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till a mixture of ground corn, sugar, and water into ethanol. .. dent bad left a meeting at the White House last week: "What William "Woozy" Smith-one of Reading's .. congratulate the Spartan School of Aero- nautics on. Carmel Apple Sugar Babies c. Twizzlers . Craig & Arianna (Spartan Cheerleaders) . Meet Joe Black () c. . Woozy Winks (Plastic Man's sidekick) c. Living conditions had changed quite markedly from the spartan crew . The Last Man on the Moon, “that everyone felt woozy on getting up there, closely resembled the cone-shaped, sugar-encrusted candy, and secondly, it may . The two parts of Spider would ultimately meet the same fiery fate, burning.

On sophomore release w h o k i l l, it coalesces into a giddily hypnotic kind of avant pop, all the while making room for additional musicians playing bass, saxophone and more. The heartbroken, hirsute backwoods-poet shtick and his stark, spartan backdrops were largely discarded. Instead, it was a big hello to multi-tracked, Auto-Tuned vocals, lush instrumentation and a crack backing band. A polished, buffed, almost over-produced thing of rare beauty.

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A gem of a record. Someone should have taken Vernon to one side and given him a good slap for that. Like so much of the music Radiohead has created in the 21st century, it sounds like it was made by paranoid androids: It is, somehow, nonsensical in all directions: A brutal epic that somehow transcends all its idiosyncrasies and too-clever conceits, David Comes To Life is a classic case of failing upward.

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Live now, in the presence of Apocalypse. Callahan evokes the U. Recording as Bird Of Youth, Brooklynite Wawerna takes us on a mis- guided tour of the heart and mind of a smart young woman looking back on the mis- adventures of her 20s. Regret, joy, hard-won wisdom and wry humor permeate the 10 songs on Defender.

But it takes more than clever lyrics and catchy melodies for music to sink in the way this does. On the title track, one-man rhythm section Andy Stack drives tension with keys and a muted drum while guitarist Jenn Wasner lays down brutally self-reflective lyrics about needing a dude.

Her vocals exist within her mouth, spilling out as necessary, still hesitant. Wanna take it outside? Sugar Ray Robinson vs.

Jake La Motta in Raging Bull. His punitive superego tries to micromanage or destroy every thought, every feeling; remember the shot of his veiny fist in that pail of ice, a dramatic cousin of the moment where he tries to preserve his pre-fight purity by dousing his hard-on? The movie is inside and outside of La Motta because La Motta is inside and outside of himself. Jack Cates in 48 Hrs. Hammond is a boxer, Cates is a brawler.

Their respective strategies illustrate the cliche about how youth and skill can be defeated—or at least answered—by age and treachery. Hammond dominates the first half of the fight, dancing circles around his much larger opponent, hitting him so fast that Cates can barely stay on his feet.

Unfortunately for Hammond, he fights like he talks; his confidence rests on the presumption that nobody else can get a word or a hit in edgewise.

Originally set to fly on the last day of Februarythe crew arrived at Cape Kennedy three weeks prior to launch to finish their training and quarantine.

Living conditions had changed quite markedly from the spartan crew quarters of Mercury and Gemini days: By this time, the giant Saturn V booster had been sitting on swamp-fringed Pad 39A for almost two months, and its hour launch countdown had begun. Thirty minutes into a planned three-hour hold at T hours, managers decided to recycle the clock to T hours and give McDivitt time to recover his strength.

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Despite the confidence, the doubts remained. Even with the benefit of hindsight, it remains remarkable that such enormous steps were taken in such a short span of time. In an ironic twist, closer and more cordial working ties with the Soviet Union, cemented by the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks from onward, eliminated the need for such a vigorous, all-or-nothing human space program. As February wore into Marchthe Apollo 9 crew—colds or no colds—could not launch soon enough.

Had the Saturn V risen or had Florida sunk? This question was on many minds whenever a Saturn V took flight, as Apollo 9 amply demonstrates in this stunning liftoff view Credits: EST, 1 March, when the clock resumed, the main concerns surrounded a low-pressure disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico, just southwest of Cape Kennedy, which was causing overcast weather conditions.

As the countdown entered its final stretch, dull, storm-bringing stratocumulus clouds covered 70 percent of the sky, with darker blotches of altostratus high above them. On the evening of 2 March, Scott and Schweickart drove out to the pad to watch as their Saturn V, lit up by searchlights, underwent its final checks.

Next morning, clad in their pure white space suits, the three astronauts arrived at the pad to a very different scene.

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The scores of engineers and technicians were gone and it was an eerily silent place, the sense of stillness punctuated only by the hissing of the Saturn itself. As technicians helped Jim McDivitt into the left-hand seat of the command module and Rusty Schweickart into the seat on the right, Scott waited patiently outside on the gantry and had a few precious minutes to gaze out across the marshy expanse of the Cape and watch the Sun peek over the horizon. Stuck in Storage Precisely on the stroke of From a height, weight, and payload-to-orbit standpoint, it remains the largest and most powerful rocket ever brought to operational status.

Using the thruster quads on the service module, Scott crisply turned his ship degrees and prepared to dock with the spidery lander. At this point, the first problem arose when Scott found that his translational thrusters were not functioning properly.

At one point ground control thought one of us must have bumped several of the switches closed as we were jostled around during launch, but we were strapped into our seats so tightly this was impossible. Later analysis concluded that the valves had flicked shut as a result of the shock caused by staging. The other alternates applied to problems with LM-3 itself—covering everything from life-support system failures to a troublesome engine, and from a faulty rendezvous radar to an unsafe descent stage—and in each case the crew would have performed as much as they could with the available set of options.

Making the Connection In completing the first transposition and docking, the Apollo 9 crew had achieved the first American link-up between two pressurized, habitable spacecraft. The next order of business was to confirm that the docking probe and tunnel between the command and service modules and the lunar module was functional.

After pressurizing the 4-foot 1. Four hours into the mission, Scott threw a switch which fired pyrotechnics to release the lunar module from the S-IVB, and again pulsed the thruster quads to draw the complete Apollo craft free. In the meantime, McDivitt, Scott, and Schweickart were preoccupied for the remainder of their first day in orbit with checks to ensure that the combined command, service, and lunar modules were spaceworthy.

Among their initial tasks was a series of firings of the Service Propulsion System SPS engine, one of whose primary roles on missions to the Moon would be to perform the lunar-orbit-insertion and transearth injection burns. After Schweickart made a dramatic spacewalk, the lunar module was to undock for a series of joint rendezvous exercises. During his planned two-hour excursion, Schweickart was to put the EVA suit with its bulky backpack, designed to enable astronauts to work on the lunar surface, through its paces.