Sean penn and hugo chavez relationship

Why Sean Penn has a soft spot for Castro, Chávez and Madonna | Film | The Guardian

sean penn and hugo chavez relationship

You will change your mind," and "Sean Penn defended Chavez is easy when you people want, based on his relationship with Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez's legacy is a Venezuela in ruin. Chavez died, three of his most notable American cheerleaders — Sean Penn, Michael Moore. Now Sean Penn, who has framed himself as the champion of the Latin As soon as we learned for sure that Chávez had cancer, people were Simeon Tegel has a nice take on Latin America's relationship with China.

Hide Caption 7 of 9 Photos: Celebrities and Hugo Chavez Chavez's famous friends — Boxing promoter Don King speaks with Chavez and an unidentified woman at the presidential palace in Caracas on February 2, Hide Caption 8 of 9 Photos: Celebrities and Hugo Chavez Chavez's famous friends — Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona shares a laugh with Chavez at a press conference in Caracas on July 22, Political career of Hugo Chavez Photos: Hugo Chavez, who led a attempted coup, speaks to reporters on March 26,after he was freed from jail.

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Chavez was freed after charges were dropped against him for leading the first of two attempted coups against the government of former President Carlos Andres Perez, who was later removed from office.

Hide Caption 1 of 18 Photos: On December 6, Chavez had been elected the youngest president in Venezuela history.

From Chavez to Katrina to El Chapo: A history of Sean Penn's diplomatic doozies - NY Daily News

Hide Caption 2 of 18 Photos: Political career of Hugo Chavez Political career of Hugo Chavez — President Chavez greets supporters with his then-wife, Marisabel Rodriguez de Chavez, beside him as he arrives to preside over a parade in his honor on February 4,in Caracas.

Chavez was sworn in as president on February 2.

sean penn and hugo chavez relationship

Hide Caption 3 of 18 Photos: In JuneChavez was re-elected to the presidency for a six-year term, under the new constitution created by his government in Hide Caption 4 of 18 Photos: At least three people were wounded by gunshots after Chavez supporters fired on opposition demonstrators, police said. A vote to recall Chavez as president failed on August Hide Caption 5 of 18 Photos: Hide Caption 6 of 18 Photos: Hide Caption 7 of 18 Photos: The two presidents have enjoyed a close relationship and Chavez has referred to Ahmadinejad as his "ideological brother.

sean penn and hugo chavez relationship

Chavez pushed to change term limits in Venezuela through a referendum that passed on February 15,clearing the way for him to run for a third six-year term. Hide Caption 9 of 18 Photos: Hide Caption 10 of 18 Photos: Hide Caption 11 of 18 Photos: Chavez has undergone several rounds of cancer treatment in Cuba, beginning in Many others in Hollywood may have found Penn sentiments sensible — but some of his specific recommendations, not so much.

Among his peacetime prescriptions for the prez: President, listen to Gershwin, read chapters of Stegner, of Saroyan.

sean penn and hugo chavez relationship

Penn pulled off one major upset at the Oscars by nabbing the Best Actor statue for "Mystic River," beating out Bill Murray in "Lost in Translation" as the expected winner. But the second shock came as soon as Penn opened his mouth following a standing ovation.

U.S. open to 'more constructive relationship' with Venezuela

Advertisement More than a decade later, his ill-timed political jab hasn't fared much better: The film site Next Movie cited Penn's speech as one of the worst in Oscar history. Meanwhile, he was the only one who made sure to look like a Hollywood star while doing it, as seen in infamous photos of him trolling around New Orleans toting a shotgun. Worse yet were the rumors that Penn's pseudo-sheriff pics emerged thanks to a photographer he hired to follow him through Katrina's wreckage.

sean penn and hugo chavez relationship

Penn with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, whom he eventually called a "friend" after initially denying any close connection. Though the notion of self-promotion had not occurred to me, I did later regret that I had not gotten some snaps of the devastation I saw.

Sean Penn Supports Hugo Chavez At Vigil: 'He's One Of The Most Important Forces We've Had' (VIDEO)

I will probably bring someone along to document the next f--k-up of media or government. But over the years, Penn opened up about his Chavez love as many others accused the president of running his country as dictator. Penn admitted a relationship and told Bill Maher that American journalists who slam Chavez should be imprisoned.