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The Michael Kay Show panel discusses a debate as old as time: Who's got the edge between MJ & King James?. Brendan Kennedy and his team at Privateer Holdings are developing When Kennedy and his partners Christian Groh and Michael Blue founded Privateer in , they Nevertheless, Kennedy agreed to meet Moen for coffee in Portland. . where Bob Marley is from – of one of its greatest icons and cultural exports. Privateer Personalities - Terrance Syon. New Orleans A: Chicago Bulls would have to be my favorite sports team because of the legacy Michael Jordan left. Q: How Q: If you could meet one celebrity who would it be and why? Q: Would you rather go to the Eiffel Tower or to the Great Wall of China?.

You could pass him pretty easily. He picked it up fairly quickly, though. Now, you'd have a hard time keeping up with him. Abbott said when Jordan started out on a superbike he had some difficulty adapting his 6-foot-6 frame on a superbike intended for much shorter riders.

So the bike was modified. Pegs were moved around and even the seat was adjusted. Now his racing bike fits like a glove. He has, since he's gotten the racing bug, said Abbott, cut down on his street riding, although he does take out the bike on occasion. Apparently, he goes to most races. His hope is that his presence will bring attention to a sport trying hard to get front-page coverage. Call my mom and junior college coach. What would you like the most as a school mascot?

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Panther- it was my high school mascot. If you didn't come to UNO, where would you be right now? Somewhere working on my game. If you could be the head coach of a team for a year, what team would you choose?

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What is your best non-athletic talent? My sense of humor Q: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why? Anywhere out of the states since I've never left the country before.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

Michael B. Jordan Does Not Want to Meet Michael Jordan Until 'He Knows Who I Am'

What is your favorite sport? What is your favorite sports team? Who is the person who has influenced you the most in your life and why? My mom is my inspiration to better myself everyday as she is simply the strongest person I know. Are you a cat or dog person? They came up with a picture of two urban professionals who used cannabis to deal with symptoms of multiple sclerosis and cancer. They shelved the ad until about a year later when they heard that the Times would be publishing a series of articles about marijuana and was intending to write an editorial in support of cannabis legalization.

A few weeks before that, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law legalizing medical marijuana. Kennedy called his partners and said they should pull out the ad and run it in the Aug.

They agreed, despite the risk that the company could set itself up for criticism — and perhaps even federal scrutiny. It ranked as the first cannabis ad to ever run in the New York Times and generated news stories in 97 countries, he said. Seeds of Globalization In the summer ofHealth Canada was trying to generate interest among investors who could potentially finance new cultivation enterprises seeking medical marijuana licenses. As part of those efforts, the agency — which is responsible for overseeing public health in Canada — contacted Privateer.

Officials wanted to see if the firm would be interested in getting behind any of the groups vying for new federal cultivation licenses. Despite a rule that Privateer would not get involved with businesses that touch marijuana, Kennedy, Groh and Blue were intrigued by the possibility of having a federal license to grow marijuana. The Canadian health official gave the Privateer team a list of about 20 applicants, but they ended up meeting about 50 applicants in six weeks.

They liked certain individuals from certain teams, but not any teams as a whole. So they asked if they could build their own team. Health Canada said yes. Privateer bought a building in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, on Jan. Naming and branding a newly created company that grew medical marijuana was an altogether different challenge than anything Privateer encountered with Leafly, which was already established and smartly branded. Working with dozens of names and logos provided to them by Heckler Associates — the Seattle-based branding firm behind Starbucks and other major companies — Kennedy and a mix of Privateer managers and staffers would review and score the names and logos and eliminate their way to an eventual winner.

There was one rule: People either really like it or hate it. To build its name, Tilray has used a variety of strategies. The company invited national and local news outlets to the opening of its grow facility, focusing on the fact that the facility would employ some workers. It also provided discounts to senior citizens and patients making their first order.

Moreover, Tilray made waves in Canada by criticizing competitors that gave kickbacks to doctors who referred patients to them. It even started a new industry association — the Canadian Medical Cannabis Council — with two other cultivation companies.

These days Tilray is working on export deals and partnerships that will put the company in some U. But Tilray has also had its share of problems, including product recalls and downsizing. Last year, for instance, it laid off roughly 60 employees. This type of turbulence can lead to bad press, which in turn can impact the brand. Capitalizing on a Cannabis Icon One company that Tilray might eventually be able to grow marijuana for also happens to be the third and most recent business Privateer brought under its wing: This is where Kennedy and his team broke one of their most important rules: Russ Belville, host of a marijuana-centric radio show, took him to task in a Huffington Post article.