Bolin and eska relationship memes

Sexualized Saturdays: Bolin and Eska’s Relationship Is Not Funny | Lady Geek Girl and Friends

bolin and eska relationship memes

But you'd seriously have to explain the comedy in Eska coming out of nowhere and forcing Bolin to get on his knees for her. I'm really not. people who worked on Avatar the Last Airbender (and later on The Legend of Korra, Voltron and The Dragon Prince) love the subject of sibling relationships. Explore ✧ScribbleArt Fandoms✧'s board "Eska & Bolin" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Avatar See more. I love Eska and Bolin's relationship so. much.

Bolin starts to hide in order to avoid Eska. Bolin should have known better than to date Eska. Not to put too fine a point on it, but those guys are the worst friends.

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When Eska forces Bolin to accept a marriage proposal, he rejoins his friends, wearing a traditional betrothal necklace. They become feminized by their abuse.

Sexualized Saturdays: Bolin and Eska’s Relationship Is Not Funny

And we could get into the misogyny that idea implies, but frankly, we have enough on our plate. In most of the world — maleness is defined in opposition to victimhood. Our definition of manhood, therefore, leaves no room for people who are victims, who are used and abused and wounded.

bolin and eska relationship memes

If he were only able to stand up for himself, the abuse would just magically go away. For example, when Korra and her boyfriend, Mako, have an argument, Korra earthbends his desk into a wall. Which is pretty fucking threatening, in my opinion. Mako tells her he broke up with Korra, and Lin smiles: You should have seen Air Temple Island when Tenzin broke up with me.

bolin and eska relationship memes

In both cases, we have women physically destroying things at their boyfriends. Which is exactly the point. So what is with this trend of comic portrayals of abusive women? Because women, am I right? And Mai, Tai-Lee and Suki, three non-benders who could stand toe-to-toe with any bender and come out on top. Aang, by virtue of being the Avatar. In Legend of Korra, however, the protagonist is female.

bolin and eska relationship memes

Aang is dead and Korra is the new Avatar — the most powerful person in the entire show. There is no male character more powerful than Korra.

People have… problems with that kind of female power. A whole lot of writers just have no idea how to deal with it, especially in the context of western patriarchy and western-prescribed gender roles most of the characters of Avatar are POC, and the areas they live in correspond to asian and first nations locations, but the writers of the show are mainly from north america. Which is where you get weird stuff like the Korra abuse narrative.

legend of korra eska and bolin

The writers are unable to separate the world of Korra from western ideas about gender and patriarchal structures. Thus, we get all the heterosexual relationships where the women are abusive and the men are passive. Which, I should note, tells you a whole lot about how the writers conceive traditional male-female relationships.

Women are only strong and in control, the narrative goes, because men have ceded the place to them. This brings us straight back to the victim-blaming: Because abuse is a thing that happens in the real world.

bolin and eska relationship memes

Often it happens to them exactly how it happened to Bolin. According to the latest study by the CDCapproximately one in seven men have experienced some form of domestic violence compared to one in four women. One in nineteen men have been stalked. One in seven men have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner.

Abuse happens to men. Abuse happens to men a lot. Because we see those stories as funny. Yes, men are threatened, stalked, hurt and emotionally manipulated, just as Bolin was on the show. The abuse-as-comedy trope is particularly harmful because Korra is aimed at children and young adults. And guess who is most at risk of abuse?

More than one in four male victims of rape experience their first rape when they are ten years or younger. Bolin is a man of color as are Mako, Tenzin, and every other male character on Korra.

Abusive Relationships and Victim-Blaming in the Legend of Korra | Culturally Disoriented

In comparison, one third of multiracial men, one fourth of latino men, forty percent of black men and To put it bluntly: Is really not okay. For that matter, is this the lesson we want to teach the older audience of Korra?

bolin and eska relationship memes

That abuse is acceptable? Normally, this would be just the sort of gender-stereotype-defying relationship that I love. However, red flags start flying during the very first conversation they have, which ends with the following dialogue: You amuse me; I will make you mine.

legend of korra eska and bolin | Tumblr

Bolin clasping his hands together in a prayer-like way: You mean, like a boyfriend or… face noticeably falling or like a slave?

Eska leaning in close to his face: It makes it an unhealthy relationship at best and an abusive relationship at worst. Later on, when Bolin tries to break up with her, she forces him into an engagement, changes his clothes and hair, and gives him a traditional betrothal necklace.

This necklace is traditionally given to the bride-to-be. This, sadly, reflects the reality of female abusers and male victims all too well. Situations where a woman abuses a man are often not taken seriously at all. Bolin even asks his friends for help breaking free from Eska, but nobody takes him seriously. For instance, Eska is quickly established as superior to Bolin in both strength and bending skill.

Bolin and Eska First Meet