Shizuo and izaya meet the browns

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shizuo and izaya meet the browns

"Bad-Ass Dude" is the seventh episode of the Durarara!! anime. brains to prevents muscle and bone damage, Shizuo can always reach the limit of his adrenaline. After destroying the Raira's soccer field, Shizuo met Izaya Orihara, Shinra's. Durarara. Literature. Autumn | Kyohei Kadota. Fingers gently brushing against breeding for shows has now produced more shades: oranges, reds, browns. Izaya observed his face as it was reflected in the glinting, purely glimmering metal. .. pursuer as you attempted to grasp the freedom that was forever out of reach. Shizuo trying to attack Izaya the first time they meet. This page is for the relationship between Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima.

You'll probably be asleep when I come back, so see you tomorrow. He wouldn't be asleep, but she didn't need to know that. He counted it as progress. Celty hunched forward and walked past him to the still-open door, which closed behind her with a soft thud. Shinra leaned against the wall of the doorway and let his eyes wander to the pair of guest slippers he hadn't bothered to put away since Izaya's departure the night before.

Kadota was waiting for Shinra on the sidewalk opposite to the school gates the following day. He had foregone the loose clothes he usually wore outside of school days for jeans and an ironed shirt, hadn't bothered wearing a hat or slicking back his hair; it fell loosely around his face and over the small, silver ring at the edge of his right ear so that it was hidden from sight. In the elongated shadows of sunset he looked a couple of years older than he really was, and for a brief second Shinra felt a lick of self-consciousness at his own unremarkable attire—until he saw the blush over Kadota's cheekbones.

Kadota made a face. He called me earlier, he can't make it. I called Izaya, he's on his way to the karaoke right now. Kadota grunted, "Can't let him have all the attention," and took a step toward the busier streets ahead of them without looking back to Shinra's face. Shinra followed at a slower pace. He heard Izaya before he looked up to see him. It seemed he had found the group of girls they were supposed to meet without need for Kadota's introduction—they were standing next to him with shy smiles and attentive eyes as he spoke in a low voice, only breaking away from him when he straightened his back and waved at Kadota's fast-paced approach.

Shinra met his eyes for a second before looking back at the three strangers next to him. He barely listened to Kadota's wavering greetings and his invitation to come inside, only fell in step with him and sat down unthinkingly at the far right of the bench in the cramped room they had reserved for the evening. Kadota sat between him and Izaya, and the girls took the opposite bench with whispered laughs and interested glances.

shizuo and izaya meet the browns

Shinra said his own name mechanically, part of him tied to boredom and part of him fluttering awake under the feeling of being looked at more intently than he wished—or not intently enough for his wishes. He wasn't really sure he wanted to know.

Silence reigned until their drinks came, and Shinra pushed his foot harder against the solid feeling of beer cans inside Kadota's bag next to him, hoping they would get the chance to open them before it was time to leave. The haze of alcohol, though he had little experience with it, seemed like a better prospect than that of embarrassment and awkward ice-breakers. Shinra blinked slowly, a few seconds too late to realize she was talking to him.

No one called him by his last name. He toyed with the idea of not saying anything further; but she looked sweet, with striking clear eyes and a kindness to her voice. I think I forgot your name. Call me Shinra, please, I don't really care for my last name.

Her hair was shorter than his, cropped close to her head and dyed a light brown, and he thought she might be as out of place here as he was, because she lacked the enthusiasm her friends displayed for all the ways she made herself look at him and engage in conversation as if she truly wanted to get to know him.

Shinra's fingers slipped on damp glass when he grabbed his drink. Why are you here? We just didn't get around to doing this until today. The two girls sitting next to Nao were already deep into a conversation largely encouraged by Izaya if not directly led by him.

Kadota was included, and as Shinra watched they all burst into laughter, high pitched over the lower rumble of Kadota's voice, and Izaya turned his head to meet Shinra's eyes over their friend's bowed head with a thin smile at his lips.

His eyes glowed in the purplish light of the booth. It was a realization to himself more than something he actually wanted to say, and it came out as a whisper he thought no one else could hear; but Izaya's mouth twitched on amusement and Nao let out a quiet, "Oh. She was smiling hesitantly now. Shinra didn't look to his left and to the sight of Izaya's hands clenching on thin air anymore. After a while the girl sitting in front of Kadota took hold of the mic while her friend picked a song for her to sing.

She had a nice voice, and judging by the color on Kadota's face he probably thought she had a nice everything else as well. Shinra hid his smile behind his almost-empty glass when he took his next sip of lukewarm soda and ignored the burn of Izaya's eyes on the side of his face. She was smiling at her friend, who turned around to beam at her and exclaimed, "Yes! What do you want to do, Kishitani-kun?

