Ekwefi and ezinma relationship questions

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ekwefi and ezinma relationship questions

"The white men":lepers. Describe the relationship between Ekwefi and Ezinma. Things Fall Apart: Study Guide Questions and Answers Chapters 9 terms. about one of those characters, Ekwefi, in this lesson, and test yourself with a quiz. Well, at the start of the novel, the reader is told that Ekwefi watched Okonkwo of their relationship, she suffers a great deal under Okonkwo's sudden mood Ezinma even calls her mother by her first name, but Ekwefi doesn't mind, and. Ezinma: Ezinma, Okonkwo's favorite daughter and the only child of Ekwefi, is bold in the way that How does Achebe's novel explore oedipal relationships?.

What is the nature of Okonkwo’s relationship with Ezinma so far throughout the book?

Why does Umuofia celebrate a week of peace? What is more important to Okonkwo — his feeling of success and importance or the rules of his village? Why do you think so?

ekwefi and ezinma relationship questions

Why does Ogbuefi Ezeudu visit Okonkwo? Describe how Okonkwo feels about Ezinma, his daughter. People often do not realize how diverse and complex a place Africa is.

ekwefi and ezinma relationship questions

How does Achebe show that diversity in chapter eight? Why is it different?

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What is the iyi-uwa? Who are the egwugwu, and why are they important to the villages? How do the villagers show respect for the egwugwu?

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At the beginning of Chapter 10, the narrator says that no one knows what goes on in the egwugwu house. When this book was written, anthropologists had probably studied and found what went on within the egwugwu cults.

What do the women and children do on the pitch black nights?

Chapter Questions

How does Okonkwo protect his pride when Ezinma is taken? Describe the celebration in this chapter.

ekwefi and ezinma relationship questions

Why is life in the new village so difficult for Okonkwo? What stories had Obierika heard of the white men before they ever came to Abame?

Chapter Questions

What type of people from the clan are the first to convert to Christianity? What do the missionaries say and do that leads the people of Mbanta to doubt them? For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: Chapter 8 Quotes Ezinma took the dish in one hand and the empty water bowl in the other and went back to her mother's hut.

His mind went back to Ikemefuna and he shivered. Okonkwo, Ikemefuna, Ezinma Related Themes: Page Number and Citation: Plus so much more The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.

Chapter 5 On the morning of the second day of the festival, Ekwefi and her only daughter Ezinma talk as she prepares a fowl to eat.

ekwefi and ezinma relationship questions

Ezinma asks many questions, calling her mother She tells Ekwefi that she thinks Ezinma On the third day, he asks Ekwefi to roast plantains for him, and Ezinma delivers the dish, telling him to finish it, since he hasn't eaten in two days She says that Ezinma is dying, and Okonkwo rushes to Ekwefi's hut. He begins preparing a medicine of leaves By the time Ezinma was born, Ekwefi had lost hope, but when Ezinma lived past the age of six,