Sasha and mafuyu meet again headstone

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sasha and mafuyu meet again headstone

This will give you fundamentals to fall back on when you write game .. I had always enjoyed playing video games. and through him I met quite a few other protagonist—Mafuyu's sister Miku. the story's hero Mafuyu begins to search for the Sample The camera comes to rest on a headstone over an old grave. Fanpop quiz: Seikon no Qwaser II, what said Mafuyu after she and Sasha met again? - See if you can answer this Anime trivia question!. Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Mafuyu no Dance () Asian Kung-Fu Fishbone Beat – Always (DJ Sasha & John Digweed Psychadelic Martini Mix) (3: 39) .. () Headstones – Cubically Contained () Johnny Cash – If We Never Meet Again This Side of Heaven ()

Willem better be careful… In his room, those girls again bug him but he allows them in. He meets the acquaintance of Pannibal, Tiat, Collon and Lakesh.

He answers all their questions before Chtholly has them return to their rooms.

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Chtholly hints that both questions are related. They are the so called weapons and he is going to be their caretaker. Flashback years ago when Willem was a young lad. A girl who refers to him as father is talking to him about the final war he is about to fight. She hopes he has something concrete to hold on.

A reason for him to return. So how about butter cake. A super big one for his next birthday. However that wish will not be fulfilled since a year from then, humanity was wiped out. Episode 2 Willem cannot believe all these kids are weapons. Some of them are afraid of him, though.

Ithea teases Willem to be a lolicon and he plays along. When Nygglatho licks him just to taste him?! He makes pudding for the kids and they love it. Thanks to that, they open their hearts to him. Kids are so easy and honest. Ithea continues to tease Chtholly for thinking about Willem and Nephren notices Chtholly cherishing the hat he bought for her in the closet.

sasha and mafuyu meet again headstone

When one of the girls, Almita falls off the cliff to retrieve a ball, Willem is shocked that she does not mind her injuries despite bleeding. It dawned to him that they do no regard their own lives. He wants Nygglatho to tell him the truth so she brings him down to a vault. Everyone has been living up in the floating islands in fear of them ever since.

Inside the vault are swords called carillons or dug weapons. They are the only weapons capable of fighting the 17 beasts. But only emnetwihts can use them and if they are all gone, who is using them?

Those girls are leprechauns, fairies who have imitated emnetwihts since ancient times and can use their weapons like one would. Their bodies were made as weapons to be expended in battle and fear no death. Willem notices that Ithea and Chtholly have been gone for a few days.

sasha and mafuyu meet again headstone

He picks them up when they returned. Their armour obviously ragged. He knows they have gone down to fight the 17 beasts. He knows nothing much except what Nygglatho told them. Ithea admits they are just disposable lives using emnetwihts weapons. Chtholly wakes up in the infirmary, surprised Willem is nursing her fever. She says that in 5 days she is going to die and hopes he will be nicer to her.

It seems after centuries of fighting the 17 beasts, fairies are able to predict their attacks with accuracy. In 5 days, Island 15 will come under a powerful timere attack. The beasts cannot fly but a timere can release parts of tis body into the air.

Although she knows it cannot be defeated using conventional methods, a fairy wielding a dug weapon can take it out at the cost of her life. She wants Willem to kiss her as her final request. Willem seems disappointed that is all she asks for.

She throws a tantrum believing she insulted her last wish. She wants to leave a mark. She continues sulking so he kisses he forehead. Then he strips her so he can give her a back massage to alleviate some poisoning symptoms. Is that pain or pleasure? Episode 3 Nephren notices Willem looking through the file storage late at night. She helps him look for files on timere.

Next morning, Chtholly wakes up very embarrassed what happened last night. Going to take a peek… Well, technically she is sleeping on his lap. They fight, open Fairy Gate and die. So Willem challenges her to a dug weapon duel.

Surprisingly she is easily defeated. Chtholly refuses to accept this because it means the deaths of other fairies were in vain.

Willem then collapses and starts bleeding. Flashback shows a young Willem almost defeating a beast. However the spells he used became a curse. The beast goes into slumber for a century while Willem becomes petrified. Willem wakes up in the infirmary with Nygglatho nursing him. Nygglatho tells the girls how she was helping a group of salvagers and found Willem frozen in some underground lake. Some babel talisman he had helped them communicate.

After calming down, they realized he is the last human or emnetwihts as they are called, left. Instead they excitedly rush to Willem and bug him about his heroics. Nygglatho chases them out with that I-will-eat-you look. Chtholly still cannot accept it all so she takes a night flight but bumps into a patrolling military airship.

She tells of her dilemma. Because of his different method, she is now somewhat scared of death. Limeskin tells her about resolve and resignation which are basically the same thing. All warriors have wind in their hearts. She returns only to see Willem doing maintenance on her dug weapon, Seniorious. She tells him about her talk with Limeskin. He tries to give her a reward as motivation. Just name anything you want. Except marriage of course. In that case, how about making butter cake for her?

