Marius and cosette meet the press

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marius and cosette meet the press

While visiting church, Marius once again meets Mabeuf, who tells Marius that his . On one of Marius' visits with Cosette, Thénardier and Patron-Minette attempt. That would be "Cosette," a page attempt to pick up where "Les Miserables" -- or, more and the stage is neatly set for, as the press packet says, "a major motion picture/TV mini-series." In the aftermath, the two lovers -- Marius and Cosette -- marry and live in grand . Meet Melania Trump's enforcer. Les Mis is played out so nicely that it truly works that Marius and Cosette get together. If it wasn't for Eponine, Marius would never have met.

She is fourteen years old, and fresh out of the convent, so he pays little attention to her.

marius and cosette meet the press

After a few months, Marius notices her and sees that she has grown to be an extremely beautiful young woman. Soon Cosette and Marius exchange glances and fall in love. Valjean notices how attentive Marius is to their movements. She was very young. When he learns that Marius has followed them home and inquired about them, he quickly moves to a more obscure address with Cosette.

Marius watches Cosette for a few nights before approaching her.

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When Cosette and Marius finally meet again in the garden, they confess their mutual love, share their first kiss, and introduce themselves. They continue to meet in secret. The same night, Cosette informs Marius that she and Valjean will be departing for England soon.

marius and cosette meet the press

This news devastates them both, because it will mean the end of their relationship. Marius briefly attempts to obtain money and permission to marry from his grandfather to circumvent this issue.

marius and cosette meet the press

Their discussion dissolves into a heated argument stemming from the grandfather's suggestion to "Make her Cosette your Marius' mistress", and Marius storms out. Valjean considers this in horror for a few days, then informs Cosette they will move to their other house and will be in England in a week. Cosette quickly writes a letter to Marius with this information. Marius writes a farewell letter to Cosette, which is delivered to Valjean by Gavroche.

After the battle is over, he takes Marius' unconscious body through the sewers. After, quite literally, dragging Marius through quicksand in the sewer, Valjean finally manages to get Marius through the sewers alive.

Javert helps Valjean return Marius to his grandfather's house, and Valjean requests to be brought home to say goodbye to Cosette before being sent back to the galleys. Javert allows it, and when Valjean instinctively looks out the window, Javert is gone.

We later find out that Valjean's sparing his life at the barricade had caused a moral paradox and that Javert had gone to throw himself into the Seine.

Chapter VI. Marius becomes Practical once more to the Extent of Giving Cosette

Javert impatiently yells at Fantine to be silent, and additionally, tells her Valjean's true identity. Shocked by these revelations, she suffers a severe fit of trembling, falls back on her bed and dies.

Valjean then walks to Fantine, whispers to her and kisses her hand. After Valjean is taken into custody, Fantine's body is unceremoniously thrown into a public grave. Later on, after escaping imprisonment, Valjean rescues Cosette and raises her on Fantine's behalf. Fantine has been interpreted as a holy prostitute figure who becomes a quintessential mother by sacrificing her own body and dignity for the purpose of securing the life of her child.

Oscar Wilde presented her as a figure whose suffering makes her lovable, writing of the scene after she has her teeth removed, that "We run to kiss the bleeding mouth of Fantine". Grossman says she moves into a form of "maternal sainthood" and that "When Madeleine Valjean's pseudonym as mayor affirms that she has remained virtuous and holy before God, Fantine can finally release her hatred and love others again.

Is Marius and Cosette a Wonderful Couple?

Or rather, it is because he perceives the reality beyond her appearance that she finds the mayor worthy of renewed devotion. Fantine is "an example of how women of the proletariat were brutalized in nineteenth-century France Fantine represents Hugo's deep compassion for human suffering, especially for women born into low estate".

Debsfounder of the Industrial Workers of the World.

marius and cosette meet the press

In he wrote the essay Fantine in our Day, in which he compared the sufferings of Fantine to abandoned women of his own day: The very name of Fantine, the gay, guileless, trusting girl, the innocent, betrayed, self-immolating young mother, the despoiled, bedraggled, hunted and holy martyr to motherhood, to the infinite love of her child, touches to tears and haunts the memory like a melancholy dream Fantine—child of poverty and starvation—the ruined girl, the abandoned mother, the hounded prostitute, remained to the very hour of her tragic death chaste as a virgin, spotless as a saint in the holy sanctuary of her own pure and undefiled soul.

The brief, bitter, blasted life of Fantine epitomizes the ghastly story of the persecuted, perishing Fantines of modern society in every land in Christendom.

Differences in the musical[ edit ] See also: Synopsis of the musical Fantine's relationship with Cosette's father lasts a matter of months "He slept a summer by my side He filled my days with endless wonder He took my childhood in his stride In the case of Eponine, she starts out by being spoiled by her parents and appears to be loved by her parents however that is not always going to be the case.

After Cosette is rescued by Jean Valjean, Eponine gets the same treatment that Cosette got and her parents teach her the ways of being a criminal and her family falls into extreme poverty. So due to the switch, it makes perfect sense why Cosette ends up with Marius and why Eponine ends up with unrequited love for Marius. Les Mis is played out so nicely that it truly works that Marius and Cosette get together.

True, when Marius fall in love with Cosette, he was conflicted between his passion for the rebellion and his passion for Cosette. He does decide to fight in the rebellion after believing that Cosette is leaving.

marius and cosette meet the press

As a matter of fact, if Marius never loved Cosette, he most likely would have died during the rebellion because Valjean would not have come to the barricade to protect him. During the rebellion, Valjean learned that Cosette loves Marius and due to that, he heads over to the barricades to protect Marius. Marius faced a lot of trauma at the barricades. First, Eponine was fatally wounded and that left him quite upset.