Lee sin and sona relationship quizzes

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lee sin and sona relationship quizzes

and Lee Sin help Asiv isn't the end of those haunting images, don't forget about Asiv's inner demon from before. Just read the gods damned book, I'll quiz you on it in 3 days. Asiv laughed along with the trickster, Sona had told him how she as the happy couple walked to the teleportation platform for. I have a serious addiction to fanfiction, writing in general, and League of Legends , so I decided it would be a good idea to combine them. Leesin Quiz. Played times. Start Quiz. How much do you know about Leesin. Man I'm supid Here are a couple of pictures from my photo shoot. Yes, it's Now I haven't colored much of anything as of late, so I decided to draw DJ Sona!.

How often are they calm, cool, and collected? For them to finally understand your pain could do wonders for your relationship! If you ever want to grow closer to your parent, then get them into League. They might fail at first, but that failure will help them understand the struggle you go through in everyday life. Jax wants a real weapon and Master Yi offers up his own sword.

Together, they make a funny little story that was just asking for someone to make a comic out of it. Yeah, we already talked about how Bard is his father, but an older fan theory suggests Yi is his father in reality.

This can only mean one thing, at least one of the theories is wrong, or Yi and Bard were once a couple. Well, someone has to control the monsters, right? In their world, they are victims who must watch their own backs or be attacked by potentially ten people at once! They are fought over by teammates.


But never have I ever dreamt that he would cosplay as her. It makes sense, makes people underestimate him, and it sure is fun! The enemy team will assume Sona is ganking and their laughing will lose them control, allowing Renekton to strike hard.

Best part of this meme though? His brother, the only one who could never mistake him, walks in on him. Seeing the evil brother imagine Loki dressed up like Sona is so comical that we want this to be a skin. Please, Rito, make this a real skin. Definitely Not Renekton, maybe? It alone will cause you to go into convulsions. But aside from that, the entire idea of the comic is hilarious.

Dare to mess with them and they will squash you like a bug! Wait, is that the point or is the point that supports are useless and so are wards? Is this satirical or is it trying to teach us something important? He tries to taunt her by making chicken noises but you know who has the last laugh besides whoever hits six first? No matter how broken it is!

But only one of them could actually pick their sword up and not have to slow enemies down in order to catch them.

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This happens to pretty much everyone and it gets you yelled at. This is amplified when Warwick is your jungler happens in low elo and you are asked to leash him.

This must be a joke, right? The terms in League are hard to keep up with at the start and this ends with you getting flamed.

lee sin and sona relationship quizzes

Even though everyone had trouble to begin with, they just expect you to magically learn all of the terms day one.

When really, they could just go play ranked. But for supports, ADCs are the biggest pains. They gripe, complain, and blame you for their every mistake. In the end, like any good flamer, she leaves. No one ever has an unkind word to say about the crazy little yordle. Sometimes, especially when you get a Lux, things go all wrong when your support only pretends to support you.

Look out for Brand and Annie too. The truth is out and you should come forward with your hands in the air. You know that there are quite a few struggles that come with this. You may be able to hit a Q, but how in the world would you give someone a high five, huh?

Or even better, how are they going to be able to watch a movie? Because somehow, wards affect Lee Sin. Here, I'll be sharing my most unforgettable matches I've ever had, whether it was a victory or loss. We all have our own stories, our own sense of pressure and frustration in every match that we get into. This first of my series can also be part of UnorthodoxLeague since my buddies and I experimented on something. Today I'll be talking about one match that I will never forget My friends and I thought, "What if we all play champs with heals?

Sorry, Janna and Taric. Early game I was just doing my usual AP jungler route. Mid looks like she's alright, as well as Top Lane. Bottom Lane seems they can sustain for a long time. Clumsily as I check out my teammates, Lee Sin was actually camping around my Red and ambushes me outta nowhere. He probably knew how squishy Kayle is at early game.

A bad start for me. I respawn with just enough gold to buy myself a Stalker's Blade Blue Machetethough it would've been nicer if I got an extra Dagger. I went to become daring; went to Lee Sin's Red to see if it's still there. What luck; he hasn't touched his Red. I clear out his Jungle while he was standing on a warded Top bush.

That's for taking my Red, you bastard. Sona and Soraka were losing Mana fast. I only had enough to cast 3 spells. My Bottom saw me going in.

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Sona boosts my speed with her last mana. I boost even more with my W and start pounding my E on Luc and Lulu. They're on low health but they both used up all their Summoner Spells. It's getting bad fast. I recall back to grab another Dagger, a Pink Ward and a couple of potions before coming back to the field. My assumption was right: I stood in a bush to find him going to Bot but immediately retreats just as he saw the crab ward.

He foolishly recalls on a warded bush, thanks to Karma but I can't 1v1 him yet. Not without any AP and Attack Speed boosts.


Their Katarina is getting cocky, but she'll get punished for that: As she goes in ham to bully up my Karma, I go in to slow her down. Karma snares her up and now Kat has nowhere to run, especially with that low health. She tries to Shunpo but I Flash to her and hits her with my Smite. I finally got my ult up and now Top Lane needs a helping hand, but I was too late. Alistar died just before I could pop in to heal him from Darius' dunk. I clear up the minions there whilst this Darius is mocking me with his Dance spam.

Wait till I get my Late Game items, douche. I go in ham for Kat: He knocks me down to Luc and Lulu. My ult is down.

lee sin and sona relationship quizzes

Lulu polymorphs me down and get 1 shot by Lucian. Sona and Soraka die as well as our turret. Reality is falling apart.

Fortunately, Karma gets a free kill on Katarina who was recalling near my Pink Ward. At least we all get an assist from that but it didn't change the fact that Lee Sin is now a shaolin grandmaster from all the feeds. I go back to Top lane in hopes of maintaining the lane. Darius is going all ham on Alistar but fortunately our heals saved him as well as my ult.

Darius was foolish enough to do it while tower diving Alistar and so he dies in a clumsy way. Lee Sin saw the opportunity to assassinate me but I wasn't gonna run anymore. Luckily our Soraka had good map awareness and ults us just after her cooldown was done. I spam my spells on Lee Sin and finally shut him down. Mid lane is now in a pickle as Karma tries to hold out on turret against the 3 live enemies.

Sona helps out but misses out her ult after Katarina Shunpos behind her and ults for a double kill on both Sona and Karma. There goes Mid turret. Darius teleports near them and takes out our second Mid Turret as well. Alistar and Soraka couldn't do much at this point. We wished we had an ADC instead of Heal champs. At this point, I finally got my Nashor's Tooth and Berserker's Greaves after my Devourer, but thst doesn't change the fact that we were losing quickly.

My buddies always never surrender, even at situations like these. Late Game You know you're losing really bad when your enemies laugh in front of you while defending. They were beginning to get on my nerves. This Katarina is jumping here and there, making an insult, but just as they all recalled and she was alone, Sona boosts me and Flash towards her.

I slow her down and hit her with my rapid E. She tries to outplay us again by jumping on Sona and does her ult though she didn't know I was expecting that. I make Sona invulnerable and finally kill Kat with my last hit.

From this moment, we started to stick together the whole time. The Lee Sin pushed down all the turrets until all 3 inhibitors were off-guard. We split up again: They all retreat as more minions wave in. I secretly follow Lee Sin thanks to Soraka's wards. He went back for the 3rd dragon and this time I was ready for a 1v1 but just as I walk up to him, I didn't realize a Homeguarded Darius teleported and dashes to me like Road Runner and both of them take on me.

Soraka ults but it wasn't much.