Describe bonnie and clyde relationship

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describe bonnie and clyde relationship

The Story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is definitely one of the Through their crime sprees they tended to keep a very loving relationship. Both Bonnie and Clyde came from the same origins, this is, poverty stricken homes. Both of them were tired of bad relationships and teamed up to commit acts of. Randy Ritchwood, formerly of Vh1's 'I Love New York' and the winner of Oxygen's 'Mr. Romance' shares his thoughts on Bonnie and Clyde.

You remember that first love that had you feeling emotions that were so damn foreign.

describe bonnie and clyde relationship

Whatever you were into, your first love was knee deep in the trenches with you — holding you down. Reflect — the two of you shared everything. No one could get next to your baby — or else.

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Remember coordinating those fly Easter outfits? Remember sneaking into all of those matinee comedies, while kissing and fondling in the dark? I know some of you were out there hooking school with your sweetheart — so you could get your smash on. Remember fighting for your love if someone had something super slick to say?

In your eyes, your first love went hard for the team, and what a damn team you were.

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Plates and glasses started flying. Some of the wildest words flew from your mouths. Then the belittling and condescending games entered. The storybook romance died one summer long ago. And all these years later — you still remember the sting.

describe bonnie and clyde relationship

In some cases, the destruction of that relationship set the stage for all of your future ones. Sure we can blame it on immaturity, but the pain still ran deep. Why did those situations fall apart? Did you have a baby too early in the mix — that complicated things?

Randy Ritchwood: Do You Have A Bonnie and Clyde Relationship?

Clyde is a desperate man after his jail stint. Thin, poor and reduced to the level of an animal, it is in this frame of mind that he and Bonnie are reunited after their brief affair. Though her letters to him grew infrequent with the passing of the two years, he has never failed to write to her. He simply ignores the man and tells her to pack her bags. Bonnie seems at this point to be standing on the borderline of good and evil.

describe bonnie and clyde relationship

On one side there is thrilling, exciting Clyde, though she is already aware that teaming up with him will likely result in her death. On the other side is Glen, the good guy who has a good job, adores her, attends to her every need and will never result in a life of looking over her shoulder.

To her there is not much of a choice. She decides Clyde and she are meant to be. They are reunited with a powerfully drawn kiss: He also makes sure to describe their crimes as more or less accidental.

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The media get hold of their identities as they tour around in their Ford V-8, robbing gas stations and ordinary stores. Though Clyde is always angling for the big bank heist, to set him up for life and provide for Bonnie, it never comes off. Gradually the violence involved in their crimes escalates as the police get closer on their tails, the implication being that they are somehow not entirely responsible.

In this way I felt the book did not live up to its promise. Billed as a love story, it follows two young, stupid and reckless criminals who, until the very end, maintain that they dislike killing people and express the futile hope that there is a chance they will have an ordinary future, despite their crimes.