Sounds familiar… An older fairy used to make it for them when she returned from battle. Willem agrees to bake it for her so please come back alive no matter what. Willem will continue to wait and believe in them. As Nygglatho explained, when young fairies have harbinger dreams, they are sent to this city for check-up. Since they have time, they look around the city and Tiat is having so much fun since the city is mainly used in many romance movies.

Not all fairies can wield a dug weapon. Those with such dreams are said to be able to and thus the check-up is to tune them so they can fight as adult fairies. The check-up is also necessary because as fairies are unnatural beings, some may lose their minds and go crazy.

Tiat has to stay overnight for tuning. She is eager to grown up. Willem wonders if she understands what that means because it denotes becoming a soldier and going off to battle. Willem stays at the military HQ. Next day, a lady named Phyr bumps into him and thought Willem can help her arrange a meeting with Limeskin.

He apologizes that dragon dude is away fighting and has put up barriers that prevent any communication. Suddenly there is a commotion. Reports have come in regarding the battle results on Island Willem rushes to get more information. It seems the defence has failed.

Willem goes into shock. Shortly, Limeskin, Chtholly, Ithea and Nephren return! Not too sure about the delay in report or something. The moment Willem sees them, he uses some supersonic flash move so fast that no naked eye could catch him to hug Chtholly! So I guess the rest are teasing this emotional boy and he only lets go and calms down when he takes a roll call.

Should have seen this coming because Chtholly slaps him. Episode 5 Flashback during the battle on Island Chtholly was going all out in fighting the beast. However it spawns quickly. Unfortunately it spawned a never-seen-before creature and thus Limeskin called off the mission and to abandon the island.

At that time Chtholly experienced some sort of creepy dream. As Limeskin explains this to Willem, Chtholly blames herself for the failure. If she had blown herself up maybe they would stand a chance. Phyr then comes in to see Limeskin.

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Despite calling him uncle, she is the daughter of his close friend who is the mayor of this town. Her father has received a threatening note from the Assassination Nights that they will kill him if he goes ahead in some policy. Limeskin cannot help her and suggests Willem. He turns down even before he has to hear what he says. Oh, time to go pick up Tiat. Because Tiat is hungry and smells some nice stall food, Phyr takes them to a proper and better place.

First Magdalena massacre

Phyr and Tiat click because of how much they love the place. Strangely, it becomes a sightseeing tour with Phyr becoming their tour guide. After a while, they are surrounded by the Assassination Knights. They plan to kidnap Phyr as insurance. These jokers… Anyway, Willem knew they were following them and was using Phyr as bait.

Willem then uses his hand as an air gun and shoots them! Luckily the golem guards are here to round them all up. Willem snickers and the girls think he really looks like the bad guy here. Willem gets thanks for nothing since Phyr slaps him for using her. Then she chides him for rubbing her belly when they first met albeit accidentally because there is some sort of romantic connotations to it.

Then she storms off. On the way back, Chtholly knows the trick to his air gun. It was just a distraction and he was shooting coins from his other hand. As his student, she knows his fighting style. She knows he wants to return to fight. Willem admits he spent years waiting for death, wanting to go back to those waiting for him. Meeting them has changed him. He now has a place to return.

With them returning alive, it brings him happiness. Chtholly then admits that she loves him. Before they could step into the airship, Buronny Maxi from the military police wants Willem to come with him for there is someone he wants him to meet. Till he mentions the name Souwong Kandel.

It made him stop dead in his tracks. Chtholly knows the implication of this and presses hard for Willem not go. She threatens to get mad. Well, still not enough to stop him. He promises to come back but it feels hollow. Episode 6 Willem is shocked to see this old sage is Souwong. Likewise that old fart is shocked to see Willem alive.

So all the years he cried for nothing? But how can Souwong still be alive for years? He did die in that battle. But before that he placed a curse on himself and altered his life force. He cannot die of old age or injury and is no longer human. Souwong wants to bring him to see another person. On the holy grounds of Sky Island 2, there is something familiar with this huge talking skull.

Eboncandle was the beast Willem fought before being petrified. Souwong would gladly slap him to see if this is just a dream. Eboncandle was also shocked when he woke up in this form. Willem learns that in order for the survivors to escape the 17 beasts, Souwong and Eboncandle used all their powers to levitate some of the ground that became the floating islands as we know today. Somehow that power lasted till today. You could say that humans did destroy the surface. Souwong considers Willem indispensable to their plan to take back the surface.

The plan is to attack the 17 beasts themselves. The battle might require all resources from all the cities. Though they can produce fairies, their problem is the shortage of usable carillons. However this touched a nerve in Willem. Flashback shows Chtholly going crazy with her crazy dream. It caused her to cut the island in half! And right now she is going crazy and losing herself. Souwong continues explaining that fairies are borderline unstable ghosts.

Souls of children not realizing they are dead wandering in the world. He considers them not as living and with his necromancy skills, allowed him to produce fairies from them. Their short lives make it ideal for combat as they produce explosive venenum. But if they generate too much, memories of past lives can eat into them causing mental disintegration.

Willem is not please he takes lightly their sacrifice. I mean, who will they return to? Who is there waiting for them? Because Regles Aile is a place everyone calls home. Anxious Willem immediately returns to her side. He is shocked to see her in vegetative state as Ithea says she kept her promise as long as she could. She should have died in battle but because she wanted to see him so badly, she held out.

