Achilles and ajax relationship

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achilles and ajax relationship

Both Ajax and Odysseus fought bravery with Achilles, and it took both warriors to . Discuss the relationship between man and the gods as portrayed in Ajax. Ajax or Aias is a mythological Greek hero, the son of King Telamon and Periboea , and the Unlike Diomedes, Agamemnon, and Achilles, Ajax appears as a mainly defensive warrior, instrumental in the defence of the Greek camp and ships. His teacher was the Centaur Chiron, and he was taught side by side with the great hero Achilles. During the Trojan War, Ajax was chosen to duel Hector, prince.

Family[ edit ] Ajax is the son of Telamonwho was the son of Aeacus and grandson of Zeusand his first wife Periboea.

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He is the cousin of Achillesand is the elder half-brother of Teucer. Many illustrious Atheniansincluding CimonMiltiadesAlcibiades and the historian Thucydidestraced their descent from Ajax. On an Etruscan tomb dedicated to Racvi Satlnei in Bologna 5th century BC there is an inscription that says, aivastelmunsl which means "[family] of Telamonian Ajax".

In Homer's Iliad he is described as of great stature, colossal frame and strongest of all the Achaeans. Known as the "bulwark of the Achaeans", [4] he was trained by the centaur Chiron who had trained Ajax's father Telamon and Achilles's father Peleus and would later die of an accidental wound inflicted by Heracleswhom he was at the time trainingat the same time as Achilles.

He was described as fearless, strong and powerful but also with a very high level of combat intelligence. Ajax commands his army wielding a huge shield made of seven cow-hides with a layer of bronze. Most notably, Ajax is not wounded in any of the battles described in the Iliad, and he is the only principal character on either side who does not receive substantial assistance from any of the gods except for Agamemnon who take part in the battles, although, in book 13, Poseidon strikes Ajax with his staff, renewing his strength.

Unlike DiomedesAgamemnonand AchillesAjax appears as a mainly defensive warrior, instrumental in the defence of the Greek camp and ships and that of Patroclus ' body.

When the Trojans are on the offensive, he is often seen covering the retreat of the Achaeans. Significantly, while one of the deadliest heroes in the whole poem, Ajax has no aristeia depicting him on the offensive. Trojan War[ edit ] In the Iliad, Ajax is notable for his abundant strength and courage, seen particularly in two fights with Hector. In Book 7, Ajax is chosen by lot to meet Hector in a duel which lasts most of a whole day.

Ajax at first gets the better of the encounter, wounding Hector with his spear and knocking him down with a large stone, [5] but Hector fights on until the heraldsacting at the direction of Zeus, call a draw, with the two combatants exchanging gifts, Ajax giving Hector a purple sash and Hector giving Ajax his sharp sword.

achilles and ajax relationship

The second fight between Ajax and Hector occurs when the latter breaks into the Mycenaean camp, and fights with the Greeks among the ships. In Book 14, Ajax throws a giant rock at Hector which almost kills him.

A Roll of the Dice for Ajax

Ajax, wielding an enormous spear as a weapon and leaping from ship to ship, holds off the Trojan armies virtually single-handedly.

In Book 16, Hector and Ajax duel once again. Hector then disarms Ajax although Ajax is not hurt and Ajax is forced to retreat, seeing that Zeus is clearly favoring Hector.

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Hector and the Trojans succeed in burning one Greek ship, the culmination of an assault that almost finishes the war. Ajax is responsible for the death of many Trojan lords, including Phorcys.

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Ajax often fought in tandem with his brother Teucer, known for his skill with the bow. Ajax would wield his magnificent shield, as Teucer stood behind picking off enemy Trojans.

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Achilles was absent during these encounters because of his feud with Agamemnon. In Book 9, Agamemnon and the other Mycenaean chiefs send Ajax, Odysseus and Phoenix to the tent of Achilles in an attempt to reconcile with the great warrior and induce him to return to the fight.

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achilles and ajax relationship

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achilles and ajax relationship

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