Slow and steady lyrics nervous but excited to meet

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slow and steady lyrics nervous but excited to meet

and ready, My nerves are as steady Makin' it slow and steady. Maybe I Well me and my baby we're goin' steady we ain't married but we're gettin' ready Cause I been lookin at ya baby and I know your ready .. To unite the happy pair!. Life isn't fair We don't know when and where But we know for sure that we'll be .. The family goes for a vacation, a trip filled with excitement, joy, and laughter, .. Slowly open Smile, Bigger, Happier Don't shake, Don't show your nerves of the broken. your fear is loud, your heart never spoken. your bones are lovely. slow and steady. i woke up early with dreams in my head words in my bones and an ache in my chest sound travels far in these woods full of women and you.

And we turn over, we turn over like a wheel. Under the traps of scavengers, bat your eyes and you are wrapped up in them. Kicking of limbs and wriggling endlessly won't set you free, you are a tumbleweed, a jumble of feeble parts, can you even see in the dark? You're carrying all that you own, carrying all that you own and on and on and we turn over, we turn over like a wheel.

We turn over, we turn over like a wheel. Bells and Whistles I could've sworn, there was a time, when we believed that we could measure out a line just how we wanted it, so we could live just as long as anybody ever did. But I was wrong to lie like that, I was wrong to lie like that.

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When the air was so cold that it smelled sweet on your coat, and the concrete got swollen and roared and it swallowed you whole. I said, "don't try to argue with it, it will take you home, it's just another road under the one you used to know. And I can't hide forever and remain ashamed of it.

"Silence (Pretending's So Comfortable)" lyrics

I can't cover my hands and tell you not to blame me, that you are a speck in a pile of dust. And everything you love will turn into crumbs so stop worrying, worrying, worrying love, stop worrying, worrisome love.

And the bells and the whistles make deafening sounds. And you can see an ending, it's clear as a bell. When the sound of your headache is louder than hell, in the bend of a note you're alone. In the bend of a note you're alone, you're alone, so don't waste it all, Worrisome. Sink, Swim Oh California, I tried to warn ya, the earth is gonna quake before ya. You'll be real sorry but it won't be sorry, the dirt is gonna crack and split you in two.

Then you'll be halved and you'll have to find a match that fit your guts, it hurts so much but it keeps your blood in. Watch out they'll swarm ya, the bees that were born way too early, wakened by the swirling.

Cover your nose up, they'll fill all your holes, they will weigh you down with honeycombs and though, it'll be your one chance to be sweet, you'll be a thankless home for ungrateful drones who will churn your bones to butter. And you're not coming home, no you've got plenty more in you don't ya, so please go easy and breathe some clean air for me.

Oh California, I hate to inform ya, now waves are crashing coming toward ya. Soaking your pals and dragging them out, you're the only straggler grabbing onto the shore. But all the salt's pooled in your ears, it's all your fault I tell ya, listen will ya, can't you hear me baby. And if I'd only known how to warn you, I'd pull you undertow if I had to, but I'm too lazy and you're too stubborn baby.

The Hole Oh you shouldn't fall inside the hole with your old girl and no, it's not your fault, you are a wonder, you are a wonder. And the damned daylight is slow when you're worrying how long it'll be 'til you go. Outside the garbage is piled up way too high, I wouldn't blame you if you leave, it's not the way your world's supposed to be.

slow and steady lyrics nervous but excited to meet

And when the coals are on your seat, and it's taking all of me to breathe, I tell you run but you stay right here.

Just like the taste behind my teeth, and like the bullet in my knee, you keep me, darlin' you keep me from up and sinking in the sand. And like the buzzing of a lamp, and like the aching in my aching hands, you are the constant in my constant, you are the salty air in my sail. Eleonora Call me from the capital, only together as you try to come off. When you need me, it's half a world to reach me.

Selfishly your permanent drain, I am trapped inside the places we're the same. I know that it's trying and you're tired of hearing it, but nobody else has time to listen how to. So can you please do it for me, this'll be the last that I ask I promise. Eleonora, it's fine you know I never wanted to ignore ya. Sleeping on hard wood is harder when you're hardly any good and every sound hits so much louder than it should. Where's the one who'll make the ringing go away?