The only gift I want is my loved one's affection. He linked his hands together in his lap and turned to the bright television screen in the corner, and now Shinra was the one looking at the side of his face, bled out white by the harsh lights over their heads as if color couldn't hang to Izaya's skin at all. When Shinra looked back at her there was shyness on her face and not a small amount of relief.

Her question ought to have brought in him the warmth and anticipated pleasure of Celty's eventual conceding to his advances; but it didn't, and Shinra's hand flat on the tabletop was gathering sweat now at the hollow of his palm. He made of fist of it and dragged it back to his lap. You seem like a nice person. Nao wanted to sing next, and Kadota joined her. It left the space on the bench between Shinra and Izaya too empty and too small, too easily closed if either of them wished to—and Shinra didn't think about this, turned his back on the room to walk out of the door and order their drinks to be refilled.

The hallway was less stifling even without moving air. For a while he stood there alone, blinking colorful spots out of his vision to adapt to the less glaring yellow lights of the off-white ceiling. There were slow vibrations on his skin from his contact with the wall, from heavy basses in neighboring booths pouring into his body despite soundproofed doors.

He came back inside with the waiter and held the door open for him to cross the threshold before Shinra did. She was already digging into her handbag for her purse. I can't let you pay for everyone's drinks. It was true, after all. You don't really know how to accept presents, do you? There was no memory associated with gift-offerings between the two of them, no birthday or celebration they didn't ignore or meet with platitudes and sarcasm, but still Shinra's chest swelled with hurt and the air stung coming out of his mouth, and his next words were lower and meaner than he probably meant them to: With how washed out he looked there was no way to see if he paled or blushed, but he licked at his lips absently, and his hand hit against the edge of his glass, its content threatening to spill sticky-sweet against his end of the table.

In the end he jerked his head away to look at the empty spot in front of him—the girl seated opposite him was singing again, alone this time—and Shinra stopped holding his breath, let it out in one shaky sigh Nao could no doubt make out.

His blood rushed past his ears; for a second all he could hear was the beat of his own heart drowning the whine of the music.

Nao was staring at him with a frown. His hand was shaking a little when he grabbed his drink. He grabbed a can with relief, forced the disgusting taste past his lips despite how warm it was and how it made nausea flutter high in his throat. He downed half of it like this, without pause, so that when he finally breathed again heat flooded him.

He was dizzy all at once for a stifling minute. When he finally blinked out the worst of it calm settled on him like a blanket, heavy and warm on his brow. Shinra sipped the rest of his drink slowly. His tongue never quite numbed itself to the horrid bitterness of it, but with how hazy he was he was too tired to even grimace.

shizuo and izaya meet the browns

He lost track of time after that. Part of his mind registered the louder and more unrestrained singing taking place around him, the selection of songs driving away from innocent pop music to more conspicuous lyrics and the odd anime opening theme. Kadota sang a surprising amount of enka to the girls' greatest joy, and then Nao joined him for a duet full of laughter and terrible theatrics, and Shinra's knee bumped Izaya's under the table just as he realized how close the other was to him.

Sorry, he wanted to say. The word was at his mouth with a violence he would have never expected from himself, ready to push past his surprise and reach out to soothe the frown Izaya wore like a badge of honor. He didn't know what he was apologizing for. He had nothing to apologize for; but truth felt like lies, felt like blows against his ribcage in tandem with his heartbeat, and when Izaya turned to look at him with darkness in his eyes Shinra thought he might as well have been physically struck.

His voice should've been too soft to be heard over Kadota's howls. He shook off the sleeve of his jacket to look at his watch—and since when did Izaya wear a wristwatch, Shinra thought, panic flowering in his chest and over the layer of drunk haze he was in.

Durarara!! Episode 07

The shadow of his lashes made his eyes look cruel. Apparently a few minors are getting drunk in one of the booths. Beer cans were open all over the table—even if Shinra reached out to tuck them all back inside Kadota's bag and hope they didn't spill everywhere in the process, the acrid smell was already sticking to the walls and the low-hanging curtains.

There would be no way to erase the evidence before a waiter inevitably came to check up on them, no time to futilely warn Kadota to straighten his act for a stranger's inspection.

Izaya asked Shinra, "What are you going to do? Or at receiving presents. A waiter did come some few moments later. It was a different one from the man Shinra had ordered their drinks to, and his nose twitched at the smell and the sight even as he politely invited them to leave under threat of contacting the police.

Kadota spluttered, and Nao and the other girls put up a shaky front of protest before relenting. Only by walking out of the building and into the chilly night air did Shinra realize just how much time they'd all spent together. He flicked a glance to Nao as he struggled to find remorse for not entertaining her better; but she looked happy, flushed and smiling as her friends talked to her.

