the five magic rings sent to five special young people? More hard hitting than your average coming-of-age storyline, Captain Planet was truly ahead of its time and possibly still is in terms of diversity and stories about empowered young people. The Planeteers resonate with audiences because even though they're teens, they're smart, resourceful and brave.

you were always gold to me // edit (GORDIE & CHRIS)

Their friendship, loyalty and support of one another enables the group to persevere and foil the plans of nefarious villains who are determined to keep polluting the planet. Of course, like any shared bond The Planeteers have times when their relationships are strained. An issue arises, for example, when they receive elemental gloves that are much more powerful than their rings, which leads to intense competitive behaviour.

Or for instance when Zarm voiced by Stingturns them against each other.

Stand by Me: Father-Son relationships

However, these issues were always resolved and put into perspective by the group, thus strengthening their friendship. This notion is also reflected in their powers combining to create Captain Planet, symbolising that the united efforts of a team are stronger than its individual parts.

There are many things to love about the series: The series is often praised for depicting children behaving in a relatively natural way, rather than attempting to affect an adult style of acting. In addition, Our Gang notably put boys, girls, and different races together as equals, ensuring that the motley crew was certainly progressive for the time.

A Racial History of the Little Rascals, writes: Vern and Teddy are further up the track, while Gordie and Chris are in the rear, conversing and arguing about what the future holds. Chris starts up the conversation by saying that summer is coming to an end, and that the boys will go in separate directions. Gordie can't believe what he's hearing, asking why Chris thinks that.

In ‘Stand By Me’ – What Is The Journey Really About?

Chris replies that he will be in shop classes with Teddy and Vern while Gordie will take college courses because he will go somewhere in life, and Chris doesn't want Gordie to be associated with losers like them. Gordie is upset because he feels that he is being kicked out of the group, and says that he will stay with them, which in turn, infuriates Chris, who wishes he was priveleged enough and smart enough to make it into college and to be successful.

The tone changes when Chris says that Gordie will be a great writer. Gordie says that writing is stupid and a waste of time, clearly repeating what his father has said to him.

Chris, like Denny, encourages Gordie to write and is a father figure to him. After Denny's death, Gordie finds solace with his friends, due to his parents lack of attention.

If he and his friends separate in school, he believes he will be completely alone. This scene emphasizes my argument that Stand by Me is a convergence of horror and buddy comedy due to the serious conversation involving Chris and Gordie, and Vern and Teddy's funny childish conversation.

Chris crying to Gordie In another scene, Gordie wakes up from a nightmare of being at Denny's funeral where his father tells him "It should have been you, Gordie.