You're built of much sturdier stuff, while I'm piled high and loose and could use some luck. I know you've been dying to move forward, but no one can make it go away the way you do. So can you please do it for me, my monument is my failure to answer.

Oh won't you kindly pick the pins and needles off me, Eleonora. The Move These two back teeth are ground meat I barely slept this week, but you're lovely in the morning all reminding me why I should be sorry.

Say, "I love your brain but I hate it when it pushes me away. Well there's an easy way to wind your watch, come here and take it off, I'll keep it safe in the back where I can clean it, I mean it, there is no time like the present, or something just as stupid. I'll tell ya I could make you happy, I could make you coffee when I wake up if you haven't made some already.

There's a ticking but it's subtle and you'd barely even notice but you'll know it when your eyes they start to focus. Until then, I'm around in a hot room by myself, organizing all the ways that I could take all of the things you love away.

slow and steady lyrics nervous but excited to meet

So I put it on you 'cause it's easier to do, I'll watch you smoke until you know me, 'til you're dizzy and you're lonely, make the move, I am leaving it up to you. Journey to the Center of the Earth A can of cola, an unfilled bathtub for dirty bodies and storing empties. The land-line's nagging, the mail is scattered on the floor, and through a keyhole of a triple bolted door, it's melodrama, it's confused chemicals.

It's dirty laundry, it's empty styrofoam. The Giants won and all the firecracker shells are littering the street and I don't give a shit.

My shoes ran off somewhere and I haven't even cared to organize a search. My ball of nerves, don't mistake me, I'll refuse you if you choose to track me down. And don't you make me leave without wishing you well 'til I return from my brief sojourn to the center of the earth.

As far as I tell you it's not as bad as all of that, and I promise not to be reckless. Oh heart of mine, heart of mine, it's your face that brings me back every time. Telluride Telluride, I told you 1, times. It was easy to breathe, and lightyears to get there with weights on your feet. Speak for me, mark the page for me keep me asleep, the camera is moving at regular speed but cut out the parts where it's easy to breathe.

And tell a lie, tell it 1, times.

slow and steady lyrics nervous but excited to meet

Telluride, I told you 1, times. Havasu, you've half a mind to take me right under you. Through craters we make and the flags we keep from waving, position in place where I can't ever say, Telluride, I showed you 1, times. Tell a lie, I told it 1, times. And I'll hatch on a snow-covered morning, and no one will be awake to see it happen.

There is no history, there's no expectation, just warm, yellow light on my skin. And I'm blessed by my mother, though I'll never know her, and I'll never be lonesome again.

slow and steady lyrics nervous but excited to meet

I'm a bright entertainer in a silent theater I wearily quarry into. And my mother she stands where the characters dance from the light at the height of the room. And every night I repeat the phrases, just to see if she predicts the changes.

slow and steady lyrics nervous but excited to meet

And I'd die for a word if it's all she'd afford but she closes up knowing it. Where I am is right at the beginning of it, all I know I was born with. Where she is, she is fixed in a prison so fast she is frozen, the air she breathes is a slow wind.

I'm a tired arachnid, spinning loose in my threads, building lifetimes of gossamer beds. And the filigree waterdrops around my head, they absorb every word that I said. There are no wings hitched to my spine, just an undying urge to climb.

And I'll wait for my mother, supposing she'd bother to hold me and keep me a while. To hold me and keep me a while. The Wheel Starts of dreams I'm able to breathe underwater, someone's daughter's sugar, southern-weather voice with Lucky Strikes she tries to cover the smell, cover the noises of his mouth, cover the planes of his face, cover the noises he makes. There's a man and I hate him plainly, nothing fancy in how glad I watched them bury him.

But ever since then, I can feel him all around me, clawing like a crowd, like the weather sucks me in and spits me out. Understand I am only as he made me, a faithful servant to all of the noise, all of the lights, all the flashing in my head, the sound of his mouth, loud as a crowd, and you're lucky that you're dead because Clemency is tugging me but I'm sorry that she's weak.

