She go and drakken relationship

Drakken & Shego: All the Evil Love/Awkwardness

she go and drakken relationship

Dr. Drakken is Shego's usual employer; she has been stated to be his Their relationship teeters between a familiar, cooperative. Did you know that Drakken and Kim's dad, James Possible, knew each other? .. Kim has a tenuous relationship with Drakken and Shego. Do you think that at some level, Shego cares about Drakken's well being .. Shego's relationship with Drakken is on a strictly professional level.

Kim Most of Shego and Kim's confrontations result in hand-to-hand combat. She constantly taunts Kim about her lack of fashion sense or whatever else she can think of. She also taunts Kim about her youth, addressing her by childish nicknames such as "Kimmie," "Princess," "Cupcake," and "Pumpkin".

she go and drakken relationship

Even though Shego is Kim's rival, Shego seems to have a certain degree of fondness and respect for her foe, even becoming close, though temporary friends, in "Stop Team Go". In that episode, upon reverting to her evil self, Shego seemed to reminisce over their friendship.

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On some level, Shego and Kim share a mutual respect for each other stemming from their rivalry. Professional Throughout the course of the series, Shego has teamed up with several villains, both with and without Dr. Although Shego prefers to work as a hired hand, she is the only villain in the series to actually succeeded to take over the world, with assistance from a magical time monkey and careful planning and support from her future self.

Romantic Throughout the series, Shego has demonstrated a habit of picking up muscular males with deep tans at resorts. She briefly showed interest in Martin Smarty, although this had more to do with him being one of the five wealthiest men on the planet than an emotional connection. During her time as Miss Go, she has shown an interest in Steve Barkin.

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Neither of these relationships held her interest for long, although she seemed somewhat touched when Barkin visited her at the lair until he started singing for her.

Gallery The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Shego. Trivia Her real name, along with those of her brothers, was never revealed.

she go and drakken relationship

However, "Shego" means "One With Fire", which is very suitable for her. Though her last name is indeed "Go". Shego has been arrested at least once, with her booking number was "". Before her origin was explained, fans speculated that she wasn't really human and was a she-predator. In So the Drama, Shego was going be killed off but the audience said it would be too scary and many Shego fans would be angry, so they decided to have her survive the extremely dangerous electrocution.

Given her powers came from a meteor, this is believable. Shego had previously survived impacts that should have badly hurt a normal person. Shego is much more evil than her employer Dr.

When Drakken tried out Jack Hench 's evil detector, all of his concentration barely rated "playground bully," whereas Shego pegged the meter with a single touch.

In one future, Shego conquers the world using time travel, becoming The Supreme One. However, Shego's evil is nothing compared to Ron's when the Attitudinator swapped his goodness with Drakken's evil. As evil Ron created a device to negate her powers, Shego has a fear of Ron's dark side as he is WAY more competent as a villain than Drakken.

Drakken seems eager to steal Felix's optimized wheelchair, Shego opposes the idea, questioning whether Drakken would really stoop low enough to steal from a handicapped teen, although she still went along with it when Drakken reminded her that they're evil.

While on Christmas vacation, she offers to pay a resort attendant with her credit card, only to find that Drakken's fully paid for her vacation, which she expresses gratitude towards him. When Drakken proposes the idea of cloning her, Shego presents to him her contract in which under it forbids any use of her DNA and she refuses to breach her contract.

When Kim lied to her parents and Ron, Shego expresses disappointment in her for not telling the truth to her parents and best friend. When Drakken accidentally leaves his mother behind on the train, Shego expresses great concern for her well-being in addition to never expressing her true nature towards her. Shego appears in only one episode without Dr.

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As mentioned in her debut, Shego is a criminal for hire; she works for Drakken consecutively because he pays her. As Drakken would have no interest in the chip Rufus swallowed, Shego likely took a job from someone else. She is Kim's most fought villain. An action figure of Shego was available at McDonald's. On several occasions, she was seen doing something which could be described as "filing her nails" were she not wearing gloves.

Likely Shego's way of saying she is bored or doesn't care. Though its possible her gloves truly do have claws on them and she's sharpening them. Shego has cried twice during the series, but each time she was not herself: Shego has been known to be virtually fearless. The only times she displayed fear was in the Seniors' alligator pit.

She also feared Evil Ron, who had the technology to render her powers useless, when he threatened with dumping her into a shark tank if she did not submit.

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Her favorite color is likely green, because virtually everything she has ever worn throughout the series had ample green in it, especially her signature outfit. Shego and Mego are the only members of Team Go who have pouches on their ankles. Although there are a few frame errors in " Stop Team Go ", where one of the Wegos has one too.

Miss Go, the "good Shego" and Steve Barkin's short-lived relationship may have stemmed back to their voice actors previously working together in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command where Nicole Sullivan voiced Mira Novaand Patrick Warburton as the title character. In the episode "Car Trouble" it is revealed that Shego owns, or at least has gotten, probably via stealing a large gun that is capable of shooting out a lethal and highly corrosive purple acid or slime that can dissolve everything it touches.

Although it is not outright pinpointed exactly, it has been confirmed that Shego is in her early 20s. At one point during the episode, Kim referred to Shego as a "big sister. Their relationship teeters between a familiar, cooperative interaction and annoyance or frustration with each other.

As a sidekick, she started out in the series being respectful towards Drakken. As the franchise progressed, she began to develop a stronger personality and to openly show contempt for him.

Eventually, Shego became the dominant one, and began threatening him with violence if he stepped over the line with her. Drakken's plans are foiled - going so far as to chide him for making overly complex or unconventional plans. As poorly as she treats him, Shego sees her place as being in Drakken's employ and has proven to actually care for him. They may be in mutual pursuit of evil schemes, but their relationship seems to be based on a friendly teacher-student dynamic, although her loyalty towards him is rather questionable.

Shego is unusually cooperative and patient with Junior, and he is one of the few people who can bring out her softer side.

Team Go Shego has four brothers: Hego, Mego, and a set of twins who were never identified in the first episode, but were later revealed to be called Wego. With them, she used to be part of Team Go.

Her brothers, on the other hand, are fairly oblivious to the fact their sister has turned to a life of villainy. Hego has called her a "cranky smart mouth, prone to excessive violence", [4] but still considers Shego to be his sister unconditionally.

Drakken to help her brothers regain their powers from minor villain "Avarius. It was through her efforts they kept focused and organized as a super-hero group: When they briefly, fully regrouped in " Stop Team Go " they quickly regained their fighting effectiveness.

Despite the fact that Shego claims to dislike her siblings and even though she would never admit it, it was strongly suggested that Shego still has a sense of familial love for them, as pointed out by both Kim and Drakken. She finds him extremely annoying because of his sexist attitudes and incessant attempts to hit on her. Her attempts to discourage him up to and including attacking him with her energy blasts only increase his infatuation.

In the episode "Car Alarm", Motor Ed breaks Shego out of prison in hope that she would assist him in his latest scheme.

She reluctantly agrees to help him. Motor Ed turns a stolen rocket into a vehicle capable of going fast enough to cause devastation wherever it goes. In the end, Shego finds out she was just an "accessory" and bails out of the car, dragging Motor Ed behind, and causes them both to fall into a river.