Meet banter lads and lasses

Meet the FLambassadors / Fat Lad At The Back

meet banter lads and lasses

Geordie Shore Meet The New Lad & Lass Hittin' The Toon! He added: "I'd probably shag her again though, just for the banter.” Sounds. Being a fat lad on a bike and the odd laughter from white van man is better and banter but if it was a professional I think it would be Bradley Wiggins . be the Fat Lad/Lass At the Back that they have to wait for going up hills. Posts may be removed if not enough guidelines are met. Un-mad lads /r/ madlads on reddit: Trending She doesn't need reasons she's a fucking mad lass. permalink Yeah, and OP clearly doesn't know what banter is.

But after the first day we all decided that we would eat out for the rest of the week.

meet banter lads and lasses

With the exception of grabbing toast and a few of the tastier bits in the morning to quell the hangover. Highly recommend 'The Red Lion'.

They gave great service, and served great food with my drinks and dessert on the house for my birthday night. That brings me on to the night life. We didnt go right at the peak of the season, but after talking to one of guys who worked for that season as bar staff in Roadhouse, One of the bars on the main strip it seemed just as well.

Geordie Shore's new lads and lasses hit the Toon as filming continues - but fans don't seem keen

He told me that late July and early August the ratio of boys to girls was 7: And between late Aug early Sept it starts to chill and even itself out.

The vast majority of the bars are really great and offer good deals with drinks and great music. The clubs were absolutely outstanding.

Plenty of poles and booths and dancefloor room and lights and brilliant music and dark corners need i say more. All of the clubs i went into i came out of feeling alive, happy, drunk and well and truly snogged. Seriously, i couldnt do this holiday experience enough justice.

meet banter lads and lasses

In terms of other activities, the beach provides gyms, and watersports, which were a bit steep in price, but that was only for our modest budjets. I would highly recommend heading out to 'Water City' which makes for a brilliant day out once youre settled in. Easy enough to book, you just head towards the main crossroads and just before, on the right hand side there's a small office with signs outside run by a friendly young couple where you can book it all.

The beaches are nice, but a bit over comercialised, and to be honest a bit smaller than i expected. But the sea was beautiful and so, so warm. But back onto subject, as far as reviewing the Triton goes, i had no problems with this hotel at all. To be honest i was expecting a lot less for the amount of money i paid and the hotel experience made no detriment to my holiday at all. Great to spend days recovering from hangovers in, or just use as a base to sleep in between the nights out.

More Show less Date of stay: September Trip type: I've worked in various roles where I was responsible for skips, which are the end-point for any waste's journey. I used to see large organisations throwing out skips full of chairs, desks, cupboards, cabinets, anything you would care to mention. At the time there was no real way of redistributing these assets safely or conveniently in a beneficial way.

So I set up Warp It. In that first year I managed to secure contracts with Newcastle City Council, Gateshead Council, and a couple of universities, which gave me enough finance, motivation and evidence to realise it was a proper business.

Digital Sparkles

I then started working full-time with WarpIt after its two-year incubation period. Warp It is such a cool name; how did you come up with it? Is Warp It a cool name? I have daily problems with the name Warp It. I'm on the phone all the time and when I say: It's an interesting story.

Planning a lads or lass' clubbing holiday? - Review of Triton Hotel, Malia, Greece - TripAdvisor

I called the consultancy Waste Action and at the time my vision offering different software to offer my customers, so I called it Waste Action Reuse Portal, Warp, that's where the Warp came from. Then I had visions that Warp would be a verb. When people look for information, they Google it. When people wanted to swap their assets, I wanted them to say they're going to "Warp It.

What is the most sparkly bit of what you do? Every time I see a positive match on the system. When someone uploads an operator's chair, and it's a tatty old operator's chair and someone else wants it and they do a trade and it gets delivered.

I also get a huge buzz when schools or charities claim assets off corporations.

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Also, I just like talking to people, I love being out there and running my own business and selling my own product, and that really enthuses me. My brain is always popping about ideas how I can help these people.

That's quite sparkly as well. What about the challenges? We offer what people say is an innovative platform, or an innovative solution. I don't think it's innovative, it should be mainstream! My main challenge is changing behaviours.

I was talking to a second-hand furniture dealer a little while ago and he reckoned that some people will never buy a product. Then there's the rest who are in the bar, drinking gin and tonic, and they're attitude is not to worry, carry on drinking gin and jump on the lifeboat later.

So I do sometimes feel like a lifeboat man on the Titanic. What are your goals for the next few years? My goals are clear for this year.