Interdepartmental relationship and communication

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interdepartmental relationship and communication

One of the more important forms of organizational communication is inter- departmental communication, the Institute for Public Relations notes. If communication is breaking down, it's a result of relationship breakdown. Audio conference calls do not build relationships. Human beings. The Association for Talent Development reports that one of the barriers to effective interdepartmental communications is strained relationships.

3 Strategies for Better Interdepartmental Communication

Hire someone to act as a bridge One way to increase communication between departments that don't usually interact is to hire somebody whose job is split between the two departments. For example, between the marketing and business development teams, hiring someone that does both increases communication on both sides because that person needs to go to marketing and communication meetings.

Use general channels Whether you use Slack, Telegram or an in-house chat system, it's important to create a space where different teams can interact with each other. Beyond talking about productivity, this channel should enable teams to talk about general topics and build a rapport. There are various tools now that facilitate this, Slack and Telegram being two of the strongest.

Create clubs Clubs are great ways to meet different people in the company that you don't work with on a daily basis. Come up with a short process to create a club and let your employees decide which clubs get formed.

Before you know it, you'll have a variety of clubs, from books clubs to gamers' clubs, there will be something for everyone. Throw social events To open up communication between departments with suboptimal interactivity, organize social events -- from happy hours to offsite lunches to beach days -- that employees will voluntarily attend and that will allow attendees to organically develop relationships and friendships with one another.

When you have friends in another department, you will be in communication with that department regularly.

Identifying Ways to Improve Inter-Departmental Cooperation

Set up quarterly retreats Our company has a distributed workforce that spans three continents. We are constantly facing the challenge of getting our departments to communicate, challenge which is exacerbated by the fact that the team members are separated by thousands of miles.

Differences Between Interdepartmental & Intradepartmental | Your Business

We solve this by organizing retreats where people spend time together having fun; this breaks down barriers and gets people talking. Hold team lunches When I organized company-wide complementary lunches every Friday, I was surprised at how many employees would show up and interact with each other. The promise of free food brings people together who would never otherwise interact in a professional setting. Once individuals from different departments began to eat together, communication improved immensely.

In order to get everyone in the room and collaborate on an SEO strategy, we hold workshops and bootcamps. Schedule face time -- literally and figuratively If communication is breaking down, it's a result of relationship breakdown.

The Importance of Communication Between Different Departments in an Organization

That's according to a study conducted by the Asian Economic and Social Societywhich states that effective interdepartmental communication is "the lifeblood of a successful organization.

The CHRO can play a vital role in removing barriers and putting processes in place to help teams accomplish departmental goals while at the same time achieve overarching organizational strategies.

interdepartmental relationship and communication

Here are three strategies for improving interdepartmental communication: An Organization Without Boundaries To improve interdepartmental communication, take a page from two old Jack Welch concepts: GE found that managers were spending far too much effort working through interdepartmental processes and could not seem to get people together to achieve cross-functional work.

The work-out process brought teams together at set intervals to specifically address interdepartmental needs. Teams would then have the information they need to truly work together in pursuit of common objectives.

Good, Old-Fashioned, Proactive Relationship Building The Association for Talent Development reports that one of the barriers to effective interdepartmental communications is strained relationships in organizations, which generally lead to a lack of trust.

interdepartmental relationship and communication

Without strong relationships, people are less willing to communicate with each other. One way to improve interdepartmental communications is to improve relationships one person at a time.

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If a manager needs to work regularly with a manager in another department, the managers should make a consistent and proactive effort to build a strong relationship.