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One of my favorite poems of all time Poems About Home, Poems About Mothers,. Visit .. love relationships poker face poetry poem relatable spilled ink lang leav Sad Quotes, Poem Quotes Jęssica McHugh on .. Poems By Robert Frost Poetry Robert FrostLee DonghaeTree PoemPoetry BooksPoetry QuotesFamous . Heechul: JESSICA! Jessica: You dont owe me,only ONEW owns my heart! + Donghae: Do you want to destroy are long-relationship being as a friend? + . Just some random poems about kpop groups,memebers of groups and anime. Jun 7, Do you think Donghae's songs Y and Still You are refer to Yoona? Yes (24 . 56 PM. wasn't it always jessica that was tied to donghae?.

Heechul uses formalities with girls that are younger than him. Heechul went on a tv show talking about his experience getting dumped by a girl he like during his debut. The girl did not tell Heechul that she already has a boyfriend. When Heechul was already deeply in love with her, she finally told him about it. But if you are in trouble, remember that I will always be there for you.

Instead, she dated another guy that asked her out after Heechul. He even has to wait for his rice to cool down. He likes girls who looks good on skirts, pretty legs. He follows Donghae and allows him to talk to him informally because he thinks that Donghae is cute. He used to be a class representative in one sem in his grade school days. He talks to children formally too.

He is really generous to the people that are close to him. He loves imitating people. He taught Hankyung a lot of things about Korea, swearing words, etc.

He used to change clothes under his blanket because he thinks that maybe someone could be watching him. He cares a lot about his image. He is very confident but he can be respectful when he needs to be. He loves to hit people. He cared many girlbands when he became a Music MC, because girlband was very rare in the past.

He hates someone stealing his food. He only allows Jay Trax to do it. He loves changing his hairstyle, and hair color. He walked-out one time because Hyuk stole the egg from his fried rice kimchi egg is the climax of fried rice kimchi. He reads HanChul fanfictions. He posts pictures of him as a girl on his Cyworld. He doesnt like to sweat. When he was on elementary school he never played soccer like normal boys.

He used to play with girls in elementary. He used to play pebbles with girls in elementary. His school in elemetary was on top of a moutain. He got his first kiss from his 1st gf before his debut, while they were watching The Lion King. Time and punctuality is very important for him. Heechul really hates being told on what to do.

He only listens to donghae and taeyon. Heechul only lets donghae and u-know of DBSK to speak informally to him. Heechul has eye problems. He went into an eye-surgery at after he fell asleep once still wearing his contact lenses. Heechul is scared of little children. He was getting tired and when Hyukjae pulled out, he cursed inwardly when that warm heat was taken away.

Why was he feeling that way? He has no clue. Onew was taken aback. He packed his things and heard Onew knocking on his door. No one could ever help me! If he did, he would have seen a tear fall. He slumped himself on the couch and relax his eyes. He opened his eyes and lifts his shirt up, touching the scar. When Hyukjae shot him, he thought he would leave him to die but when he woke up, he saw himself at the hospital and the fees were already paid by him.

He never once visited him and he was confused. He shot him, and yet, he saved him. Even if Hyukjae saved him, he hated him with every of his living.

He murdered his parents and raped him over and over again. He clutched his fist in anger and screamed his lungs out. He went out and strolled at the nearby park. He saw children playing and laughter was heard. He smiled sadly when he remembered his parents. Suddenly, a little girl fell in front of him. He kneels down and helps the girl. The little girl waved to him when she left the park.

No matter how long it was, he could always remember that haunting voice. He slowly turned around and backed away when the person standing in front of him confirmed his fear. Donghae backed away from Hyukjae again.

Hyukjae quickly advance toward Donghae and snaked his arms around his waist before Donghae could even escape.

Hyukjae gave a nasty smirk. With all of these parents and children looking? Or do you want to follow me back? Two choices; pick one. Donghae feel like escaping. But where can he escape?

Hyukjae gave a triumph smirk. Without words exchanged, Hyukjae pull Donghae toward his Black Bugatti Veyron and throw him behind the back seat. When he reached his luxury grand house, he pulls over at the front and step out. He went to the back seat and carry Donghae in his arms. He locked his car doors and went inside his grand house. He went up to his bedroom and place Donghae gently down on his bed. He lean down and lick the deep scar that was caused by him.

