Ergo proxy re and vincent relationship memes

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ergo proxy re and vincent relationship memes

I finished Ergo Proxy and i'm completely mind-blown. I also especially loved the very end when Vincent finally accepts his role as the Proxy of Death and the reality he . I always had almost sure Monad and Ergo had a relationship . Especially the episode about Re-L's boredom and Pino's journey to. Ergo Proxy - Vincent Law Ergo Proxy Re L, Manga Pictures, Anime Stuff, · Ergo Proxy Re LManga .. Soul and blackstar Anime Meme, Manga Anime, All Anime, I Love Anime, . "who says anime doesn't have their kind of 'relationship goals'". Ergo Proxy - Character Aesthetics: Re-L Mayer + Vincent Law (Re-l: Kaya Scodelario; Vincent: Nathan Saignes) – Pino + Raul + Daedalus.

After facing other proxies such as Senexwho he kills, Kazkiswho he kills, the Cave Proxyand MCQVincent becomes fully aware that he is a proxy. He does not regain his memories until he returns to Romdo with Re-l and Pino, despite encountering Amnesia whom Proxy One killed in Mosk.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship memes

Vincent learns that he was created by Proxy One after Proxy One 'learned' the true meaning of their existence. Ergo Proxy Vincentrealizes that as the proxy of death, he was intended to kill Proxy One and further Proxy One's plans for revenge against the Creator. Romdo, meanwhile, has been heavily damaged due to an outbreak of the Cogito virus. Ninety percent of Romdo's population has died and the city is starting to fall apart.

Ergo Proxy appears only to find the body of Donov Mayer and Re-l, who has realized that there is someone else behind the scenes. Proxy One and Ergo Proxy Vincent finally meet face to face. Re-l runs off to try to prevent Daedalus from destroying the rest of Romdo. Vincent as Ergo Proxy faces off against Proxy One. Proxy One informs him that as Ergo Proxy he created and abandoned Romdo because he fell in love with Monad, only to return as Vincent Law.

Proxy One also tells him that he was the cause of Monad's death because she took his memories without having the capacity to store them.

Real the clone of Monad flies in search of Vincent. Upon meeting him, she tries to convince him to forget the world crumbling beneath him. However, Vincent realizes that he cannot abandon the world and leaves Real. Real takes flight, flying higher in pursuit of the Creators, only to be killed by the sun's rays. Proxy One is surprised at Ergo Proxy's return.

Proxy One tells him that he is nothing but a shadow that has defeated an immortal, but tells him to live on to spite the Creators. In the distance, space craft possibly containing the original humans are seen.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship memes

For the first time in thousands of years Mankind returns to meet its Earth, and now the true struggle must begin In the first episodes, Vincent is shown to express, a humble personality because of his desire to become a fellow citizen. However, behind this gentle character, Vincent is a thoughtful, determined and ultimately strong person.

His uncertainty about his past and memories leaves him often victims of doubt and uncertainty, although the series progresses, he ends up being reconciled with the reality of his existence. Whenever possible, Vincent refrains from committing violent acts, preferring to escape a conflict altogether or serve as a pacifist in tense situations. Although this benevolence gives Re-l the impression that he is a coward and that he is a woman. Because of this, their relations especially towards their confidence towards each other support slow but steady progress.

Vincent is with eyes closed in a part of the series. This represents his desire to close the reality that he left behind when he deliberately forgot his memories - and continue to pretend that he is a normal human being when in fact he is a proxy, all the while he Has never forgotten who he really is, he has only made himself lying to himself all this time and thus trimming what he really is and his only reality is Re-l.

Vincent attempts this by jumping from the dome exhaust pipe after being accused of treason, ending his goal of becoming a "fellow citizen". Hoody said that Vincent was this to the rest of the commune dwellers when they started to suspect him.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship memes

Then it ended up sort of being true Dark and Troubled Past: Picks up on this before the reveal. Well, he is the agent of death. Everything I touch stains with blood. Everyone around me dies. During the middle section of the series Vincent travels the wastes with his sole synthetic companion Pino Eyes Always Shut: Starts out this way, but they open after he becomes less meek. Over the course of the series, he gets better looking and even seems to grow several inches taller.

When he finally opens them in episode three. As Ergo Proxy he is often referred to as "a monster". With Re-L onboard the Rabbits.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship memes

It Sucks to Be the Chosen One: Vincent has the habit of getting everyone he cares about killed, since he is the agent of death. Vincent is pretty much a overall decent person wanting to help everyone from infected Autoreivs to snarky goth girls. But, in moments of danger Vincent is able to gather the courage to defend his friends using his impressive Gun Fu.

When it is finally revealed that Vincent is a Proxy he gets upgraded to full Action Guy. Do NOT mess with Pino. Power Makes Your Voice Deep: Has a deeper voice when in Proxy form.

Vincent Law

Protagonist Without a Past: Vincent has no memories from his past life in Mosk. Often, typically as Ergo Proxy. Flashbacks when Re-L finds the Mosk Dome proxy seat shows Monad sitting on her 'throne' as the bullets of the Romdeau invaders fly past her. Monad's body was retrieved from Mosk, and brought back to Romdeau to replace the missing Proxy One. Daedalus reports that he was given charge of Monad Proxy when he was given the job of the Chief of the Health and Welfare Bureau; having the job of making sure that Monad remained unconscious and comatose.

Daedalus reported that Romdeau scientists were not able to identify a physical gender of the Monad Proxy.

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The Pulse of the Awakening woke her up and she escaped from the Health and Welfare Bureau in an instinctive need to reunite with her beloved Ergo Proxy, causing the deaths of forty-two of Romdeau's citizens in one night.

Monad's corpse is found by Re-l Mayer as she follows the Escape Route that she finds in Vincent's apartment. She takes Daedalus to the corpse, and he is shocked because Monad is supposed to be immortal.