Sonic and tails meet fanfic

When Tails met Sonic, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

sonic and tails meet fanfic

This story is my version of how Sonic and Tails met and became best friends. It's just a cute short story about the friendship between my two. Player Two: How Tails Met Sonic. Late August Chapter 1: The Twin-Tailed Fox. Two. Such a strange number. The only prime even. Epilogue: I'm miles prower and I know what your thinking, I'm the lucky fox that hangs out with sonic. Well it wasn't easy for me before I met.

It was a wonderful sensation. Never had Tails felt so free, like he could do anything.

sonic and tails meet fanfic

He made a half turn in the air The kids that had been playing in the field had stopped abruptly when the hedgehog began to zoom past them, and were now staring transfixed at the two people beside the tree. Tails landed gently on the ground, and looked from the kids to Sonic. The hedgehog smiled at the young fox, and placed a hand on his shoulder.

You have what it takes to reach the stars. All you were missing was the right amount of faith in yourself. After wishing him luck, Sonic winked at the fox, then turned to face the open fields in the opposite direction from the kids. Before he took off, he glanced back at Tails.

A little brother to whom I could relate, on whom I could always count, who would be my closest friend. Tails turned back to the group of kids still staring at him. Some of them, he noticed, were rotating their own tails, trying to imitate his impressive feat.

sonic and tails meet fanfic

Grinning broadly, the young fox dropped the broken gyrocopter model on the floor and repeated the new trick he had learned, lifting up into the air once more. At that moment, the tiniest tuft of the tail she'd washed peeked out of the water. She abruptly stopped scrubbing. Miles had realized at the same time as her what she had seen, so he dipped it back under again, but Susan had seen enough.

That was just about the weirdest thing that had happened to her in her life, and she stared openly at him until she felt something trembling in her hand. She looked down at the hand, with the second tail still clutched in it—it was shaking, and when she looked back at its owner, he too was shivering like he was still outside in the snow.

It hit her like a brick—he wasn't cold anymore; he was scared she was going to hurt him, now that she had seen his flaw. That was why he had hidden it from her. He was frightened from the chance that she would throw him out, back into the snow because that was how he'd grown up, thinking that his extra tail made him worthy of needless abuse.

In fact, now she wondered why she hadn't noticed him before, what with the stuff he likely dealt with. She loathed that kind of abuse, and she stopped it wherever she had the courage to do so.

So instead, she smiled at him, continuing to scrub the tail. She'd allowed him to stay the night, but the next morning, he'd insisted on leaving after breakfast—"I don't want people to bother you just because you took care of me," he'd said quietly, the tiniest smile peeking out from the little face.

By chance, she'd found him sitting forlornly on the steps of the library the next day, and she'd invited him in. What wonder lit up his face as he took in the sight of all those books, running about, laughing with joy as such it seemed he had never known in his short life before!

Sonic meets tails Chapter 1, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

She'd had to quickly shush him when some patrons gave them funny looks, and he immediately lowered his tone of voice, but the joy was still there. From then on, day after day, they'd established a little routine at the library. He refused her efforts and offers to take him home, honestly believing that harm would come to her if she helped too much, so she contented herself with bringing him secret small gifts of food and watching him sit in the great green chair, devouring the food and the books in the library.

sonic and tails meet fanfic

There he was now, twin tails wrapped around him like a blanket, reading a book about airplanes that was far bigger than him. She smiled as he watched him. Once she'd brought him a toothbrush and a travel-sized tube of toothpaste, and it shocked her when she saw how happy he was over the "gift".

He had hugged her tightly and ran into the library's bathroom to use it.

"Sonic Meets Tails" Comic Dub (Sad/Uplifting)

To think that such a sweet boy would have to live such an unfortunate life! It made her heart ache. She wished she could help him more, but the library was only open from ten to five on weekdays—and she couldn't stand to think of what the poor soul had to do on weekends.

She called for him to get the little snack she could afford to give him. When he didn't answer, she smiled. He was too engrossed in his book. Thus, she walked up to him. She smiled again, going back to her desk. She wished she could spend all of her time watching him, but being a librarian came with plenty of hard work.