He licks all the way up till his neck. He bites down harshly and red spot begins to appear. Donghae was slowly waking up and Hyukjae quickly remove his belt and tied it around his hand and brought it above his head. Donghae felt a sharp pain when the belt pierces his skin.

He struggled and Hyukjae sat on top of his arousal and Donghae moaned without realizing it. When he heard it, he flinched and shut his mouth. Why was he suddenly being gentle? He just wanted him to succumb under his desire and lust. He pressed his lips tightly together and Hyukjae forcefully uses his tongue to push pass them. Hyukjae pinched a nipple and Donghae yelped. Hyukjae deepened the kiss and Donghae was trying to move away. He breaks it apart and lick down to his neck, leaving a wet trail of saliva in the process.

Donghae was trying to get away from him but the weight on him makes it impossible. Hyukjae smirked at him as he release his hold on his arousal and get down from Donghae. No matter how many times he raped him, he never once gave him pleasure except for when he thrust deeply into him and hit his prostate and when he pumped his arousal. Donghae tried to close his legs. Everything of yours is pure and… mine!

Donghae was feeling a bit of pleasure. Every idea went away from his mind when Hyukjae thrusted his tongue inside and began fucking him. When Hyukjae fucked him, he felt intense pain, and pleasure when only he hit something deep inside him. But this kind of treatment was nothing he ever experience before. Hyukjae smirked when he heard the moans.

A Haesica Timeline Donghae & Jessica

He gave a last thrust and pulled away. Donghae nearly whimper but he stops himself in time. Hyukjae then replace his tongue with his fingers and push in. Donghae arched his back and Hyukjae added another finger in. He hit that pleasure spot and Donghae moaned.

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Hyukjae paused his movements and looked intensely at Donghae. He was so erotic and beautiful, lying on the bed, waiting for him to claim him. Hyukjae removed his fingers and thrust his arousal inside of that tight heat and moaned. How he missed that tight heat. He began fucking Donghae and smirked lightly when Donghae moaned as he hit the right place.

He was suddenly flipped over and he was on four. Hyukjae fuck him fast and hard and Donghae was close to his release. Hyukjae grabbed his arousal and soon as his hand close around it, he came. Hyukjae was amused but he continues thrusting and soon, he came as well. Donghae was panting and he was tired. Hyukjae fucked him three times, first two times being hard and fast while the last was being gentle and slow. When Hyukjae was done, Donghae slumped on the bed, totally worn out and sore.

Hyukjae smirked as he pulled himself out. And with Donghae wrapped in his arms, he felt contentment and soon, also fell into a deep sleep. He saw sunlight hit into the room and froze. He clutched his backside and felt pain and soreness.

Tears began to build when the memories from yesterday hit him in full mode. He said he was his and he actually moaned and pleaded for him to continue. What was he thinking? Tears started to fall.

He sat far away from him and is nearly going to fall from the bed. He hated himself for succumbing to him and he felt like screaming. I fucking hate you! Hyukjae narrowed his eyes on Donghae; whom was glaring at him with tears falling.

He was so beautiful and full of charms. He just wanted this little creature to be his. Donghae suddenly fall into his arms and Hyukjae was taken aback. He holds him and frowned as its warm. He quickly place Donghae gently back on his bed and wear a robe around him. He went to cook some porridge for him, and also prepares the medicine.

Donghae groaned and opened his eyes. He saw a blurry image of Hyukjae and tried to sit up, but Hyukjae stopped him.

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He felt so weak and tired and cold. Donghae ignored him and tried to sit up but Hyukjae force him down with his body. Donghae began to feel dizzy and tried to shake it away but groaned when the headache at his forehead increases. Donghae ignored him and closes his eyes. Hyukjae forcefully opened his mouth and feed him the porridge. Donghae choked and Hyukjae quickly pat his back. When Hyukjae was done feeding him, he hands Donghae the medicine.

He frowned as he hates eating medicine. Hyukjae smirked inwardly when he notice the expression. He then drinks the water and removed his hand to press his lips against Donghae.