Because I won't be merciful, like what got you first in your throat, I will be real, real slow, just like a wheel, turn over. I'm like a wheel. I'll be real, I'll be real. I'll turn over like a wheel. Runner 7" Runner To give yourself a little bit of hope's a lie, you said, "we're just spinning where we stand. The Fire Here's to mud in your eye, here's to you and the rest of your life.

I see the outline and you're unlined, I feel the shake of uneven table legs and I can't sit back and help you celebrate. The world is braiding and time is bending, so i could go tonight and try and keep you both from burning.

I bring you bad news from another place, even if it means that I am made to be erased. I love you more than both of you could say and I can't bear to see you turn another day in the fire. In the fire, we are folding in the fire, and its nicer than it was with the pictures warming up and getting lost, as the silver takes the sun.

And you will make a stumbling father crumbling mother with two little wrecking balls to help you level out each other. And you'll pull over and go to sleep, she'll make you beg hard for every little piece. And they'll grow up fast and watch you both repeat, and never find the loving that you need in the fire. In the fire, we are folding in the fire, run in opposite directions maybe then you'll meet up on the other side. As the silver takes the sun, and it washes out the fear in everyone. You were too fucked up to see what you would become, if you jump into the fire Slouch Falling fast asleep, can't I wait to see you, keep me up and keep me away from it.

Sleep you keep your mitts off, feeding on our tired our fitful fighting, all the bites you leave behind when you're away from me. Sit Resist Halloween Pts. I am overlooked, I hear every word you said, watch what you said, I am underneath, I am underneath.

nervous but excited lyrics

Master of Art You came with your faith unshaken, unabashed oh my darling you're amazing with your hands so cold and full of callouses. Your name is the only word that I hear. I'll cut your hair short so I could see your ears and I could know you hear my name, hear my name. You'll be shorn and I'll be sure. All I can pray for is that you please will wait for me until I am a master of art, until I have learned everything. Then I swear we can go away for just as long as you think that you can take it, you should know that I am often difficult.

And we'll move to where the weight won't break our fingers when we wake up. And we'll stay inside a shape and we will never ever worry. Don't tire of, don't tire of me yet. I could lie and say to you that this will soon be over. I could lie and say I knew where we'd be waking up tomorrow. You came with your faith unshaken, unabashed oh my darling you're amazing with your hands so cold and full of callouses.

I could make a little shape for us to stay until we have to go away again, the wait is just a little longer. Caretaker I wake up, feed your cat, and tell myself that I'm okay where I'm at. And I take great care keeping this roof pitched but it's lonely out here, I can't make any music.

Understand I can no longer take care. This is the last night in the house I was born in could you give me a ride to the train in the morning? I've got a real nice place on a real nice block with a garden outside, you should see it sometime.

But don't, don't worry about. This is the last night in the house I was born in don't tell me that I have forgotten who I am. I'm gonna write, write, write until it comes out wrong and then I'll hang up my hands on the hook when I'm done. Recorded mostly in their Lansing, MI home, this album captures the comfort of the space.

Kate Peterson and Sarah Cleaver, with voices that hold hands in the dark, called upon a small group of friends to flesh out their modern folk sound and the result is captivating. With what at first sounds like traces of the 60s folk movement, they move through the eleven originals with ease and slowly leave the traces in the dust and leave you wanting more… with feeling.

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  • {home} spun ::: live, summer 2008

The songs reflect a variety of tones and moods, but they overwhelm with their softer love ballads. The mandolin strums chords over distant accordion and banjo and upright bass on Slow and Steady while the upfront, mildly brassy voice is made softer by other, round and mellow. Sunspot is moody as well and though Blessing is of the same tone, it stands a bit above thanks to the super tremolo guitar which weaves itself throughout.

These ladies can rock as well. Wishlist is upbeat and uses what sounds like bowed bass and mild choppy violin or viola to set the pace and even throws in some Eleanor Rigby sounding strings for good measure.

A bit softer but still upbeat, "Lansing" is a head nodder. A light choogling rhythm at the beginning of Mighty Ocean picks up steam and then slows and fades as does the musical dreamscape. Indeed, their instrumental prowess is the bedrock of every song, especially their work on guitar and mandolin, but it takes center stage here and is a great way to end the album, bowed bass and acoustic guitar riding into the sunset.