She had found her enjoyment on her own—and with Kadota's help, apparently. The wind helped with Shinra's own daze. It slapped against his face and shook off the last of the booze-glow, though his insides still felt warm and his movements sluggish. He regretted not taking a jacket with him. He didn't feel cold, but with awareness back to more or less full potential he knew that was due to the beer more than anything else, and that he ran the risk of catching a cole right before classes started.

Izaya gave him a smile, looking irritatingly composed despite his own illicit intake of beer. But then, Shinra thought Izaya might be ahead of them all for these things, considering who he seemed to be hanging around.

The bald, ill-shaven man who sometimes waited for him after school didn't look like the most upstanding of citizens. He gestured to his right where the street opened bright and noisy. Izaya glanced above his shoulder. She had her arm hooked with the other girl, and Nao was standing beside her.

The he pushed lightly at Shinra's back to start him walking away. Shinra tried to look back, confused.

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He pushed his glasses back up his nose and inhaled a breath of icy air. They walked in silence until the crossroad where Izaya and himself should have parted ways. But Izaya didn't show a sign of turning away or stopping to say goodbye, didn't so much as glance in the direction of his own home; he stepped in front of Shinra when Shinra stopped, hands in his coat pockets and head turned front.

All Shinra could see of his face was the side of his jaw and the slow sway of his hair. He wanted to ask, Aren't you going home, or, Are you coming over again? But as he caught up to Izaya and matched his stride to his all he found himself asking was, "Why did you tell them we were getting drunk? It wasn't any different from their usual banter, but it burned bright for the longest second after Izaya's words stopped coming—as if Izaya hadn't meant any hurtful comment he had made before this one, as if Izaya wasn't just stating the truth of things anymore.

Shinra had no qualms about making fun of Izaya. Of his cruelty, of his jealousy, of his aching loneliness. It took Izaya a few seconds to notice and slow down himself, and when he turned around he looked confused and faintly surprised. Izaya stared at him wordlessly. His shoulders tensed a little, as if he was making fists of his hands inside his pockets and the tension was running up all the way to his neck.

He made as if to turn on his heels and walk away. Shinra shifted on his feet and planted himself into the ground so he wouldn't walk after him.

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You know better than to think I have anything to offer you. What is wrong with you? Shizuo grabbed his arm and accidentally broke it. Soon after, Shizuo decided that if he was going to destroy his body if he held back, he would stop holding back.

As Shizuo and Kasuka walked home, they met a kind shopkeeper who commented on Shizuo's tendency to get injured and gave them bottles of milk.

Later, he saw men harassing the shopkeeper, lost control, and destroyed the shop, injuring her in the process. Sitting at a park with Kasuka, Shizuo asked if his little brother is ever scared of him, to which Kasuka replied, "not really. Celty Sturluson drove up and Shinra told her he was worried when she didn't come home. He asked if she was looking for her head, which she confirmed, but he joked with her, saying she was probably seeing another guy to which Celty punched him.

Shinra introduced Shizuo and Celty by announcing that he was going to marry her. After destroying the Raira's soccer field, Shizuo met Izaya OriharaShinra's friend from middle school. Shizuo instantly dislike him and attempted to punch him, but Izaya responded by slashing Shizuo's chest with his knife. Izaya said their fight was indeed a blast. Shizuo proceeded to chase him through the streets of Ikebukuro, then was run over by a truck. Izaya paid the driver, who was shocked.

Shizuo arrived at Shinra's apartment and broke down his door while Celty tried to calm him down. Shinra was excited to see Shizuo although Izaya was at his place, too. Izaya was amazed Shizuo could still stand after their fight. In Shizuo's apartment, he ranted to Kasuka, who pulled out a bottle of milk for Shizuo to drink. Gangs sent by Izaya would take on Shizuo to boost their reputation, although none succeeded in beating him.

Shizuo commented that while Shinra and Celty were still the same as always, Izaya was hatching something with the Awakusu and yakuza. Shizuo wanted to settle down and tried multiple jobs. Kasuka, who was a famous film star by that time, visited the bar at which he was working and gave him several bartender uniforms, saying Shizuo should stay in one place for a little while.

Izaya framed Shizuo for a crime he didn't commit, but the police soon realized his innocence and released him.

Izaya and Shizuo

However, he was again fired from his job and apologized to a poster of Kasuka. Tom was passing by and asked Shizuo to be his bodyguard, assuring him he would never have to fight because people would pay up upon hearing Shizuo's name. They passed Kasuka preparing to shoot a movie, and while Shizuo avoided eye contact, his little brother saw him and nodded. This make Shizuo feel a little more at peace. He and Tom were collecting money from three delinquents in an arcade.

One of them asked if Shizuo was a butler, and Tom was shocked they could live in Ikebukuro and not know Shizuo Heiwajima. One of the delinquents spit his drink on Shizuo and asked "the butler" to get him another.