Evelyn lozada and antoine walker relationship

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evelyn lozada and antoine walker relationship

An exclusive interview with Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O'Neal of 'Basketball “I feel like I'm the last person to judge anybody's relationship because you It took me time to leave,” she said about her ex, Antoine Walker. Lozada was engaged to NBA player Antoine Walker whom she dated for ten years. She was then briefly married to NFL star Chad Johnson. Evelyn Lozada's ex Antoine Walker's self pity Twitter rant. the tailored suits and designer girlfriends; of being recognized and fussed over in.

The biggest thing that people don't know about my story is that I didn't necessarily trust in one individual. The market, really -- it was really a recession and I got caught in it. What I did do that was very dumb on my part was put my personal portfolio up against all of these companies as a personal guarantor.

At that time, every year I had ample opportunities to relieve myself from it because every year you have to renew the loan, you have to put up your finances again. And for two, three years in a row, I put up my finances and never thought twice about it.

In the beginning, we were making money, it was extra money coming in. I decided, you know, when you are going through life and you are making a lot of money, I was like, "Let me get some businesses. There were so many other things I could have done to make money besides real estate, but at that time it was profitable. I was seeing money. Yeah, we were buying up so much [property] and creating so much business, like everybody wants me to be an enemy toward Fred Billings.

I'm not mad at him. He didn't do anything wrong.

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He mismanaged some property, he put my name in a bad light, he could have called me and we could have taken care of some things, but he had his own separate thing going on.

He ended up going to jail for something totally separate than Antoine Walker. He didn't have control over my money.

The bank was always my safety net. And when it was time to pay up and when the recession hit, I'm the personal guarantor, they want their money!

It's more to it than that though Another mistake I make was not coming home and getting on top of my business instead of thinking it was going to take care of itself. I went to court and I ended up losing default judgments. I didn't hire the proper legal teams in place.

Fred is facing jail time, he's not really thinking about what is going on with me. Was it selfish on his part? It's more like, he ended up -- Scoop: He ends up doing two So he got what he had coming to him. Man, it was just one of those situations where it's just me not taking care of my business, not staying on top of my stuff.

That's why I always tell guys they should not invest their money until they stop playing.

evelyn lozada and antoine walker relationship

Because if you invest once you are done playing at least you can watch [your money] and be on top of it. It's something you can be passionate about. And you weren't passionate about money. I wasn't passionate about it when I was playing; it just looked good to me on paper. And when [the recession] hit, the lawyers were like, "The banks want all of their money.

The banks are not into real estate, they are into money. They don't want more property, they are like, "We not [about] to build a condo on this land [laugh]!

What about the gambling? Your gambling rep got big out here. That's another thing that people don't really know. The gambling thing in this whole situation was so small. And that was really one incident. It gets a little deeper than that. I could have gone into debt and blamed the casino saying they robbed me and things like that, but really that's on me, take my responsibility for it. And really, technically, you have to pay that money back within 45 days.

So if you don't pay them back in 45 days, they can take [pause] -- Scoop: You remember Charles Barkley's situation was the same thing. But he was in position to pay them. I was in a down spiral. I was like, "Whoa.

evelyn lozada and antoine walker relationship

So it escalated my situation a bit more. Do you think black athletes and entertainers are more vulnerable to this? Because it seems to me that situations like this happen to us more than they do other cultures and races.

I think we are very vulnerable to it because we are a very materialistic culture. Um, because generally we are coming from, you know -- Scoop: We're coming from nothing. Coming from very poor backgrounds, and when we get an opportunity to make it, we like to splurge and have a good time. It's a lifestyle that we've created for our culture. And it's a thing, it's hard to explain.

We like nice things: And I think living in America these things are shown to us all of the time and we can't attain it, so that's what we go to. Yeah, but we don't think about when we get a million dollars, "Hey man, I'm going to put this in a k. Where you could have taken that money and put it in, say, a k and made some money off of it.

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We don't think like that. And we aren't taught that at 18, 19 years old. I really feel like that's not something I can control. So if it happens, then it happens. I have girlfriends that are dating regular men that work on Wall Street and they have to deal with infidelity. Hopefully not, but I don't put anything past anybody. Basketball players are very visible. You see them playing and it's not like they have helmets on. They're tall, so as soon as they walk into a room or a nightclub you can tell.

With football, we go to events and some of Chad's teammates are there, and I don't even know who they are. Did he cheat on you? Yeah, we dealt with a lot of infidelity from early on. I met him when I was 23 years old, I had my own life and I was working for an attorney at the time. I had my daughter and I was doing my own thing. I ended up revolving my life around this man.

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He didn't want me to work anymore, so I thought, 'Oh wow, this could be great! When he napped, I napped.

evelyn lozada and antoine walker relationship

What did that experience teach you that you can apply to your engagement to Chad Ochocinco? Chad heard me say during one of my interviews that I had lost myself and that I had revolved my life around a man, and that that's something I'm not going to do with him. I have my own business, a high-end shoe store called Dulce in Coral Gables, Florida.