Sam and dean meet joshua

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sam and dean meet joshua

Dean and Sam are killed by the hunters Walt and Roy. The awake in heaven and Castiel contacts Dean and asks him to seek out the angel Joshua. Meanwhile. Zachariah is a fictional character portrayed by Kurt Fuller on The CW Television Network's Sam and Dean later have a falling out and go their separate ways. Zachariah God intervenes again, though, instructing his angelic emissary Joshua restore the Winchesters' lives. .. "Meet the New Boss"; "Hello, Cruel World". Sam and Dean meet up with slightly unhinged hunter Gordon, who's Lucifer fails to kill Amara, even with the power of the Horn of Joshua.

Dean meets Death

Joshua survived the angel fall, and upon Heaven getting back into order, decided to step aside and not take any authoritative roles. After Lucifer impregnated Kelly Kline with a NephilimJoshua returned to the fold, leading Heaven in their attempts to track down Kelly Kline, but he was killed by Dagon when Castiel arrives at the portal to Heaven with Kelly.

He is the only angel he knows of that talks directly to God and has maintained contact up until now. If they were to locate him, they could potentially extract the exact position of God himself, and essentially end the Apocalypse. After the Winchesters get into a dangerous position with ZachariahJoshua finds them restrained and asks Zachariah to let him deliver a message to Sam and Dean. After Zachariah refuses, Joshua tactfully pulls rank on him, hinting that a higher authority God has ordered this event, and quietly implies that should he not comply, God's wrath would be likely punishment.

sam and dean meet joshua

Whisking the brothers away to the center of Heaventhe Garden, he delivers the message that God is indeed the one who rescued them from Luciferraised Castieland granted salvation to Dean and even Sam. He also reveals that God is on Earth, somewhere. When asked why God would choose to speak to Joshua and not to anyone else, Joshua speculates that because God and he are both "gardeners" to a degree, God must feel that Joshua can sympathize with him better than anyone else, adding that God is also on the lonely side.

Telling them that God wants them to "back off," he reveals that God seems to feel that the Apocalypse is not his problem, and he will not help.

Joshua seems genuinely sad to be the bearer of bad news, assuring the Winchesters that he is rooting for them to prevail in their struggle, but assures them that this is no lie. Sending them back to Earth, he parts with the words that God wants them to "remember. Citing that Joshua has the authority allow Castiel back into Heaven. I love you, too. You are my little angel. How 'bout some pie? What do you want me to say?

See you got Winchesterland.

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A whole mess of everybody-else-lands. Put them all together: At the center of it all? Is the Magic Kingdom. So everybody gets a little slice of paradise. A few people share—special cases. We can still stop all this, Dean. This is a reference to the popular quote "The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Dark Side of the Moon

Yeah, well, if this is the SkyMall it sucks. SkyMall is the name of an in-flight publication, best known for selling unusual products.

sam and dean meet joshua

In the movie PoltergeistCarol-Anne is pulled through a television into another realm by a poltergeist. Different people see it as different things. The road will lead you to the Garden. The axis mundi is a concept appearing in all cultures that there is some place that is the center of creation and describes a point of connection between the earthly plane and the spiritual one.

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I think we hit the yellow bricks, find this Joshua cat. Welcome to my blue Heaven! My Blue Heaven is the title of two films. See, you gotta stop thinking of Heaven as one place. Like Disneyland except without all the anti-Semitism.

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Walt Disney, and many working at the Disney Studios during the '30s and '40s were purported to be anti-Semitic. Ash confirms that previously when Sam and Dean were brought back from Heaven, their memory of the experience was removed.

At the end of the episode Joshua says this time they will remember everything.

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So this is how you get around up here? Hm, more or less. Ash has rigged a PC to monitor angels as they speak Enochianby using string theory.