Chtholly is in some abstract wold, following a girl name Elq. From her first tower view to her first loss in battle, it is no surprise he should be the first one to fall in love with. We can do the talking later because hugging and crying out loud is more important.

Episode 7 On a survey ship, Rhantolk and Nopht are a fairytale about humans as the biggest mistake God made since they created beasts that destroyed the surface. They are interested to know more about these beasts because they threaten the existence of others but they are also the very reason for fairies to exist. Chtholly is worried it may be a side effect of the coma as strands of her hair are turning red.

Other than that, she feels healthy and good. Until things settle down, she wants her to stay away from dug weapons. Nygglatho suggests getting married.

Since Chtholly is not confident, Nygglatho gives a little push or rather a warning to be quick or some other girls might snatch him. And so Chtholly gets her wish granted as Willem bakes her a butter cake. Ah, the good taste after having fought a tough battle.

Chtholly continues her normal life but has to live with Ithea constantly teasing her about her romance. Nygglatho has Willem and Limeskin meet up. Dragon dude looks weird in casual clothes because he is suspended from service for losing a battle.

As she is not a leprechaun temporarily but on paper she is still a fairy, this means she cannot be discharged nor turn down a sortie. Can Limeskin adjust the line-up? He could but the order might come from someone higher. Willem wonders if Souwong has any influence in the military. He is the top adviser. Willem wants it to send a report that makes it sound like in order to research leprechaun physiology, Willem has chosen Chtholly as a test subject.

Souwong will take this as an indirect way of him to be given responsibility of her and will agree thinking he can make him owe him. Right now they are on the surface. A beast attacks a military outpost but Nopht easily cuts it apart.

He has to transport a huge airship down to the surface where the team there is researching the ruins. As they have found a large quantity of emnetwiht relics, thus a large transport is needed. He gives him see a journal of the ruins. Willem recognizes some of the landmarks. It is his birthplace, Gomag City in the Imperial territory. But it is the dug weapon, Lapidemsibilus that he is interested in. After that he accompanies Chtholly shopping and she likes the idea other people think they are a couple.

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He tells her he is going to the surface and picked Nephren. He is tired of waiting for others to return. This means she too wants to come along with him. While he tries to dissuade her, she is practically stubborn, citing his own words that she too is tired of waiting others to return.

Heck, she even got permission from Goldey. But Willem only knows that happened because he thought Chtholly is his lover and many officers usually bring their secretaries on trips. Willem and Nephren overslept as they do research on Lapidemsibilus. Alestorm — Teror on the High Seas 3: Alestorm — The Huntmaster 4: Alestorm — The Quest 4: Alestorm — To the End of Our Days 6: Alestorm — Weiber Und Wein 3: Alestorm — Wolves of the Sea 3: Alex the Skunk — Wack Crystals 3 2: Alex the Skunk — Wack Crystals 5 2: Alex the Skunk — Wack Crystals 6 2: Alexisonfire — Accidents 4: Alexisonfire — Boiled Frogs 3: Alexisonfire — Control 3: Alexisonfire — Crisis 3: Alexisonfire — Get Fighted 3: Alexisonfire — Happiness By The Kilowatt 5: Alexisonfire — Jubella 2: Alexisonfire — Keep It On Wax 3: Alexisonfire — Kennedy Curse 3: Alexisonfire — Mailbox Arson 3: Alexisonfire — No Transitory 3: Alexisonfire — Pulmonary Archery 3: Alexisonfire — Rough Hands 5: Alexisonfire — Sharks And Danger 4: Alexisonfire — That Girl Possessed 3: Alexisonfire — To A Friend 3: Alexisonfire — We Are The End 3: Alexisonfire — We Are The Sound 3: Alexisonfire — White Devil 3: Alexisonfire — You Burn First 2: Alice Cooper — Feed My Frankenstein 4: Alien Ant Farm — Smooth Criminal 3: Altan — The Wedding Jig 6: Amadori — Soba ni Iru Kara 3: Analogfish — Speed 3: Andre Nickatina — Ayo for Yayo 3: Andrew WK — Fun Night 3: Andrew WK — Party Hard 3: Animal Collective — Winters Love 4: Apollo — Stop The Rock 3: Aqua — Barbie Girl 3: Aqua — Candyman 3: Aqua — Turn Back Time 4: Aqua Timez — Velonica 4: Armchair Cynics — Awkward Smile 4: Armchair Cynics — Bang 3: Armchair Cynics — Capitalize 2: Armchair Cynics — Endorphins 4: Armchair Cynics — Money 2: Armchair Cynics — Surprise Ending 4: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — 12 4: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — 24 ji 3: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Blackout 5: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Butterfly 4: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Compass 2: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Denpatou 3: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — E 4: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Entrance 3: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Eternally 3: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Furasshubakku 1: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Gekkou 6: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Hold me tight 4: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — I wonder if everybody can sing their scream 4: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — Living dead 4: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — My friend 5: Asian Kung-Fu Generation — N.

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sasha and mafuyu meet again headstone

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