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NOOO disha is NOT juhi's sister Embarrassed. she is in 12th and left her study midway pls search on pages here,where u will get a article of. HARI KISHAN PARMAR HOUSE NO SECTOR 7C. CHANDIGARH . DISHA GUPTA 67/11 JUHI SAFED COLONY KANPUR Uttar Pradesh . Juhi Parmaar aka Kumkum made her viewers cry for years, till the After marriage you get the sense of belonging and that is a beautiful feeling and a great commitment. How it helps to have a husband in same profession? . Wedding Bells for Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff Juhi-Sachin's wedding plans.

And yet I must to protect my dignity as a woman, which has been maligned. I must speak up to keep the respect of my child and tell her that she was born out of love and not lovelessly, as that would shatter the whole purpose of her being.

My integrity has been questioned and blamed by my ex-husband. When did I ever say that I have not loved you even after marriage? And by calling our marriage a one-sided relationship you have not only crushed and negated all my efforts that I put into our marriage but also insulted me publicly and assassinated my character.

Two decades of hard work to build an image, a niche for myself but today my parents, my family and I have to face emotional torture, abuse and nuisance due to the comments you have made.

In those nine years, twice on the verge of separation and now a divorced wife, I really tried! I set aside my career and everything I had to make this marriage work! Six months into our marriage, I came down with thyroid, which let me tell you is stress induced.

I still continued to work because I had to take care of myself, our home and fulfill all the responsibilities that were placed upon me. I came out of Bigg Boss as a winner and there was work waiting outside for me but you felt that it was the right time for us to start a family. I agreed and our beautiful daughter Samairra entered our world! While I had been your wife, a mother and a homemaker, I have simultaneously also been an independent working woman trying to multitask between it all.

But yes, for me my family always comes first! You claim that you had deeply loved me. You have been quoted in the media stating that till now you were quiet because you were worried about the implications on Samairra. But now that the divorce has gone through, are there no implications on our five-year-old daughter? Will she not be tormented when she grows up and reads comments about herself and her existence being questioned?

How will she feel when she reads comments from people who are questioning why she was ever brought into this world? Is this fair to her? Also the flat, which has been mentioned to have been given to Samairra by you for her future, has an outstanding loan which is to be borne by me.

And yet I ask why is it necessary to brag about what we do for our child publicly?

Juhi Parmar Breaks SILENCE on her Divorce

We chose to bring her into this world and she is our responsibility — morally, emotionally and in every form besides only financially. We chose to bring her into this world! It surprises me when you say limited access to your child pains you. But when there were no limitations what stopped you from meeting her for days or even at times for months? After marriage you get the sense of belonging and that is a beautiful feeling and a great commitment.


How was it working with real life Baliye in Hans Baliye? It has been great, as he is very reticent. From the time he has done Hans Baliye he has also developed a great sense of humor. While rehearsing a scripted fight at times we laugh saying dil mein Jo hai saari baat nikaaldo and that it's a script.

Do you miss doing Kumkum?

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It has run for seven years, I would say it should have run another seven years. I still meet people who miss watching Kumkum. It did not go off-air because of ratings, but as star channel was going through a revamp, they were winding up all the old shows; otherwise our ratings were decent till the end. How is it to be more popular than your husband? I have done one serial in seven years and he has done seven serials during that period.

He has his share of popularity. In one of the award functions, he was given security, so as to protect him from mob. So it is all about where you are popular. How it helps to have a husband in same profession?

Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff to legally end their 8-year-long marriage on June 25

It's great to have your partner in same profession as understanding comes naturally. If I am not answering his calls or late at home, I don't have to explain to him about the situation I was in.

We have common things to discuss, and we can comprehend each other's language. I did not consciously decide to marry an actor, it just happened. I do tell him jab tumhi the toh paanch saal kyun waste kiye, pehle hi shaadi kar lete. You have known each other for five long years, so when did you decide to settle down?

We have known each other for five years and we were in a relationship for five months before marriage. When we actually got into the relationship, within 15 days we got engaged. He is an introvert and I am totally opposite of him, and as they say opposites attract, we gelled really well.