Does merlin and morgana relationship

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does merlin and morgana relationship

Stuart Heritage: Merlin as we know it will not be returning to our Saturday Morgana, the previously insipid peripheral character, turned into Robert And the bitchy, increasingly camp relationship between Merlin and Arthur. Relationships: Uther (father), Vivienne (mother), Arthur (half-brother), It's been a year since Merlin and Morgana were exposed in Camelot Words: ; What Good Does It Do (Love Enough, Hate Enough) by misscam. This later turned to rage for Morgana and with her new found magic she despised living in fear of what Uther would do and what he has done to people involved.

Morgana, the previously insipid peripheral character, turned into Robert Smith from the Cure and kept trying to murder everyone.

does merlin and morgana relationship

The Round Table was created. And at this precise moment in time, Merlin is better than it has ever been. It has moved on from its shaky start and transformed into a brilliant kind of Poundland Game of Thrones.

I assumed that there was so much more to look forward to. King Arthur's acceptance of sorcery.

does merlin and morgana relationship

The quest for the Holy Grail. Mordred's rise to power. The weirdly simultaneous decision, possibly reached at the end of a long night of drinking, that both Arthur and Merlin should see what they looked like with beards.

does merlin and morgana relationship

We've only got five episodes left to fit all of that in, and then it'll be over. It all feels so premature. There are plenty of things that I'm going to miss about Merlin. After five years, it has developed a set of quirks that I have grown increasingly fond of.

Morgana would also join in Merlin's adventures such as rescuing Camelot from a plague and meeting a young Druid boy named Mordred who she bonded instantly with. Morgana showed resistance to Uther's rule and disliked his hatred of magic and how he executed those who wielded the power.

Uther eventually imprisoned her and executed Gwen's father driving her to plan his assassination. In this occasion she also accused Uther of having abandoned her supposed father Gorlois in the battlefield years before, causing his death.

does merlin and morgana relationship

She stopped when Uther showed he cared for her when they visited her supposed birth father's grave together. Season 2 Morgana started to panic after several events revealed that she does have magial powers that recently awakened. When she woke from a frightening dream, she created a fire that burned her curtain drapes. She confided this in Merlin which led the two of them to become closer as he thought that this made them alike and he understood her fears.

Merlin suggested that she visit the Druids but this plan didn't work when Arthur and his soldiers invaded the camp, believing that the Druids had kidnapped her instead of her willingly searching for them.

Merlin & Morgana - ''I was born with it'' [MAGIC REVEAL/AU]

She eventually accepted that magic could be used for good. Morgana eventually met her half-sister Morgause after the latter defeated Arthur in a duel.

does merlin and morgana relationship

Morgana tells her that she wants Uther dead and Morgause makes her the source of a sleeping plague without telling her. When Merlin learned about this, he tried to kill her reluctantly using poison; however, much to their surprise, Morgause showed up to save Morgana and took care of her for a year. Morgause then used this time to corrupt Morgana, turning her evil further.

It should be noted that even before Morgause corrupted her into the evil sorceress she would later become, Morgana herself had become resentful on Uther since his crusade against magical beings or those whom possess powers or knowledge of sorcery. And with her now revealed to have magic, Morgana's resent on Uther became hate, which contributed to her turn to the dark side and Morgause merely did the rest. She also helped train Morgana hone her powers and help control them.

However it should also be noted that Morgana simply hated Uther, not the whole of Camelot and she never intended to take the throne until Morgause planted the idea in her mind.

Season 3 Morgana returned to Camelot pretending that she still cared about her former friends. She pretended that she had forgiven Merlin for poisoning her as she understood his reasonings.

Merlin has been cancelled, just when it was getting really good

Her true feelings are eventually revealed and Morgana as scheming to overthrow Uther so she could have the throne, especially since she learned that Uther was her illegimate father when still in a coma due to Merlin accidently causing her fall from the stairs. Merlin tried to help her see sense but she continued working with Morgause. However only Merlin knew of her double-agent status as he could not reveal her actual agenda without proof or he would have been executed for suggesting that Uther's ward had magic and wanted to kill him.

Morgana and Morgause eventually were able to take over Camelot using the army of King Cenred, who had offered his allegiance to their plight. Morgause killed Cenred after they acquired the Cup of Life, which made the army they had acquired immortal. Morgana killed a large number of townspeople to force the knights to be loyal to her.

A Wrinkle in Time — Evidence that Morgana loved Merlin the entire

Morgana was defeated by Merlin, Arthur and Gwen, causing her and a wounded Morgause to flee for the time being. Season 4 A year later, Morgana desired revenge on Arthur and all of Camelot. She sacrificed her sister to the Underworld in order to release spirits on Camelot. Morgana then formed an alliance with Agravaine in hopes of destroying Camelot. Morgana killed Uther but would not be satisfied until Arthur was dead so she could claim her rightful place as Camelot's queen.

Some of her schemes with Agravaine included attempting to kill Arthur in a duel, brainwashing Merlin and using him to kill Arthur and having Gwen exiled by forcing her to have an affair with the revived Lancelot. Lancelot had been reawaken using necromancy but he was only an empty vessel with Lancelot's face and none of his characteristics or memories.

Morgana wanted Gwen exiled because she claimed that Camelot's only Queen was herself and that nobody would be able to occupy that place. Morgana took over Camelot again with the help of a warlord named Helios and became queen. Her reign was very short because Merlin and Arthur overthrew her army. Morgana was wounded in battle after attempting to escape. She met a dragon named Aithusa who healed her injuries. Season 5 Morgana after she became evil.

The fact that she tells Merlin about her nightmares. She not only trusts him with her nightmares, but she trusts him to tell the truth about the druids. When Merlin finds her in the camp she is probably shocked in a good way that he went out of his way to find her maybe in her mind to even make sure she got there okayand for her to ADMIT her powers, the ONLY person she does to in this point of time, without second guessing is just GAH.

Since the death of her father she has never trusted or felt so much sincere love. That this servant is risking his life so he can tell her that the king is looking for her.

I will argue to my grave that she was about to kiss him in this moment. The look she gives Merlin is exactly the same as she gives Alvarr in 02x As they are rushing to escape you see Merlin risk his own life for her. Again, he is sacrificing himself for her secret and she is in awe.

She allows him, in her room, at night, in her pajamas. We have to remember the timeframe here…that is pretty big. That nothing can ever become of them at this moment in time.