A few hours later, she looked up again to see that it was already closing time. Miles was still sitting in the same position, the only difference being that he was a lot farther in the book, and his snack was gone. It made Susan sad every time she said it, but she found it in herself every week to say the three words: As he smiled widely back at her and walked out the door, she sighed.

He really was one of a kind.

How Sonic Met Tails | FanFiction

If you read and review nothing else of mine, please review this story! This is the story I really want to get feedback on. And please, no flames or comments on "why are Tails' eyes blue" or "hey, this isn't in the game". My head continuity is based in the games, but it has things added here and there. Thank you, and did I mention please review? Yeah, that's how it is at our library too…but I have been to a Barnes and Noble where they had a Starbucks inside.

So…maybe the rule here is you can, so long as you don't make a mess? I like stories like this too… It's just sometimes it gets old, because many people write the same thing without changing much. But I'm glad you decided to give this one a chance! Hmm, I suppose it's because bullies tend to be older and physically bigger than those they're intimidating… Usually. So in a sense, I guess it is easier. How could anybody do that and not be hailed as totally awesome?

Not much can be said about Sonic that you wouldn't figure out in roughly a minute. He was a bright blue hedgehog with the same fully black eyes as most intelligent animals at the time. He had super speed, and was able to break the sound barrier on foot, hence the name 'Sonic'. While he was friendly, he didn't talk much, usually communicating with hand gestures, body language and facial expressions, and only using actual speech if it was the only way to get his thoughts across properly.

He liked to explore, and had travelled all over South Island and then the world on numerous occasions. Despite having a reputation as a hero, he didn't make a big deal of it. Basically, he was just a guy who loved adventure with a carefree nature and a strong sense of justice. Recently, Sonic had been looking for places to explore.

He had come across the location of Cocoa Island, and decided to check the place out. And that brings us to the start of this story, set on the beach outlining the island, just as the hedgehog arrives. He casually checked the map he had printed off of the internet to make sure that he was going the right way. Yes, he was still on track. In fact, taking a closer look, he could see the shape of a small island in the distance. He accelerated, his shoes barely touching the water.

Five minutes later, he had arrived at Cocoa Island, coming towards a beach. He screeched to a stop and bent down to brush the damp sand off of his red sneakers. Before the hedgehog could go anywhere, something appeared in front of him.

It looked like some kind of mechanical dog, and it was barking like crazy. Sonic immediately braced himself for a battle; after all, every time he had seen an animal-like robot before, it was trying to remove his head from his shoulders. The robot-dog yapped at him and tried to headbutt him. Sonic stepped to the side, and it crashed into the sand. It jumped right back up again and continued to bark at him.

A voice interrupted the battle.

It was a fox, a small child five years old at the most. Sonic saw that the fox had two identical tails. He hasn't done anything bad to us.

I-I didn't mean for him to attack you! We'll leave you alone, just… just don't hurt me-" He stopped dead when he realised who he was talking to. His black eyes widened in amazement. You're… you're Sonic the Hedgehog? He pointed at the robot dog - T-Pup, was it?

Is this your dog? The fox understood what was being asked. I built him myself," he said. His ears lowered, as if he was embarrassed or expecting Sonic to hurt him. Instead of doing anything the fox was probably expecting, Sonic gave him a thumbs up and a smile. For a second, the kid seemed to be unsure if it was a sincere compliment.

He must have decided it was, because his eyes shone. He was a tall, grey wolf with a menacing appearance. What've we told ya 'bout comin' too close to the village? T-Pup barked again, but when the wolf came closer and glared at them, it turned into a pitiful whine. Beat it 'fore I beat you! Sonic looked at the wolf. What was that for? That kid's nothin' but a big problem.

Sign a' bad luck or somethin'.

sonic and tails meet fanfic

Honour to meet ya! The name's Alpha, an' I'm kinda this place's leader or whatever. What brings a hero like you to our lil' island 'ere?

sonic and tails meet fanfic

He pulled out his map and showed it to Alpha, pointing at the tiny dot that he had circled and written 'Cocoa Island' above. Just looking for new places to go. But do us a favour, come visit the village for a second, will ya? The people 'round 'ere might like to know ya came. Alpha walked back along the path he had come from, motioning for the hedgehog to follow. They arrived at a village with many small houses and what looked like a marketplace.

Alpha continued to the market and stopped at some kind of stage with a bell above it.