Donghae and yoona dating

He opened his mouth and transfers the water to Donghae and forced him to swallow the tablet. Hyukjae linger for a moment before pulling away. Donghae wanted to get down from the bed but Hyukjae prevent him from doing so. He looked at Donghae. Hyukjae arched an eyebrow. Donghae caught it and saw that it was a Samsung Pixon Donghae rolled his eyes. Hyukjae lifted his chin with his fingers so that they were having eye contact. That memory came back in full blast and he began to shiver.

No matter, he would figure it out soon. For now, he needs to plan on how to make Donghae fall in love with him. He smirked to himself and swore to himself that one day; Donghae will be his… forever. He tried to shake it away but he almost regretted the action. The dizziness is getting worse and he wish to go home, but he still have work to go.

Someone caught him from the back when he really tripped. He looked up and saw Onew. Donghae straight himself up with the help from Onew.

Donghae pushed himself away from Onew. Donghae, please, let me help you. You mean the Lee Hyukjae? His job can let him find anyone at the tip of his fingers, and I escaped him once, but he still managed to find me. He wanted to run, to escape, when he saw Hyukjae advancing toward him. Donghae quickly turned to face Onew.

Onew ignored Donghae and look straight at Hyukjae. Donghae feel like slapping his forehead. You were so afraid of him. Please, just go inside. What are you doing here? Hyukjae wrapped his arms around Donghae and caressed his cheek. I had someone to follow you all these time. He gave a laugh and shook his head. All these time, he thought Hyukjae will never be able to know where he is, but he actually had his man following him.

The single topped the Oricon and broke Elton John 's fourteen-year record of having the highest first-week sales for a foreign artist. The album sold overcopies in one week, earning RIAJ's double platinum status by the end of February.

Entertainment filed a lawsuit against JYJ to validate their contracts. Entertainment to void their exclusive contracts. Their two-piece performances garnered strong and supportive reactions from the audience, prompting Yunho and Changmin's decision to continue TVXQ activities without the other three. The album debuted at number one on the Gaon Albums Chartand maintained its position for a second week.

According to Yunho, JYJ had "exceedingly deep conflicts" [96] with their agency and the members had irreconcilable differences about their career. We can sometimes find out that a certain song seems to talk about my own story.

In this way it totally depends on the interpretation using our own thoughts. On September 28, the group released the Japanese album Tonewhich earned them their first number-one studio album. It sold overcopies on its first week and earned RIAJ's platinum certification on its second week. TVXQ was the second overseas artist in Japan to achieve album sales of more thanin a week; the previous holder was Bon Jovi with their album, Crush.

It was held in New Jersey. It was their first time performing at the Kohaku since the split, drawing media attention. Tickets were sold out in a few minutes. TVXQ also became the third foreign artist, after Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boysto perform at the Tokyo Dome for three consecutive days, attracting crowds of overCatch Me was released online on September 24 and on September 26 through normal commercial outlets.

Two days after the reissue's release, S. Entertainment and JYJ dropped their lawsuits against each other and reached a settlement, ending their three-year legal dispute. Entertainment had ended in July The album became their fastest selling studio album to date, selling overcopies in its first month of release.

The duo became the first K-pop artist and the fourth foreign artist to embark on a five-dome tour, [] and were the first foreign musical act to perform at the Nissan Stadium as a headlining artist. Tenth anniversary tours and military service Promoted as TVXQ's tenth anniversary debut album, their seventh Korean studio album Tense was announced in November First-month shipments reachedunits, making Tense the best-selling album of January in South Korea.

An expanded version of Tense, re-titled Spellboundwas released on February 27, and debuted at number two on the Gaon Albums Chart, shipping 61, copies in two days. With Tree, TVXQ became the first foreign band in Japan to have three consecutive studio albums with first-week sales of overcopies, breaking Bon Jovi 's thirteen-year record. Live Tourwhich toured Japan from April to June. The tour drew in overpeople in total, pushing the duo to become the first international artist of Japan to bring in the largest number of concertgoers in the last three years, reaching over 2 million.

Meanwhile, the duo also embarked on their world tour concert Tistory: Special Live Toura commemoration for their tenth year in the K-pop industry. Comeback tours, New Chapter, and Tomorrow Yunho was honorably discharged from service on April 20,[] [] while Changmin was honorably discharged on August 18, TVXQ broke several records with the tour: The single debuted at number two on the Oricon Singles Chartselling overcopies.