2 of pentacles and 4 wands relationship

Two of Pentacles ~ Tarot Explained

2 of pentacles and 4 wands relationship

Tarot Readings: Ups and Downs of Us (Lovers and Two of Pentacles) . cards around (Four of Wands or Ten of Cups) – so, a committed love relationship. Two of Pentacles – A decision has to be made about your relationship. .. Check for supporting cards such as The Ace of Cups/Wands/Swords, Empress, Lovers. Love: The Lovers, 2 of Cups, 6 of Cups, Temperance · Sex: Devil, Knight of Wands, Knight of Swords, Ace of Wands; Marriage: 4 of Wands.

Many Tarot readings feature a future forecast that will dominate the next few years or the rest of your life. The Four of Wands is not a card of an indeterminate future. The second thing represented by this card in this position is a joyous moment that you would never have predicted. For most of us, happiness occurs in hindsight; we recall good times and being happy regardless of whether or not we were bored or anxious at that time.

There are precious few moments in life when we are truly happy and cognizant of that feeling as it is happening. The Four of Wands will not reveal the specifics of what is about to make you happy, but it does let you know that a surprise is coming. How big of a surprise? Big enough that even though you know it is coming, this surprise will still surprise you!

Card Combinations When your Tarot spread is in front of you, the cards near each other subtly add to and alter the meaning of each other.

2 of pentacles and 4 wands relationship

The presence of a card is not the end of its visit to your reading. It may be impacting the forecast that another card has in store for you. The Empress and Temperance. When The Empress is present, your happy event and the subsequent surprises take on an elegant, classy tone and lead to a financial resolution. When Temperance is present, your appreciation for what you have earned leads to even better self-control.

Learn more about the connection that the Four of Wands shares with the other cards numbered four in the Tarot deck. When The Lovers card is present in a reading with the Four of Wands, your man is going to pop the question, especially if you two are going to a wedding soon and he gets inspired. Future — The Two of Pentacles in the future position represents a wholesome balanced life if you continue positively.

You need to address your current problems for future growth.

Love in the Cards #3: Marriage | Completely Joyous

Imagine yourself in five, and ten years. Are you living the life you expected? Rarely do we actually live to follow our plans in life, but know that if you dedicate yourself, then you can at least live a happy, balanced future. Complete your responsibilities first, then move on to help others, and then finally go on to do more for yourself.

Romance — The Two of Pentacles in romance can mean that your relationship or lack of it needs to be a higher priority for you.

2 of pentacles and 4 wands relationship

Are you spending enough time with each other? Are you growing closer or apart? You can think about it a lot, but usually your instinct is correct. Negative feelings of past relationships can affect our future choices, but remember that not everybody is the same. The love you had for somebody in the past will affect how you feel now, but try not to project personalities from previous partners onto new ones.

Meet new people, see more. Friends — The Two of Pentacles in regards to friendship means things are okay. They could be better but your friends are helping support you, and you them. You may meet your partner at college or on a course. As a couple you may be seeking guidance or relationship counselling because you want it to work. This cards often appears for couples who are saving for a joint goal; marriage, house etc.

Financially committing to each other, or being financially involved with your partner…. It is worthwhile letting this relationship evolve at its own pace. A serious commitment is likely.

Yes, to not getting complacent about your relationship. A relationship heading in the wrong direction Three Reversed — No effort is being made to keep this relationship alive. There may be commitment issues or a lack of interest. It may have appeared to be off to a good start in the beginning but now shows lack of strength or weak foundations. A relationship that does not appear to progress or develop.

Career or work may be more important than relationships to you right now. Separate agendas for couples. Failing to heed sound advice or a warning. This reversed Three may suggest that you make the same mistake over and over when choosing partners.

Pentacles – Love and Romance Associations

You fail to learn from previous mistakes. This is definitely not your best work and you should consider what it is you want from a relationship. You may have a habit of bailing out before it gets too serious…. Someone is not making an effort or does not want to commit. Look to see what this relationship is built on. No, you are too busy to give time to a relationship.

Four — Possession and ownership in relationships. Someone may like to keep full control. A partner may be viewed as a possession rather than a person.

Claustrophobic relationships, with little freedom or spontaneity. A relationship entrenched in habit and routine.

Financial issues may be dominating your relationship right now. You could also be saving hard as a couple and are feeling a bit miserable or trapped as a result.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card

This card can highlight distance between partners, coldness or a lack of intimacy. One may have withdrawn or has closed down. There might be little communication or sharing of feelings. You need to open up a little.

Loneliness is often indicated. You might be withholding something from your partner. Being overly occupied with work. Meanness and a lack of sharing.

2 of pentacles and 4 wands relationship

This card can represent a seriously ambitious couple. Emotions may be blocked. Refusing to forgive or compromise…. You can save the money you need, but it will take its toll. Allowing it to expand or release. Four Reversed — This can be a sign of openness, generosity and sharing. You support your partner in their career and understand the demands it makes on your time together. There is no jealousy or suspicion. This might seem odd to those around you. You may be eventually surfacing after saving for a long time.

There is a sense of release as money or material matter moves away from you. You could be buying that house or handing over the money for a wedding or holiday. The pressure is off you as a couple but it might feel strange for a while.