Alden richards and julie anne relationship problems

Easybux Online: Maine Mendoza (Yayadub), Alden Richards and Julie Anne San Jose Love Triangle?

alden richards and julie anne relationship problems

The Kapuso star Alden Richards took the blame of some of his fans after the GMA network like Julie Anne San Jose, Bea Binene, at Patricia Tumulak. prove that Alden and Maine became a part of any relationship with the. From Our Sister Sites: James Reid, Sam Concepcion, Julie Ann San Jose Alden Richards, Sam Concepcion, Julie Anne San Jose, and Jake Vargas. their last projects as onscreen couples, we're glad that they've found their. FN Link Love: Elmo Magalona on His Past and Present Loveteam and the Issue of Bashers. Tinuldukan na nina Alden Richards at Julie Anne San Jose ang “Siguro po, naging iba lang ang relationship namin ni Julie Anne dati.

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These pictures confirm that they were indeed together on Halloween. Several photos and videos of them while in the said event surfaced in social media. They attracted a lot of reactions from their supporters. Kaya naman aming sinilip ang 7 sa kanila ng mga kilala at sikat na mga celebs na mayroong magandang relasyon sa kanila. Da Best si Yaya! Maine Mendoza, Arjo Atayde spotted together anew at Karpos Live Concert After some online rumors about Maine Mendoza and Kapamilya actor Arjo Atayde surfaced, pictures of them together in some public places also made rounds online.

The Kapuso TV host and Kapamilya actor were spotted in a concert. When rumors began that Arjo is now dating Maine Mendoza, netizens speculated that the actor and Sammie have broken up already. Sila yung mga Pinoy na kinilala sa global scene o stage dahil sa kanilang angking galing at talino. Maine in her December blog described their meeting following the Tamang Panahon episode as awkward that made her wonder where the heck was the magic of AlDub driving the nation insane with their feel good moments on TV.

We all know that they overcame the first day at work together in person jitters and are now very at ease with each other.

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However if the intensity of their chemistry in real life is comparable to that onscreen, one would expect that they would have been swept off their feet on their first opportunity to interact in person sans the glaring cameras and the deafening screams of adoring fans. For three months prior to the Tamang Panahon event, AlDub communicated via split screen and through fan signs.

If theirs is a long distance love affair similar to pen pals, phone pals or even text mates in real life, the build up of excitement and longing for each other would have been difficult to contain during their first meeting in private, that is assuming a genuine attraction exists between two people. Has the love bug finally caught up with RFJ this year?

Your guess is as good as mine. Having been in the industry for quite a while, Alden definitely knows how to play his cards well. If he is going to play his showbiz card, he will follow the orchestrated path for AlDub which may or may not include a make believe date with Maine. However no secret is forever kept hidden. It is only a matter of time before the great reveal is finally unfolded. But for now, the AlDub nation would have to content themselves with Alden finally tagging Maine in his 28th weeksary tweet.

alden richards and julie anne relationship problems

This is regardless if the gesture is part of the orchestrated progression of the AlDub loveteam, a product of public relations or a marketing exercise or Alden finally relenting to the constant nagging by the fans to tag Maine in his AlDub tweets or RFJ letting his guard off a little bit more.

Again, your guess is as good as mine. Maine is the only viable option for now and that is perfectly fine so long as his heart is actually beating for her. If such is the case, RFJ and Maine are indeed two of the luckiest people in the world having stumbled upon fame and love at the same time. In AlDub nation lingo, wishful thinking pa more. Author unicohombre Posted on.

alden richards and julie anne relationship problems

There are sooooo many kinds of people. I mean attitude and character. And it is really quite hard to deal with all of them. I mean how does one adjust to these many kinds of characters of people. Well, as they say, "we can't please everybody. If Maine herself said something like this I just don't remember where, but I think in twitterwhy can't others who support Maine do as what she says.

Anyway, some would just really like to have fun teasing others.

alden richards and julie anne relationship problems

I have had friends like those, and I just simply ignore their teasing. But if many people does this thing to you - bashing, negative comments, etc. I wonder how one feels and deals with it, one who has a weak standing point would really give-in and indeed may lead to depression.

And, let's face it, people who suffer depression often end up on the wrong end. And most often, people just don't care. Well, if I were to advice these showbiz pipz, I'm not saying I'm expert on this matter, but at least I could share perhaps. Cherish them and ignore those others.

Surely there are those who love and cherish you. And if you can't find one, I tell you, there is One!

pag trato ni Alden Richards kay Julie anne San Jose at Maine Mendoza, kitang kita

And that is God! You'll see how loving God is. If you still don't see it, then I pity you. If you can't still see God's Love, look at the cross where Jesus showed His great love for us.

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He didn't have to die, and yet He laid down His life for us. That is God's Amazing Love! Now, before I preach, let me go back to showbiz. So there, having discovered the past secret? I don't know if it was a real and personal thing, but their action speaks louder. Nevertheless, that ended in a very mysterious way, which leaves people really, really wondering. If I would put myself on Alden's shoes, I think he had his reasons. Well, that's just my thoughts. And probably also relates to his Alden's own career.

Well, as I've said, these are just my thoughts. And I just want to express it in writing.