Meet the cast of austin and ally new episode

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meet the cast of austin and ally new episode

The Austin & Ally cast is back together! Marano, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy, all met up to spend some time together this weekend!. "Austin and Ally" is the romantic relationship pairing of Austin Moon and Ally Dawson, Of Terror 2", the season 2 Halloween episode of Girl Meets World. the titular characters of their own popular Disney Channel series, Austin & Ally, However, Riley suggests ten as an appropriate time to her new friends, and is. "Austin & Ally" ran on the Disney Channel from to The cast of the show included Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Calum Worth and Raini Meet The Cast Of The Disney Channel Original Movie “Zombies” · How We All Reacted To The Netflix “Grace And Frankie” Season 5 Renewal Announcement.

They hug again before Trish reminds Austin that 10, fans are waiting for him to perform. At the end of the episode, Trish, Austin and Dez wake up and open the curtains to Ally's bed -- and promptly discover that Lulu the Buttercup has taken her spot. Meanwhile, Ally finds herself on the same bus as the rest of the Buttercups.

So he just left his phone on the bus and disappeared?

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I have no idea where he is but I found Crunckins. I just got off the plane.

meet the cast of austin and ally new episode

Where are you guys? We're by Gate I don't see you. You got off the plane, but you don't see me!

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I don't get it. How could we be at the same gate and the same airport, and not see each other? Which Portland are you in? I'm in Portland, Maine. There are two Portlands? We're 3, miles apart.

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I finally realized why I've had so much trouble finishing songs. I need someone to bounce my ideas off of. That means a lot. I'm gonna miss you. Austin, Wait, I was thinking. What's the point of going to a meeting with a bunch of unfinished songs? Wouldn't it make more sense to reschedule the meeting, and come in with finished songs?

Yeah, it makes sense to me. I want you to help me finish the songs. I'm gonna stay with you for the rest of the tour. I hate to break this up again but ten thousand people are kind of waiting for you.

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I don't see him. You don't think he missed his flight? Flame-O's, the world's hottest cheese-puffs. However, Riley suggests ten as an appropriate time to her new friends, and is surprised to learn that is when the Monster Parade actually starts.

meet the cast of austin and ally new episode

After the Matthews have left to take Auggie and his friends Trick-or-Treating, the girls tell Ally and Austin that they should not feel obligated to stay with them as their friends, Lucas and Farkleshould be along soon. However, no one seems to notice that Larry, the security guard assigned to the Haunted House, abruptly morphs into a young woman clad in a white Flapper Girl dress.

Riley and Maya reveal that the recent arrival is actually a ghost, even as the newcomer asks the girls to take her home because she is scared. When Riley asks what is wrong, the girl in white explains it is the choice of the Haunted House. Ally asks if that means the place doesn't look authentic, but the enigmatic female flatly states that the house is truly haunted, as she knows the ghost that dwells there.

Despite Riley and Maya's insistence that that they are correct in their claim, both Austin and Ally are dubious of the "Ghostiness" of the supposed specter. However, they are convinced, when with a simple gesture, the Ghost transforms their costumes into formal wear indicative of the Jazz Era.

meet the cast of austin and ally new episode

An appreciative Austin even declares she has style. The Ghost recalls the history of the property, in her lifetime it was a place that always granted a great time, where one could dance the night away, and Tessie, her best friend, who lived there, was always the life of the party.

meet the cast of austin and ally new episode

But in the ensuing years, the house has been neglected and fallen into disrepair. Ally catches Austin being affected by the story, but he denies it. Now the only one that lives within, is the spirit of Tessie, who merely sits in her bay window, alone and forgotten. When Riley and Maya ask what they could do to help, the Ghost declares there was one thing Tessie could never resist, and magically makes top hats and canes appear for the group.

meet the cast of austin and ally new episode

Riley and Maya, along with Ally and Austin, then begin singing and dancing a rendition of "Hot Feet," an authentic song from the Jazz Age.